Today is National Clean Off Your Desk Day. Another weird national "holiday" but a great way to kick off the year. Whether at work or at home, desk clutter can stack up quickly, and create an unproductive work environment. Here are 5 tips for cleaning up your desk.

1. Remove everything. Take everything off the desk and start fresh as you go through everything.
2. Find an organization system that works for you, whether that be drawers, shelving, or a file system. This file system is one I use at work and I use beautiful, floral folders to add a little brightness into my day.
3. Be honest about what you don't need. I tend to keep things that I don't need, but purge! However, do be sure to keep pay stubs, tax information, and important receipts. Be cautious about shredding any sensitive information.
4. Take a minimalist approach to improve productivity. Less is better. Keep your desk cleared and decluttered. If you don't use it several times throughout the day, keep it in a drawer or somewhere else nearby. Too many things on top of your desk can distract you as you work.
5. Schedule regular cleaning time. Make it a point to declutter your desk every 1-2 weeks. For me, I tend to clean off my desk at the end of the work day on Fridays, so that I come in Monday morning with a fresh space to get going at.

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