Another month, Another Top 5.

1. Franco Sarto Shea Wedge Sandal, $23.99 Originally $74.99. Major win!

2. I got to meet Rachel Lindsay & Becca Tilley at the ESPYs and Simply Stylist LA.

3. Trader Joe's Organic Lemon Ginger Water

4. Harry Styles' Harry Styles Album ... Favorite Song is Women. Although, they're all bangers.

5. Amazon Echo has been my new personal assistant. I scored a 50% off deal on Prime Day and have NO regrets.

What did you love in July?


The women in Bachelor Nation are always beautifully dressed. I try to emulate their style, but I don't have a stylist on hand and designer companies sending me sample products to wear. However, I can recreate similar versions their outfits for less! This summer time outfit from Ali Fedotowsky can be recreated for just over $100.

Total: $104.37



I am lucky enough to have close male friends who tell it like it is. Whether they're mocking my terrible fashion choices or helping me navigate through relationship problems, I can always count on them to give good honest advice. One of these brutally blunt friends is Mitch, a comedian and writer. Today he's spilling a man's opinion on dating apps. Enjoy!

Tinder, Bumble, and Plenty of Fish, the three amigos of online dating, have added a newfound dimension in the pursuit of love. Dating apps, also known as the vanguard of NSFW pics, have become as popular as actual real-life dating. It requires little-to-no effort and allows you to be as shallow as you want, the two guilty pleasures we can all get behind. I want to help you navigate the rigid seas of cyber-dating by giving you some quick tips from the male perspective.

Men choose quantity over quality. If you have a remotely hot first picture, you’re getting a right swipe. We will read your heartfelt bios after we match with you. Otherwise, we swipe right first, and sort through the matches later.

Transparency is key. I can tell when you are trying to hide something. I know all the tricks. Taking photos from the boobs up to look less fat. Standing on your tippy-toes to jut your butt out more. A Snapchat filter in every single picture to hide a lazy eye. Embrace your insecurities, we all have them. At 5’5”, I’m a borderline midget and I’ve got pictures with taller friends to show it. Some girls are into it, most aren’t. But at least I show it, so that if we actually end up going on a date they aren’t as surprised when they bend down to hug me. If you are serious about dating someone off an app, being honest and upfront will help you much more than being misleading or deceptive. 

State your intentions. Whether you are using the apps for fun, for love, or for some good old fashioned baby making, being upfront with your intentions will save everyone time and effort.

Don’t take it personally. These apps are shallow and entertaining. Some guys will say outrageous things purely out of boredom. If you’ve read my Bachelorette post, you would know. Sometimes the ridiculous attention grabber works better than a “what’s up?” As a guy, our main goal is 1) not to creep you out 2) get a response from you.

Almost every girl I swipe through has “take me on an adventure” in their bios, which means that you never should, for several reasons. 1) I don’t learn anything about you. 2) It makes me think you’re really boring because you can’t entertain yourself. 3) Why do you want to go on an adventure with a stranger you met online?! Your parents taught you better!

If you have a height requirement for your guys, don’t be surprised when a guy asks how much you weigh.

We like dog pictures just as much as you do.

Women, when you do have to initiate the conversation, say more than just “Hey”. Be engaging! Conversation is a two player game. No one likes one word answers.

Have fun! You are searching for love through a glowing screen while you are on the toilet! Don’t take everything so seriously. J

Want more advice? Have any questions? Ask/follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @mitchellvirzi
Also my brothers and I will be on ABC’s “The Gong Show” on July 27th at 10pm! Check it out!



I had the honor of attending Simply Stylist LA. It was an inspiring day full of panels, breakout session, brand activations, and networking. I left feeling ready to take on the blogging world. It was a humbling experience to be in the same room as people who are at the top of their trade and who have worked hard to get there. Hearing their stories gave me some insight into how I can become a better blogger. 

Here are the top 10 things I learned while at Simply Stylist.

1. Things will happen the way they should. – Ashley Greene

2. When people say you are different than you were 10 years ago, you should say WELL DUH. – Ashley Greene

3. Hire for your flaws. –Amber Farr (I suck at photography and should hire someone to handle this for me. It will save me stress and increase my quality tenfold.)

4. Whatever you do, just have movement. Little movement every day. –Amber Farr

5. Be consistent. –Lana

6. Flower crowns are my weakness. @Cake&Punch

7. Problem solve before you have a problem. –Audrina Patridge

8. Learn how to say no. – Michael Costello

9. Stay relatable. –Gina Ybarra

10. There are a lot of people out there you can learn from. Being able to attend sessions to learn how to balance the chaos of life, how to master social media, and how to monetize my influence, showed me that whatever I want to learn I can. Seeking out people who are doing their trade right is the best way to learn.


While going through a breakup, I felt extremely alone. Even if I talked to friends or family, I felt like they just did not understand my emotions. They had lived the relationship with me, they had seen its highs and lows, they had said everything they felt they needed to say to me and moved on with their lives. I however was alone.

Cue a need for Heartbroken Anonymous.

When Naz Perez heard a knock on her front door a couple months ago, she didn’t expect to open it and realize her next opportunity. An upset neighbor was standing at the door, crying about breaking up with her boyfriend of 10+ years. Naz lended an ear to her, providing the neighbor with support. The neighbor said she felt more comfortable sharing with a stranger, and Naz realized that many other people are likely experiencing the same thing. The idea of Heartbroken Anonymous clicked and Naz began seeking out venues to hold the monthly meetings for anyone struggling with a broken heart.

Throughout this process Naz has realized it is more about impact and less about numbers. Even if she only reaches a couple people per meeting, that is more than she would have without Heartbroken Anonymous. “We are all on this Earth for a greater purpose,” said Naz, and right now her purpose is giving people a safe, non-judgmental environment to share their own stories of heartbreak.

Run similarly to AA or NA, Naz mediates the meeting and has strict rules to ensure the comfortableness of each attendee. No cross talking, may only speak while holding a bean bag, and zero cell phone use, are all part of the rules.

“It’s really the blind leading the blind,” said Naz, when asked the best way to heal from heartbreak. “Time is the ultimate healer. People feel better knowing that they are not alone. Be around people. You help yourself by helping other people.”

Heartbroken Anonymous meets the second Thursday of the month in the Fairfax District at Open Space LA.
If you feel you are missing out because you are heartbroken somewhere else in the world, Heartbroken Anonymous will soon have a forum for all to share their stories. Naz also hopes to hold Heartbroken Anonymous pop-ups in other big cities so that others can experience the therapeutic community.

For more on Heartbroken Anonymous, follow them on Instagram @Heartbroken_Anonymous

Naz Perez has worked in production on Ellen, E! True Hollywood Story, and The Bachelor. She is currently a host for the Los Angeles Dodgers and hosts the I Don’t Get It Podcast with Ashley and Lauren Iaconetti. 


I used to burn my mom a CD every year on her birthday. Now there are iPhones and Spotify and Sirius XM, so my services aren't really needed. In honor of my mom turning another year wiser today, here are 10 songs about MOMS!

1. Mama’s Song by Carrie Underwood
2. Somebody’s Hero by Jamie O’Neal
3. Like My Mother Does by Lauren Alaina
4. The Best Day by Taylor Swift
5. I’ll Be There by Mac Miller
6. Mama Don’t Forget To Pray For Me by Diamond Rio
7. In My Daughter’s Eyes by Martina McBride
8. Angels by Randy Travis
9. Thank You Mom by Good Charlotte
10. Mom by Meghan Trainor

Happy birthday Mom!


This season of The Bachelorette really sucks. The only eventful thing last night was Dean’s dad and even that did not go beyond what was shown in the commercials. It’s obvious to anyone who has not read the spoilers who is going to win, but I will refrain from posting that spoiler here. If you want to find it, I recommend you head to Reality Steve’s website for all the juicy details.

Speaking of Reality Steve, I had the privilege of attending his fan appreciation birthday party in Vegas last month. It was a fun time and I even walked away getting 2nd place in Bachelor Nation trivia with my trusty sidekick Steph. Steve kindly allowed me to ask him questions about how his website got started, which season he found most interesting, and what life would be like if he had never gotten fired from Jim Rome.

Reality Steve, formally known as Stephen Carbone, grew up in Orange County and attended Loyola Marymount University. He graduated in 1997 with a B.A. in Communications and immediately went to work for Jim Rome. After getting fired for explicit language (there’s more detail than that, but I feel in 2017 this would not have happened), Steve was emailing a handful of friends Joe Millionaire recaps.

When Joe Millionaire wrapped, Trista’s season of The Bachelorette was starting up, so Steve began writing recaps about that. When the e-mail list for these recaps grew to over 300 people, Steve realized it was time to change his method of delivery.

He continued writing the recaps, but got interesting information when it came to Jason Mesnick’s season. Two weeks prior to the finale, Steve spoiled the Molly/Melissa switch up. People were skeptical, but once After the Final Rose aired, his page traffic took off.

Steve has been spoiling Bachelor franchise shows ever since. When he originally leaked spoilers this season, he said one person was the frontrunner. However, he came back shortly thereafter and said his source had supplied him with incorrect information and Rachel actually chose another man. While Steve is NOT wrong in his spoiler, because it was corrected WAY before the airing of the finale, he will naturally get boneheads who give him a hard time. That’s just the way the game goes.

On his weekly podcast, Steve drills his guest with the Rapid 10. I love this because it helps you get to know the guest in a unique way. I decided to give Steve a taste of his own medicine.

1. If your niece or nephew wanted to go on the show, how would you feel?
I’d tell them not to do it. I think this show is becoming too much of a popularity contest between the contestants and it’s sickening. I wouldn’t want them involved in that.

2. Who is your #1 prospect for fantasy football?
I honestly haven’t started doing my research yet, but based on last year’s numbers, I’d say in a PPR league like we do, receivers are more valued than running backs. So I’d probably go with Antonio Brown for receivers and Aaron Rodgers for QB’s.

3. Which season do you think was the most entertaining?
Brad’s first season because he dumped both girls.  That seems like the most realistic ending to me after barely knowing these women over the course of 8 weeks of filming.  

4. What is your favorite reality show?  
 Survivor.  Always has been and always will be.  Amazing how great the production and drama remain this many seasons in.  

5. Lyla Garrity or Tyra Collette?  
 Flip a coin.  I seriously cannot choose between those two.  I’d feel like I was cheating on one if I picked the other.  Can’t do it.  (Lyla.  Just don’t tell Tyra).  

6. How do you manage the business of your job and how do you stay motivated when you don’t feel like writing?  
 It does wear on me at times, and I do get run down by constantly being in front my computer.  But the perks of the job (not having a boss, working from home, being able to come and go as I please) is what motivates me.  And oh yeah, the pay.  

7. Is Chris Harrison your source?  
 No.  Would be nice if he was though.  I’d never get anything wrong.  

8.What has been the weirdest Reality Steve related experience?  
 Probably my first Reality Steve party in Vegas, just because it was also kind of a 40th birthday celebration and to look out and see 50 strangers all in my room there to celebrate me was kind of surreal. I mean, I know I was the one who invited them and it’s not like it was a surprise, but when that night actually hit me, it was all kind of a blur.  

9. Who is your favorite athlete of all time?  
 This is going to sound so random, and anyone outside of Southern California will probably be like, “Who?”  But Jeff Fryer.  Former college basketball player at LMU in the early 90’s.  Basically I wanted to be him when I was in high school.  Even went to the same shooting coach that he did.  

10. Favorite vacation spot?  
 Las Vegas, of course!

Along with his website, Steve has a Reality Steve podcast that releases every Thursday, and a Stitcher Premium Podcast that releases monthly. He can be found on Social Media @RealitySteve.

The winner of the dozen rose giveaway is Megan D. Please email me your address so that I can get those flowers sent your way! Thank you everyone for suggestions you made for upcoming blog posts.


Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to meet someone whose soul matches ours. Sometimes it's a family member, sometimes it's a significant other, and sometimes it's a best friend. Kiersten is that for me. We get each other on a deep level and understand each other's idiosyncrasies in a way that no one else can. We can sense when the other person is struggling, even from states away, and can lift each other up the way in whichever fashion is true to our soul sister. One way we do this is through positive affirmations and personal mantras. But we don't blow smoke at each other. We keep it real and often times simple.

Kiersten has compiled a list of 4 Real Girl Mantras that apply to every girl around the world and how she actively uses them. Enjoy!



Usually in the summer I just throw on shorts and a tee shirt to go out. However, summer is not a time to jeopardize your street style just to stay cool. This look from Vanessa Hudgens is perfect for anything you are doing this summer.


Total: $150.67



Each month I receive a box of love and encouragement on my front porch. This month's Loved and Blessed Box focused on SUNSHINE.

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." -Matthew 5:16

This awesome box from Loved and Blessed included a devotional keepsake card and mini poster (both of which are now hanging on my cork board), a reminder sticker, a scripture card, and an adorable dessert set with plates, napkins, and utensils. It also includes an encouragement kit with the YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE postcards to share with a friend.

Loved and Blessed is a Christian subscription box service with a goal to help women share their testimony. For only $19.99/month (even cheaper if you buy in bulk!), each box includes a mini poster, reminder sticker, scripture card, and small gift. 

I enjoy receiving the Loved and Blessed Box because it provides me with encouraging reminders to remain strong in my faith. It is different than any other box I have received. It is full of meaning, heart, and joy. Place your order quickly to receive your own box of encouragement next month!


It's week something or another of the Bachelorette and I am ready for the season to wrap up. It became a quick snooze fest after week 3 and I am more looking forward to the first episode of Bachelor in Paradise to see how they tackle the DeMario/Corinne situation. Anywho, here are a few thoughts I had last night and more importantly, a fun giveaway.

Rachel "buying" Bryan that watch is a clear sign that he is her #1. If she was choosing Dean or Peter at the final rose ceremony, she would have given them the watch. It's her version of an engagement ring.

What is Dean's big family secret? What is he so afraid of Rachel finding out? (Previews for next week proved to me that Dean is afraid Rachel will find out that his Dad is Zoltar.) 


I thought Rachel was going to keep Adam around instead of Eric. For someone who says she speaks all honesty and wants to be up front, she should not have told Adam she could see herself falling in love with him and then sending him home moments later. 

Image result for rachel lindsay


Comment below with a topic you would like me to cover on KBWC in the coming months and you will be entered to win a dozen roses.

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Giveaway ends July 17th at 9pm PST.


With my commute to and from work, I have gotten tired of listening to the radio. Several months ago I discovered podcasts when one of my favorite bloggers, Reality Steve, released his own. Since then I have subscribed to over 20 various podcasts and have a few that I always put first in line. These five are at the top of that list, in no particular order:

The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast recaps episodes of The Bachelorette, as well as sharing inside scoop from both of their time on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. They chat with other members of Bachelor Nation, such as Becca Tilley and Luke Pell, and take listener phone calls to discuss hot topics. (Cring Warning: Ben Higgins says eXpecially instead of especially.)

The Tim Ferriss Show is a podcast that has Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Work Week, and guests who are at the top of their trade. Together they discuss the tools, tips, and lifehacks that the individual has utilized to keep climbing to the height of their success. Some guests Ferriss has had on include Vince Vaughn, Marie Kondo, Cheryl Strayed, and Tony Robbins.

Reality Steve Podcast discusses all things Bachelor Nation related. Steve dishes all the behind the scenes scoops on the current season, as well as interviewing former contestants to hear their take on their Bachelor related experiences. Some guests Steve has had on include Michelle Money, Kiptyn Locke, JJ Lane, and Joe Bailey.

Zoe Church LA is a weekly podcast that brings the messages lead by Pastor Chad Veach from Zoe Church Los Angeles. Veach makes his messages relatable while sharing the gospel. Listeners can be filled with encouragement and hope from the good word of Jesus Christ.

The Dave Ramsey Show is a podcast where Ramsey teaches listeners how to manage their money. He has helped thousands get out of debt, find financial freedom, and have financial security. Ramsey tells it like it is to his callers and provides them with the realistic truth on what they need to do about their money.



I recently received a Breezy VoxBox from Influenster that provided me with some incredible new products to try, just in time for summer! It included beauty products, snacks, and more.

Nair Hair Remover Wax Ready Strips
Head & Shoulders Shampoo
Head & Shoulders Conditioner
Origins A Perfect World SPF 40 Moisturizer
Origins A Perfect World Age Defense Eye Cream with White Tea
Sour Punch Bites Ragin Reds
Sour Punch Straws Pineapple Mango Chili
Nair Wax Ready-Strips Hair Remover
ProFoot Heel Rescue Foot Cream

I received these products complimentary from Influenster in exchange for a review. 


Outfit inspiration for the festivities tomorrow!

4th of July
Shorts, GAP, $34.99
Tank, Etsy, $42.00
Sandals, Tory Burch, $195.00



Today is a big day for me! I am taking the CSET Multiple Subject Subtest 2, moving into a new place, and finishing out my June class for my credential program. When I get through today it is going to open up a lot of free time that I have not had in awhile, which means I get to catch up on all the television I have missed! Two of my favorite things to enjoy when diving into a great Netflix binge session are wine and popcorn. SkinnyPop Popcorn has created Pairings That Pop...a guide to the perfect wine and popcorn combinations! Enjoy!