I know this month was a couple days shorter than they usually are, but it still flew by! The days were busy and beautiful, filled with sunshine, smiling faces, and lots of writing.

Here are some of my favorite things from February:

Favorite Scent: Soy Delicious Lotus Candle from To Go Spa Society (KICKBACK5 for discount!)

Favorite Song: Your Love Never Fails by Jesus Culture

Favorite Clothing Item: Nantucket Borelli Scarf

Favorite Snack: Quinoa Chips sent to me in my Fit Snack Box...I can NOT wait to review this next week for you!

Favorite Beauty Product: Freeman Feeling Beautiful Polishing Mask, Charcoal & Black Sugar

Favorite TV Show: The Bachelor

Favorite Book: Nice Is Just A Place In France: How To Win At Basically Everything

Favorite Thing I Did: volunteer at The Painted Turtle in Lake Hughes, CA. This place is UNBELIEVABLE. My mom and I were in absolute awe. We helped decorate cd cases for the campers that will be mailed to them after camp filled with photos from their week at camp. This is a SeriousFun Camp for kids with serious medical conditions, such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and Chron's disease (just to name a few.) It is at no cost to the families and the children are able to just go enjoy being kids with other children with similar conditions. Please check them out!

Comment below with how your month was!




tank top: Old Navy

sweater: H & M

shorts: Forever 21

purse: Forever 21

scarf: Borelli Designs

necklace: gift from BAE

booties (unseen): Walmart



My whole life I have had thin, flat hair. However, that has changed lately with the help of biotin and the Voloom. The vitamins may have strengthened my hair, but the Voloom has brought life back into it.

This hair volumizing iron is NOT a flat iron. It lifts second and third day hair or can make a glamorous ponytail. It creates volume pockets and is used under layers of hair to lift the top layers up and away from the scalp. It is not pulled through hair and ends, just used at the top, so there is no damage done to the hair.

Before & After Voloom

The Voloom costs $129.99, with free shipping, or 3 installments of $43.33. However, you can get 15% off by using the code 15%OFF. Edit: This discount code expired in December.




Along with creating a mission statement, I regained motivation in creating a vision board. I did this for my personal life, instead of just for my blog, because my posts here are often dictated by what I am doing, feeling, and thinking on a daily basis.

Vision boards have always been detrimental to my achievements. They create a future through images of intentions. They are a collage of all we hope to achieve. This can be done on a Pinterest board or in a notebook, but I prefer to make mine on my bulletin board to be reminded of my dreams daily.

I love to cut pictures out of magazines, write quotes, and key words. I allow my heart to guide this process and create based on instinct.

Here is my recent board:

1.) To get married.
2.) To have children.
3.) To make an impact on the world.
4.) To have a beautiful home.
5.) To be debt free and live comfortably financially. 
6.) Hit 1,000,000 readers on my blog.
7.) Learn how to snowboard.
8.) Go on a Hawaiian vacation.
9.) Attend many Angels baseball games. 
10.) Get my Master's degree. 

What's on your vision board?



This season of The Bachelor is down to two women, Whitney and Becca. They happen to be the two I picked in the season premiere, saying they would be the last two standing. I would love to stay I am extremely skilled in my pickings (I have only had one wrong choice in the past 12 seasons, where my choice was runner up.) However, it just comes down to which two seem the most normal and attractive. I believe Whitney will win, I have chosen Whitney since she stepped out of the limo, and many websites with spoilers say that she is who Chris Soules will choose.

The journey to Whitney though has not been an easy one for Chris. He has had to endure 29 other women, 23 of whom are absolute nut jobs. Where do they find these people!? Here are my rankings of the women this season, from most to least likely to be found in a mental institution.

30.) Kelsey- Not only was she manipulative and mean, but she also said she found her former husband's death to be "beautiful." Yes...it's true. She said it.

29.) Ashley I- Get out of here with this Kim K. crying face PLEASE.

28.) Ashley S- I partially believe her crazy antics were played up by request of the producers, but her hazy thoughts, belief that onions and pomegranates were the same, and speaking of her own language, made me think she was one stop short of the crazy train.

27.) Carly- This girl had cruel intentions and a spiteful soul. She also is missing eyebrows.

26.) Mackenzie- She started their first date by telling Chris he had a big nose. She also named her child Kale...yes, after the lettuce.

25.) Kara- Her first words to Chris when stepping out of the limo were, "we would make the cutest babies." She then said she would be a servant to Chris and do whatever he asked her to do. Luckily, she was sent home the first night.

24.) Samantha- She seemed like a sweet girl, but she didn't get much screen time. When she was eliminated in week five I actually said, "Who is Samantha?"

23.) Nikki- She is listed as a former NFL cheerleader...so now what is she?

22.) Michelle- No clue who she is. Figured I would just throw her name in at random.

21.) Amanda- The secret admirer thing was done last season...by Chris.

20.) Amber- Another person that made no lasting impression on me, but I ranked her higher than Michelle because she made it to week three.

19.) Nicole- Wearing a pig nose when you step out of the limo is a sure fire way to be sent home in the first night.

18.) Reegan- she stepped out of the limo with an ice chest with a heart in it...I think someone might need that ma'am.

17.) Alissa- This flight attendant's limo exit was adorable, but her personality stopped there.

16.) Kimberly- I remember nothing about her. She was sent home week two.

15.) Tandra- Riding in on a motorcyle was a bossy move, but she sadly was sent home in week two. I feel like she didn't get enough time with Chris. She was sweet, gorgeous, and could have been a good fit for him.

14.) Tracy- Her note from her students was sweet, but other than that I remember nothing about her.

13.) Brittany- Am I the only one who thinks the SOULESMATES sign was pure genius?

12.) Bo- The fact that this woman is considered plus sized makes me want to throw up, then go run a marathon. Our society is disgusting.

11.) Trina- I have a special place in my heart for special education teachers. It takes tender, patient people to have such a rewarding career.

10.) Tara- I like that she didn't show up in the normal cocktail party attire, but she drank way too much.

9.) Megan- I thought her and Chris had a great connection, but she didn't agree. She sent herself home in week seven.

8.) Jordan- I love that she stepped out of the limo with a shot of whiskey for Chris. Even though she drank too much, I think she was just trying to mask her nerves. I liked her a lot and wish Chris would have given her a second chance when she asked for it.

7.) Jillian- I liked her personality, but her biceps scared me. Also her one on one date with Chris was extremely awkward.

6.) Jade- She is very sweet and beautiful. I think her and Chris were a great match...even his sisters agreed. However, I could not date someone who had done Playboy either.

5.) Juelia- I thought Juelia was one of the most tender hearted girls this season. However, I always seem to have a problem with women who leave their kids at home to come on the show. I understand that they are looking for love, but I do not agree with their decision.

4.) Becca- Before the season began I read all the bios on ABC's website and Becca was my favorite. She is an intelligent, beautiful woman who has stayed true to her personal beliefs. (At least that is what I believe to be true via Fantasy Suite.)

3.) Kaitlyn- I hated Kaitlyn the first night. I thought she was crazy and desperate for attention. However, as the season went on I realized that night was just nervous energy and she is a down-to-earth, fun gal.

2.) Whitney- How cute is she!? This fertility nurse hit off so well with his friends it made me think all the other women should just leave.

1.) Britt- I loved Britt since night one but knew that she and Chris were not a match. I really hope she is the next Bachelorette because I would love to continue watching her search for love.

Who was your favorite lady this season?


The 89th Academy Awards were last night and to be honest I was unimpressed. I had high expectations for Neil Patrick Harris, but was left out in the cold. (Literally, it was freezing and raining yesterday.) To be honest, I don't watch movies....unless it's 3am and I'm staring at my ceiling fan and am already caught up on the DVR for the week. Because of this, I had no clue about any of the movies up for nominations. I really have no clue why I spent three hours watching. RECAP: John Travolta creeped me out,  Lady GaGa proved she should have been in the live Sound of Music, and Channing Tatum won an Oscar made out of Legos.

One thing I did love about last night's show was the simplicity and beauty of the dresses worn. There were no outlandish outfits this year (besides Lady Gaga's oven mitts) and every women looked stunning. The trend this year seemed to be simple, metallic looks. Here are my 7 favorite.

Lupita Nyong'o stunned in a custom made Calvin Klein dress made out of 6,000 pearls. Pearls alone ran a total of $150,000 to make this dress. It was beautiful, unique, and elegant.

Jenna Dewan slayed the red carpet in a white, plunging, belted Zuhair Murad gown. Not to mention she walked the carpet with the best looking accessory, her husband Channing Tatum.

Jennifer Lopez was the biggest talk of the night in a nude, sparkly, Elie Saab dress. While it may have been the Oscars, her Golden Globes were certainly on display. Awkwardly enough, Lopez was in the same gown as Robert Duvall's wife, Luciana, but Jenny From The Block wore it best. 

Jennifer Hudson wore a very simple, figure flattering, canary yellow gown made by Romona Keveza. Canary is definitely her color! The earrings, from Lorraine Schwartz, completed the look.

Anna Faris was excited for a kid-free date night with husband, Chris Pratt. She dressed up more than I have ever for a date, in a stunning, strapless, Zuhair Murad gown. She sparkled from head to toe. I love that she kept her jewelry to a minimum, leaving the focus to the crystals on the gown.

Cate Blanchett made a complete 180 from last year's 18 million dollar Armani dress to a simple black gown. She paired the timeless John Galliano gown with a turquoise Tiffany & Co. statement necklace. She pulled her hair up, drawing full attention to the piece.

Shaun Robinson wore a canary yellow Leanna Marshall gown with a thin diamond encrusted belt. Her Swarovski clutch paired perfectly.

Comment below with your favorite look of the night.



As a Christian woman, fellowship is extremely important to me. I grow closer to Christ, through my powerful relationships and conversations with other believers. I do this through bible studies, young life groups, and college friendships. Another way I've found fellowship lately is through a YouTube channel, Shine! With Gari & Ally!

Gari Meacham is a Christian author whose book, Spirit Hunger, transformed me spiritually. Her daughter, Ally, is a mother of two. They started their channel after talks for Gari to do a show never came together. Neither of them knew how to create, edit, and upload videos. Gari had never even visited YouTube! They pushed beyond this to create the mother/daughter channel talking about all the fun things seen on YouTube, but with a spiritual twist.

"It has been so amazing to see the ways God has used our messages to encourage people at just the right times. Just when we feel unequipped, He comes through and shines!" says Ally.

Both women encourage new believers to hang in there. Know the Scripture. Have people to pray with. Realize the importance and growth in serving. Get connected and involved at church.

"The best phrase that helps me with my walk is feed the new self and starve the old self," encourages Ally.

I have enjoyed each episode of Shine. It has brought a new look on Christian living. Some of their video content includes talking about holidays, finances, and food. They focus on living a bright life that shines with Christ.

Check out their channel and read their favorite scriptures!

Ally's Favorite Verse: "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who live him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28 (She even named her son Roman!)

Gari's Favorite Verse: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight." Proverbs 3:5-6



Recently I hit a huge slump in my writing. I felt a lack of passion that even a few days off and a new location could not fix. I began to look at the purpose of my blog. Why am I writing Kick Back With Cate? Making a mission statement for this blog seemed most appropriate.

Creating a mission statement helps direct focus, increase efficiency, and make sense of the direction you are heading. I remember my senior business teacher (and life mentor) having us write personal mission statements in high school. Five years later, I still look back at it.

Whether you are creating a mission statement for yourself or your business, it is vital to your success. So where do you begin?

1.) Think about your purpose.
2.) Think about your goals.
3.) What are your core values?
4.) What makes you unique?

Be brief, but understandable. Make sure it is real and achievable.

My Mission Statement:
Kick Back With Cate creates written content that empowers young women to be confident, creative, and passionate.


The To Go Spa Society is a monthly subscription box (you know I'm addicted to these!) that allows for your own at home spa treatment. For just $40 a month, or $65 with face masks, subscribers are sent 5-10 (depending on subscription) eye masks, as well as The Benefit.

The February box included:

The Eyes ($55) in Coconut (Replenishing), Green Tea (Rejuvenating), and Ice Water (Refreshing.) 

Soy Delicious Lotus Candle ($25) with matches and a little wooden spoon. 

This is the first box I have received in awhile where I have absolutely admired every piece sent. I loved every aspect of this box and believe it is well worth the subscription price!

The Eyes were extremely relaxing and a part of my skin care regime I often neglect because of how overly sensitive my eyes and the skin surrounding them are. However, there was no irritation with this product. My eyes felt refreshed and the tired skin surrounding them was rejuvenated. My favorite of the three sent was Ice Water. 

The soy candle has a delicious, yet subtle scent. I prefer soy candles because my mom is sensitive to certain scents, but never has an issue with soy candles. I love this and look forward to sharing it with her next time she is over. The matches were a fun touch, although I am TERRIBLE at lighting matches. I was confused at first as to why they sent a spoon. I thought maybe it was just a cute accent to the box. However, liquified soy can be used in a similar manner to coconut oil on skin. 

Overall the total of this box was $80 for a cost of $40. If you are interested in ordering the March box, The ToGoSpa Society has kindly sent Kick Back With Cate readers a coupon code! Use KICKBACK5 for $5 off your first box, or KICKBACK10 for $10 off a box with Face included.




One of my favorite TV shows is Home & Family. When I lived at home I always watched the daily talk show with my mom, and now that I live on my own, I DVR it daily. One of my favorite family members on the show is healthy living expert, Sophie Uliano. She shares various tips that evolve around an eco-friendly life style.

Sophie has a new book, Gorgeous for Good, hitting shelves in April. It is a 30 day program to transform lifestyles. Sophie refuses to call it a diet....it is a live it! It is not a quick fix to drop a few pounds before a big event. It is a complete lifestyle change.

Along with Home & Family members Paige Hemmis and Kym Douglas, I took the Gorgeous for Good 30 day challenge...it was a RUDE awakening to the lifestyle I have been living.

Some of the things Sophie challenges:
1.) No gluten. (I already do this 50% of the time and know that I need to do it 100% of the time because of the gluten intolerance I was diagnosed with in September.)

2.) No meat. (Excuse me!?)

3.) No dairy. (I love my cheese, but I hate the way my stomach feels after. I knew this was a good change for me that just needed an extra push.)

4.) No sugar. (This program opened my eyes to the disgusting addiction I have.)

5.) No alcohol. (I love a glass of wine with dinner, but replacing it with water during the meal and hot tea after was simple.)

6.) Exercise 40 minutes/day 6 days/week. (I love going on walks whether outdoors or on the treadmill, and have become a big fan of Blogilates, so this was not too difficult. The key is to schedule it, just as you would a work meeting or a lunch date.)

7.) Meditate 30 minutes/day. (This was vital to the success of this program.)

Was I perfect for 30 days? NO. I was perfect for about 10 days, then cracked. But I have been more cautious of what is going into my body and how it makes me feel. I feel a lot lighter, but I choose not to step on the scale. My skin looks so much better, which is also part of me choosing to wear less makeup.

The hardest part for me was the headaches. I have a sugar addiction. I like my sweets.  I live and breath treats...which I realized were no longer treats, they were just part of my day. I got really bad headaches, but I know this is part of the detox. I wish I had known this more ahead of time.

My main tip for getting through this is to plan ahead! I went out to lunch with my family one day and looked at the menu online ahead of time to figure out what I would be able to order. Be prepared and prevent being in a pickle. Have snacks on hand in your bag, as well as water packed. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and being hungry with nothing on hand is the #1 way to give in to cravings.

For more information on Sophie Uliano and her new book, Gorgeous For Good, visit her website or connect with her on Twitter @sophieuliano.


This month's challenge of The Happiness Project is to be more mindful, especially of my surroundings, especially when it comes to cleanliness. I have been trying to declutter and get more organized, in various aspects of my life. Here are my top ten organization tips:

  1. Flip all the clothes in your closet to have the hangers facing backwards. As you wear things, hang them back up normally. After 6 months, whatever is not worn needs to be donated. (If you actually have seasons unlike us LA girls who enjoyed a 78 degree day yesterday, do this after a year.)
  2. Use shelf risers to see DVDs. If you have a lot of DVDs, make them all more visible on the shelf, instead of always having to shuffle through all of them when making a movie night choice.
  3. Hang shelves upside down for easy compartments.

      4. Use door knobs to hang the shower caddy. This guarantees it won't slide down the shower head.
      5. Use a shoe rack as a shelving unit on top of your desk. This keeps everything organized, yet readily available and visible.
      6. Use a magnetic knife strip to organize tools and scissors. 

       7.  Pre-sort laundry with three hampers instead of one. Having the darks, whites, and colors separated before laundry day will save a lot of time.
       8. Use luggage tags to label baskets.
       9. Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails. I recently used this website to take me off the mailing lists of various companies and websites.
      10. Just get rid of all the junk! Stop hoarding things that have not been used since the 7th grade. Face reality. That dress that has been hanging in the closet for two years waiting for the perfect place to wear? DONATE!

What are your best organization tips?



Recently I have been trying to wear less makeup. It was a promise I made myself at the start of 2015. I wore makeup twice in January. I have worn it three times in February. This might seem like a silly resolution. Some of you might be saying, "WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THAT!?" Others might be saying, "You're a beauty blogger. What are you going to write about now?" I'm saying, "This is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. You should try it too."


My skin has never looked and felt better. My self confidence is finally growing. I cut my getting ready time down from 45 minutes to 5 minutes. I feel like people are getting to know the real me. I know that my face is chemical free. I'm saving a lot of money. I haven't purchased a new beauty product in 2015 (except for some nail polish) when I spent about a grand on it in 2014.

Not wearing makeup has made me feel free. I'm not trying to cover anything up. I am being the realest, most honest version of myself, and learning to love that girl, instead of hiding her.



Today I have a guest blogger, Genesis Rodriguez. She is a very talented woman, especially when it comes to event planning and doing nails. I asked her to share a fun Valentine's day nail for us. If you love her work, follow her on IG @genesisssrod !

Sally Hansen White, Black, and Rose Punch

For the Tic Tac Toe art, I started off by designing the cross stitch pattern with a thin nail art brush, then added in the “X’s”. For the hearts, I used the thin nail art brush to create “V’s” then building off
around them to plump the hearts.

The winner of the $50 ULTA gift card, who can use it to try out these nails (or in this case, his girlfriend can!) goes to Mike S. Please send me a DM on twitter with your address! Thank you to all who entered via FB, Google+, and Kick Starter. Stay tuned for March's giveaway!



Valentine's Day is four days away. And if your guy is anything like mine, shopping is a nightmare. We are both very blessed and do not need much, so when it comes time to buy gifts, it is hard to find something that the other person will enjoy and also get a good use out of. Here are five gift ideas for your guy:

Candy! Who doesn't love candy!? Most holidays have a Reese's peanut butter cup attached to the gift, just because James loves them, but I know he won't buy them on his own.

A beer making kit -- something fun to do, either with his buddies, or the two of you together. It could create a new hobby...or it could be an epic fail.

A watch -- There are thousands of styles, colors, sizes...you're guaranteed to find one that your man will like, that is also in your price range.

Shoes -- running shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes -- whichever he prefers!

Sports wear...or tickets -- spring training is fast approaching, surprise your honey with tickets to spring training, or better yet, opening day! (Hey, I'd love this too!)

What are you getting your sweetheart on Saturday?


The 57th Grammy Awards were last night. While the performances were great and awards were well deserved, the fashion was what mattered most to me. There was lots of cleavage, lots of lobs, and lots of emerald jewelry. 

My three favorite looks of the night belong to Bonnie McKee, Taylor Swift, and Nancy O'Dell. 

McKee slayed in a backless, eggplant dress, with a matching lip and gold jewelry. Swift moved away from her usual neutral look and channelled Queen Elsa. O'Dell looked stunning and 15 years younger.

The most dapper looking men of the night were Richie Sambora, Nick Jonas, and Dave Grohl.

I didn't realize my infatuation with older rocker men until writing this. Sambora and Grohl look great with rugged faces, black garbs, and beautiful women on their side. However, the real MVP was Jonas, incorporating the gray and yellow trend.

Three more of my favorite female looks belong to Haim, Tracey Edmonds, and Nicki Minaj. I have never seen Nicki Minaj look so toned down. (Yes, all that cleavage is her toned down.) I love her with natural hair and makeup.

The three weirdest looks of the night go to Rihanna, Madonna, and Kim Kardashian-West. 

Rihanna dressed as a cupcake in case she got hungry during the four hour show.  Madonna looked uncomfortably over the top in a corset, with leather boots and gloves. She was missing the back of her outfit, mooning anyone who walked by. Kim couldn't decide what to wear so she stayed in her robe for the evening.

What was your favorite look last night?




Supplies Needed:
~Cardstock (Valentine's themed)

How To:
1.) Trace a heart on cardboard.
2.) Cut it out.
3.) Cut card stock into 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" long strips.
4.) Roll into ovals. 
5.) Glue onto cardboard, following heart shape.



Valentine's Day Makeup


Clinique Superprimer Colour Corrects Redness
Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup (shade 15)
Clinique Airbrush Concealer (04 natural fair)
E.L.F. Pointed Foundation Brush
Clinique Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm (01 amp'd up apple)
NYX Dewy Finish Long Lasting Setting Spray


NYX SPL 856 Sand Pink
Urban Decay Naked 3 (Buzz, Dust, Trick)
Cover Girl Eyelash Curler
Maybelline The Falsies Volum' Express Mascara (Black Drama)
Makeup Forever Mascara (Smoky Extravaganza)


Mica Beauty Cosmetics Brown Line Fix Gel Eyeliner


Rimmel London 264 Coffee Shimmer
Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm (04 Mega Melon)

Valentine's Day Ulta Gift Card Giveaway
Want to purchase some of these products? Enter to win a $50 Ulta gift card!
To enter:
Comment below with your Valentine's day plans!
(extra entry for sharing on social media)

Giveaway ends Friday, February 13th at 3pm PST


I love stickers. I use them in all sorts of ways....in my planner, to reward kiddos, while scrapbooking, and more. To add to my sticker obsession, I recently came across Pipsticks, a subscription service for sticker lovers. It ships on the first of the month and includes 15 sheets of stickers for $15. A family pack (three times as many stickers) is $35. Shipping is free in the United States, and is $3 internationally.

Miss I's Pipsticks Experience....sent to her grandparents

I had higher expectations in the quality of this subscription service. I would rather take my $15 to the local craft store and buy stickers specific to my needs. However, this is PERFECT for kiddos. Miss I had a blast decorating post cards and notes for family members.




The second to last month of the happiness project is here! I'm looking at it as the last month though, because next month is all about balancing the previous 11 months' goals.

In January I focused on a healthier lifestyle. I exercised more, drank less, and listened to my body. I cut out processed foods and cut back on my meat, dairy, sugar, and gluten consumption. I was no where near perfect, but I think my Diet Bet and Sophie Uliano's Gorgeous for Good Live It, kept me accountable.

This month's focus is on being more organized. I always put off cleaning, making the mess worse and my time cleaning longer, so I want to really be mindful this month of just attacking my chores.

My main three things I want to stay on top of are:
1.) Cleaning up immediately after meals.
2.) Staying on top of laundry, doing it weekly, instead of when I run out of clean clothes.

Twenty minutes of tidying up a day will prevent two hours of heavy cleaning a week.

What are you working on this month?


Valentine's Day is full of fun times with significant others, friends, or relaxing times alone. Here are four different outfits for various Valentine's activities, whether you're having movie night with the girls or going to a romantic dinner with your husband.

Casual & Cute
for a fun day out and about, grabbing brunch or running errands

for a formal dinner

Comfy & Cozy
for Girl's Night In

Professionally Festive
for those spending Valentine's at the office



The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will face off today in Super Bowl XLIX. For the first time in awhile I do not care at all about the game. However, I will still enjoy time with friends, good food, and funny commercials.

Here are 5 Super Bowl party hacks for you to implement in today's festivities:

1.) Use a salad spinner to evenly coat wings. Just throw in wings and sauce and give it a spin.

2.) Tie a bottle opener to the cooler.

3.) Line your garbage can with multiple bags so you don't have to waste time re-bagging.

4.) Turn potato skins into football potato skins using sour cream.

5.) Buy alcohol at Costco. No membership is needed and prices are on average 30% less than at liquor stores.

What are your favorite Super Bowl festivities?