Even though it's only 2-3 days shorter, February always seems to fly by. I feel like I was just writing my January favorites post. Here are my 5 favorite things from February:

Favorite Song: No Longer Slaves by Bethel Music
Favorite TV Show: The Mick
Favorite Snack: Milton's Gluten Free Cheddar Cheese Crackers (a giveaway is coming soon!)
Favorite Skin Care Product: Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask
Favorite Beauty Product: Sephora Formula X Nail Drying Drops

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The main color of the Oscar gowns last night seemed to be neutral, which I appreciate. A lot of times these award shows bring out the weird in peoples' outfits, but I felt like last night's show was underwhelming. Here are my five favorite looks last night:

Nicole Kidman was a vision in a nude, beaded number from Armani.

Alicia Vikander looked effortless in Louis Vuitton.

Taraji P. Henson was the definition of SLAY in her custom made purple velvet gown from Alberta Ferretti.

The newly engaged Kirsten Dunst glowed in a simple Dior gown.

Hailee Steinfeld stunned in a pale lavender, floral embroidered, Ralph & Russo Couture gown. 



Last weekend I had the joy of attending the Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo in San Diego. This is my second year attending and it topped last year, which I didn't think was possible. This is my favorite event to attend because they really take care of the bloggers, as well as the event attendees. B Free Foods held a blogger breakfast before the expo opened and I enjoyed getting to know the other bloggers attending the event and getting to know about B Free Foods more.

This year the event was presented by Udi's and Glutino. Along with aisles of vendors with samples of gluten Free foods, the expo also offered classes for attendees to expand their knowledge of gluten Free living. Some of these classes included "Gluten beyond the gut!" Which talked about glutens affect on organs and tissues, and "traveling safely with allergies." I was excited to see Tiffany Hinton presenting on inflammation because I met her last year at the expo and her story is eye opening.

My favorite vendors at the event included Brianna's salad dressing, spiked seltzer, Spinato's Pizza, and Aleia's. In the coming weeks I will be writing about specific vendors that were at the event that i was impressed with, including some of these listed.

Here are some photos from the day, along with all the delicious swag I was sent home with! My favorite thing of all from the expo is the peanut butter cookie from Aleia's gluten free!


Whenever I need to feel inspired, I get on Instagram and start looking at specific hashtags in the blogging community. Seeing what other bloggers are doing motivates me to start writing. I recently stumbled upon a midwest blogger via Instagram that I reached out to for this month's Blogger Spotlight. I was so excited when she was interested in participating. 

Meet Kristen, from KLEIGHSTYLE.

Kristen has worked in retail for twelve years and has been a store manager the past eight years. She has been married coming up on four years and enjoys going to Razorbacks and Chiefs games with her hubby. Kristen values time with her friends and family, as well as her health. She has rheumatoid arthritis and does what she can to make time for running. 

Kristen started posting pictures of what she was wearing to work on Instagram. Her account was set as private, but because of feedback from others and a style challenge she came across, she decided to make her account public. As her Instagram grew, she decided to create a blog where she posts about fashion. 

When it comes to staying motivated, Kristen stays driven from within. She stays true to herself in her posts, which is the #1 tip she gives to new bloggers! She also encourages new bloggers to connect with the blogging community.

Kristen's style icons are Lauren Conrad (YASSSS!) and the Olsen twins. She considers herself to be a combination of girly and edgy. Her favorite splurges are Kate Spade and Steve Madden shoes. Her favorite place to shop is a local boutique with trendy pieces, called Impressions

Some of Kristen's favorite blog posts she has written:

For more of Kristen, visit her blog at KLeighStyle


This week's planner spread was perfect for the weather we have experienced this weekend in LA! This spread is from GlamPlanner's January Mystery Kit, which I purchased later as a glitch kit. However, I couldn't find a single glitch! I love this spread before the pen, and even more so after. (Although you don't need to know what I'm doing Wednesday afternoon LOL.)



Each month I receive a box of love and encouragement on my front porch. This month's Loved and Blessed theme was kindness, which is something I think we all need to spread a little more of lately. The insert featured in each box explaining it's purpose said that February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day...a perfect time to share the contents of this box with someone else. 

This awesome box from Loved and Blessed included a mini poster, reminder sticker, scripture card, kindness confetti, a reminder pin, a card case (love this!!!) and an encouragement kit. I plan on anonymously leaving the encouragement kit on someone's front door step or car windshield on the 17th.

Loved and Blessed is a Christian subscription box service with a goal to help women share their testimony. For only $19.99/month (even cheaper if you buy in bulk!), each box includes a mini poster, reminder sticker, scripture card, and small gift. 

I enjoy receiving the Loved and Blessed Box because it provides me with encouraging reminders to remain strong in my faith. It is different than any other box I have received. It is full of meaning, heart, and joy. Place your order quickly to receive your own box of encouragement next month!


Raven Gates from The Bachelor is a walking billboard for her Arkansas boutique, Grey Suede. Her style is effortless and chic. Whether roller skating on a 1-on-1 or moving on with another rose, she always looks perfectly put together. Unfortunately, finding screen grabs of her outfits this season has been a struggle for me. Here is an outfit I love of Raven's I found on her Instagram @ravennicolegates (Go follow her! Her adorableness extends beyond her wardrobe!) that I recreated for under $130.


Total: $129.89

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I am always on the search for new, healthy snack and meal options that are quick and easy. When I tried Saffron Road's frozen Chicken Tikka Masala and it tasted just as good as my favorite Indian restaurant, I was instantly hooked on the taste. However, the more I learned about Saffron Road, the more I wanted to support their company because of everything they stand for.

Saffron Road is a natural world cuisine. Their products come from 100% humanely raised livestock. None of their livestock receives hormones. None of their chickens are given antibiotics. They own the 1st verified non-GMO frozen entree. And I will ALWAYS do what I can to support a company with faith-based values.

Saffron Road has frozen entrees, frozen bowls, chicken nuggets, crackers, chips, broths, and more. I recently stepped across the frozen entree line and sampled the Chickbean Crisps. They are made of milled chickpeas and various vegetables. They are a plant based protein and make a great salad topping or afternoon snack!

If you are interested in trying Saffron Road products, be sure to visit their website. They offer coupons and at the time of posting this, they have a coupon for $1.00 off.

These products were sent to me courtesy of Saffron Road in exchange for an honest review.


Recently a friend asked me how people who don't walk with the Lord handle the tough situations. Upon thinking about it, I felt that maybe the people who don't know Jesus don't have it as hard because Satan wants to keep them from seeking God. When things are great, many people turn away from prayer and Jesus. Regardless of how well things are going, continue to seek God. Praise Him. Thank Him. But do not let Satan win. Put your armor on and keep fighting for your faith.



Happy Valentine's Day! 

1 John 4:19



It's no secret that I have not enjoyed this season of The Bachelor. Nick lacks enthusiasm and has had his fair shot at finding love in the franchise. Based on JoJo's men, I had really wanted to see Luke or Chase as this season's front runner. I've enjoyed keeping up with a few of the men from last season via Instagram & SnapChat (real talk- add Wells on Snap and thank me later) and have wondered about the transition from "reality" tv to real reality.

Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Chase McNary about life pre and post The Bachelorette. Although fans stop him often to grab a picture, McNary is still the humble, hard-worker from Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

Prior to going on the show, Chase attended Colorado State University and then began a career in medical device sales. When he stumbled into a casting with some buddies, a producer urged him to stay single. When the time came for the show, Chase had nothing stopping him from going. His employer even drew up a new contract, assuring he'd have his same job when he returned from looking for love.

While Chase didn't find his future wife, he did make lifelong friends and have the opportunity to travel. Throughout the season Chase got to surf sand dunes in Uruguay, tango in Buenos Aires, play games in Argentina, and relax on the beach in Thailand. Chase's favorite place was Thailand, where JoJo eliminated him 3 days in. It may seem odd that he loves the place where he got dumped, but he had to stay an extra ten days to keep the show under wraps. During this time, Chase was able to rawly explore the area with no cell phone or outside contact (aside from the producer following him!)

Following filming, Chase went back to his medical sales job. Once the show aired, Chase began getting approached with opportunities to travel and promote companies. As these kept coming in, Chase decided to take a self-proclaimed sabbatical, to pursue these opportunities.

The most shocking thing to hear about life after The Bachelor is that there is no obligation from the show for appearances. In my head I assumed that the cast was mandated to attend events for a certain amount of time following the show, but that isn't the case. Bachelor Nation is just that tight knit that they continue to travel together and support each other's ventures, obligation free.

As for what's next, Chase isn't convinced he will be on Bachelor in Paradise this summer. While no formal offer has been made yet, Chase isn't keen on the idea of spilling his emotions or looking for love in front of another camera. "Let's just leave it at to be determined," says Chase.

Chase is currently working with a new app called MeSpoke that works like a fashion centered Instagram. It allows you to purchase an article of clothing seen in a photo without you having to comment asking the poster where it's from, then frantically hunting online. I plan on using it in future Look for Less posts, as well as other style related blog posts, and hope to do a feature on it in the coming weeks.

According to Chase, life post Bachelor is what you make it. While I've read before that it can be difficult, I think it depends on your attitude and outlook, which Chase is clearly optimistic about.

And it wouldn't be any interview without a rapid fire!

night owl or early bird
snapchat or Instagram story
blondes or brunettes
CU or CSU (This is where I learned Chase is a proud Ram alum)
beach or mountains
ski or snowboard
pancakes or waffles
soup or salad
And in honor of Alexis....sharks or dolphins

A big thank you to Chase for chatting with me. Be sure to go follow him on Instagram @chase_Brody_mcnary and Snapchat @Cbmcnary


Silver Fern Brand offers probiotics, drink fixes, fiber, sweeteners, treats, and protein. However, they set themselves apart from other health companies by also offering the Elevated Weight Loss Plan.

Elevated Plan focuses on having a realistic plan with fat-burning probiotics. This plan has the goal of steady and maintainable weight loss, improved gut health, and reduced cravings. Along with the plan comes a detailed "magazine" diving deep into gut health. I was really interested and shocked when reading about bad vs. good bacteria. It has left me thinking a lot about my own personal gut health and has given me a plan to follow for how to achieve gut health.

The probiotics that they recommend in their plan are available here on their website, along with other goodies. Everything looks amazing, but I really want to try their low-carb popcorn that has probiotics in it.


One of my go to cheat meals is pizza. I can order in for a night and turn on Netflix and before I know it I have crushed a large sausage mushroom pizza and am six episodes into Gilmore Girls. However, just because it's traditionally unhealthy does not mean pizza has to be permanently removed from your diet. There are healthy alternatives when pizza is made at home that allow it to be delicious, but waistline approved.


  • Gluten Free Tortilla
  • 2 Tbsp. Marinara Sauce
  • 2 Tbsp. Diced Onion
  • 2 Tbsp. Sliced Olives
  • 1/4 Cup Shredded Chicken
  • 2 Tbsp. Diced Mushrooms
  • 2 Tbsp. Diced Sundried Tomatoes

How To:

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Place tortilla on baking sheet.
  3. Top with marinara sauce.
  4. Top with toppings.
  5. Bake 6 minutes



Valentine's Day is less than a week away and if you're anything like me the struggle to find a perfect gift is always real. However, this post can take away the guess work on what to get your man, depending on what his style is and what your price range is.

For the sports fanatic: Madden NFL 2017
For the gaming geek: Themed Chess Set
For the financial guru: Leather Money Clip
For the music buff: Noise Cancelling Headphones
For any kind of guy: Watch



I was super excited to be live for The Bachelor, but yet again they let me down. This is the first time I think in Bachelor history that I've consider turning the TV off halfway through an episode out of sheer boredom.

Last night we had the conclusion of Corinne and Taylor's 2-on-1, a cocktail party free elimination ceremony, a 1-on-1 with Kristina, a group date full of meltdowns, and a rose-less 2-on-1 with Whitney and Danielle L.

After this yawn worthy episode I have a few questions -

1. Does Nick know that he's Corinne's boyfriend? If so, are the other girls aware that they're in the midst of a dramatically televised love affair?

2. Who the heck are these girls? Whitney? Kristina? Danielle L? I feel like I've never seen any of them because each week I'm watching the Corinne show.

3. Why didn't Shark Girl get more air time? She's the Wells of her season. And now that I put their names together I feel like they'd be a great pair in Paradise.

4. Did anyone else feel like this was the longest episode of Bachelor history?

5. Are the suitcase pick ups always this dramatic? I rarely remember them being shown in the past.

Due to the boringness of this season, I'm trying to expand my Bachelor blog posts beyond the actual recap style. If all goes as planned, next week I will be here with someone who is far more wanted to be gracing our televisions every Monday night.


Valentine's Day is a week away. Like with any fun occasion, one of my favorite things to do is to put together what I'm going to wear. This year I have no Valentine's Day plans, but I have a lot of friends who are doing stuff with their guys and gals the weekend coming up. Here are three great outfits for all Valentine's Day occasions.

Girls Night Out

Dinner Date

Day Date



Celebrate love with a $25 Target gift card!

How to enter:
1.) Visit my trunk show!
2.) Comment below with the name of your favorite item in the shop!
3.) For an additional entry, share on social media! (Twitter, Facebook, IG)

Giveaway closes February 11th at 6pm and will be announced in the February 12th blog post.



Valentine's Day is just about here. Enjoy this playlist to feel some love!

1. One Call Away by Charlie Puth
2. Playing With Fire by Thomas Rhett feat. Jordin Sparks
3. Just Called to Say I Love You by Stevie Wonder
4. Collide by Howie Day
5. Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett
6. Stand by You by Rachel Platten
7. It All Started With A Beer by Frankie Ballard
8. Wanna Be That Song by Brett Eldredge
9. Love You Like That by Canaan Smith
10. Perfect Storm by Brad Paisley



Sunday is National Wear Red Day. Yup, this is a thing. However, it is to promote awareness of heart disease in women. With Valentine's Day coming up, it is a great time for it and very festive. Here's a great outfit to rock out on this day.

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Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit! A new month is here and I'm so excited. Something tells me February is going to be perfect. This month I really want to pause and reflect more. We quickly get so caught up in life that we never just stop to enjoy it. When I'm out for a walk, I want to leave my phone and music at home so I can listen to the birds and enjoy the scenery around me. I want to go out to dinner with friends and ignore the looming text messages. I want to be mindful, present, and attentive. I want to stop multitasking and give whatever I'm working on or whomever I'm with my full attention. I want to just enjoy the time and season God has me in.

And in the words of Ferris Buller, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."