With my wedding coming up in two (!!!!) months, as well as a bridal shower this weekend for a cousin, I have been thinking a lot about appropriate attire for wedding activities. I am a part of many Facebook groups for podcasts I listen to, such as The Lady Gang and The Morning Toast and there are frequent questions about what to wear to a wedding. Here are four suggestions I have to make your #OOTD super easy!

  1. Don’t wear white!!!! I don’t care if it’s between Memorial Day & Labor Day (is that rule still a thing?) but this is the bride’s day to wear white! There are hundreds of other color options for you. Even if the outfit you have selected is white with some print in other colors, please find something else. You have 364 other days in the year to wear white. Give the bride her moment!
  2. When in doubt, ask the bride or someone in the bridal party about what to wear. There are dress codes for weddings, but some can be unclear. For example, with my upcoming garden wedding, I had no clue how to word what to wear. However, a friend asked me what I suggested she wear and I had tons of ideas.
  3. Be mindful of your shoe selection. Sure, your new six inch Steve Madden’s will look stunning in pictures, but will you still love them when you’re sinking into the grass or falling over on the dance floor? Look up the wedding venue and decide the appropriate shoe wear!
  4. If you have a lot of wedding events coming up, check out Rent The Runway. This summer I have 4 of my personal wedding events, as well as some wedding events for a family member. I don’t need to buy 4 white dresses I won’t wear again, and I don’t have a lot of formal wear in my closet for the wedding I am going to. With Rent The Runway I am able to pay a monthly fee for an unlimited amount of designer wear. It is nice to see photos of the outfit on others, as well as browse their wedding section for suggestions on what to wear.



This year I set a goal to read 52 books. That’s one book a week. I am trying to complete the Pop Sugar Reading Challenge, which I attempt yearly, but never complete. This is a unique type of challenge because it gives you random suggestions for what to read, without suggesting actual books. For example, “Read a book that is becoming a movie this year.” That allows you to read from a wide variety of books, while still completing the tasks listed in the challenge. Recently I have been reading a ton, and here are three books I have loved.

Supermarket by Bobby Hall
This book from rapper Logic is full of twists and turns. A unique take on everyday life, young Flynn is stuck in the hamster wheel of life, feeling depressed, and fresh out of a break up. When he arrives to work one day at the grocery store, he walks into a crime scene. Dark, yet funny, this New York Times Best Seller is creative and unique. I hope this isn’t the first read from Bobby Hall.  

Girl Stop Apologizing: A Shame Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals by Rachel Hollis
I read Girl, Wash Your Face in 2018 and was transformed by the reminder of how frequently I succumb to the lies I tell myself based on society and their own opinions. When I heard Rachel Hollis was coming out with this book, I knew I needed to read it. I am someone who apologizes profusely for anything and everything, and it needs to stop! This book helps the reader chase their goals, excuse free, and unapologetically. It has helped me to be more confident in myself and who I am

A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively, Date Intentionally, Love Faithfully by Jeremy & Audrey Roloff
I chose to read this book recently because I had heard the Roloff’s on several podcasts I listen to promoting this book and felt like it was appropriate for me to read as I head towards marriage in two short months! I am constantly trying to be intentional with my relationship and my actions, and decided to give this book a try. It began with telling the beautiful relationship of Jeremy & Audrey, then carries into how to have a strong, committed, connected relationship.

Leave a comment below if you have read any of these books or if you have a book that you recommend I check out! Happy Reading!