4 Tips to Read More in 2021



It’s getting to the end of the year, and you are no doubt starting to think about your New Year’s resolutions for 2021. A common goal for many people is to read more books. It’s a highly worthwhile resolution, as reading makes you more knowledgeable, curious, and intelligent. It gives you more to talk about in conversations and can improve your career prospects. Sitting with a book and a cup of hot tea is one of the most relaxing pastimes there is, and the mental health benefits are monumental.

But actually finding the time and the motivation to sit and read a book can be difficult. In this digital age, it is often much easier to pick up your phone and scroll through Instagram than it is to open a book and concentrate on the words. But no matter how busy your schedule is, there is always time to read if you really want to. After all, even Bill Gates, one of the most successful and hard-working billionaires on the planet, reads 50 books in a year

Reading more is all about organizing your schedule and prioritizing books over less meaningful activities. To get you started on your literary journey, here are four tips to help you read more in 2021.

Set a firm goal

Simply resolving to read more is a difficult goal to track, and one that provides little motivation. Setting yourself a measurable target to aim for will make you much more likely to succeed with your resolution. Your goal could be to read 30 books in 2021 or to read 20 pages a day. You could even compile a stack of books on your bedside table and slowly work your way through them until you're done.

Have multiple books on the go

You might think you need to pick one book at a time and persevere with it until the end before you can start a new one. But this restrictive attitude to reading will make you less likely to commit to your goals. If you aren’t captivated by the book you choose, you’ll be less motivated to read often. Instead, you should opt for two or three books at a time, of wildly different styles and genres. As well as that weighty work of classic literature, lighten your load with a humorous novel or an uplifting self-help book at the same time.

Read multiple genres

As well as giving you more options, reading multiple different genres will expand your knowledge and make reading more interesting. And the subjects you choose are up to you. Whether it’s a romance novel, a biography of Winston Churchill, or a guide to CFD Trading, you should try to broaden your horizons. 

Create a reading nook

If you have a cozy, relaxing spot in which to read, you will be more inclined to nestle down with a book at the end of the day. Get a comfy chair with plenty of cushions and blankets, and pick a quiet spot in your home to set up your reading nook. As soon as you settle in, you’ll never want to stop reading.


Get Into Shape With These Top Tips

 Feeling a little better about yourself as well as healthy is a brilliant thing to do. Giving yourself a new lease of life with a huge boost to your confidence. There are so many ways to get into shape when you look at the multiple exercise methods and all of the diet options available. The trick is finding what works well for you. This can be a little tough. Human bodies are all different and react in different ways to certain methods so trial and error can be a great way to find what works, just don’t stop at the first hurdle and keep your motivation up. Here are some things you can try to help you get into shape.

Diet To Success

The diet is a key aspect of losing weight. Essentially you limit your calorie intake or stop eating certain types of food. Some work in the long run, others are only good for short periods of time. Supplements and diet plans can work too, these nutrisystem results show what could happen on one. However, diets can also be bad if they’re not used properly. Fad diets can end up with you going up and down in weight which isn’t good for the body. They’re good, but simplicity is often best. This means being in a calorie deficit or only eating junk food over one or two days of the week.


Personal Trainer

A PT can boost you like few things can. They’ll know how your body type best interacts with certain exercises and can often recommend a meal plan too. You’ll have to pay, and some charge a lot, but at the end of the day it's worth it if you struggle for motivation. Some can even come out to your house to help you instead of you having to go to the gym. It can be tough finding one which you gel with though in the first instance, but many offer taster sessions first which can help inform whether you think they’d be suitable or not. It might help if you already know them beforehand, however sometimes this makes things worse and it’s better working with a stranger.

Start In Your Living Room

That’s where it can start. At least the dieting. There are so many YouTube fitness fanatics who are ready to impart their knowledge unto you. They cater to all levels too. This ranges from beginners to those who want an intense, prolonged workout. It’s pretty much free too, you just follow the instructions. It’s also great because it’s something you can do with your family or friends. This can drastically improve your motivation. Sometimes you might need to get a step, a skipping rope or some weights to properly participate. All easy to find on sites like Amazon. However, there are more than enough videos which just use you and your bodyweight to get the exercise you need to succeed. The trick here is to fall into a routine which works, once you’ve got your routine it’ll all be a whole lot easier for you.


4 Ways To Add Atmosphere To A Covid Wedding

 Do you remember pre-Covid? When the bride and groom had bigger fish to fry than ensuring their small wedding was atmospheric? Nobody does! Fast-forward a couple of months, and the main issue for a ceremony is attempting to recreate the magic that appears when you tie the knot in front of hundreds of your loved ones.

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Restrictions, and the desire to keep your family and friends safe, mean you can’t rely on this to happen, which is a shame. However, it isn’t the end of the world as you can incorporate a cozy and charming personality with the following tips.

Here’s what to keep in mind.

Invite The Full Quota

Some people are falling into the trap of thinking it doesn’t matter who comes as it won’t feel the same anyway. This is how people end up abandoning their plans, opting for a low-key affair with two witnesses instead. It’s a mistake for numerous reasons, the mains being that you’ll regret not inviting friends and family and underestimating how much of a buzz they will bring. Even if it’s only 15 to 30 people, you’ll notice everything from their applause to hushed whispers and camera clicks. This all makes the event more special.

You Don’t Need A Speaker

It seems that the typical Covid wedding party consists of someone connecting a device to a speaker and playing songs via Spotify. As ingenious as the method is, it’s not necessary when DJ hire services continue to operate. After all, they can set up their equipment in the corner and provide music for guests to dance to and enjoy. The same goes for a band if you want a soft melody to play in the background as people walk down the aisle. A personal speaker is a backup option, not the main event.

Do It Unplugged

Unfortunately, people’s phone habits get in the way of a good socializing session! It’s not uncommon to see guests scrolling through their accounts and messing around on devices when they should be paying attention to the bride and groom. Seriously! The good news is, you can combat this by making your wedding unplugged, which means that guests turn off cameras and phones during the ceremony. That way, the small number of people attending will give everything they have as they won’t be distracted. Some couples go as far as taking phones and keeping them safe until later!

Embrace It

Okay, it’s not the wedding you dreamed of since you were little, and that stings. But, the circumstances are out of your control, which is vital to remember. You can’t do anything to change the situation, so it’s smarter to focus your energy on making the most out of your ceremony. Embrace the fact that the guests are your most cherished friends and family members. Welcome that you get to speak to people intimately without mingling for five minutes. Enjoy the food and drinks that the married couple never gets to taste!

Most of all, you should remember that marriage is the most important thing. Everything else is non-essential.


4 Food Choices To Consider When You're Feeding The 5000

 If you’re preparing to put together a dinner party, or you are thinking about arranging a celebration filled with all your kid’s friends, it’s important to choose the right food to serve. You need to make sure that you select an option where there will be plenty for everyone and won’t leave you with a massive shopping bill. Here are some of the options that will be worth exploring. 

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One option that you might want to consider would be a lovely bowl of soup. A big benefit of a mushroom soup recipe or a similar choice is that it can be prepared in less than 30 minutes. So, this is always going to be a great choice if you’re trying to get ready on quite a tight schedule. You also have lots of different flavors and selections to choose from and it’s literally just a case of throwing everything into a pot. You don’t need a lot of skill for this dish. 

Curry Or Chili 

Similar to soup, curry and chili are other options that you can cook in a large pot and allow guests to help themselves. Add some cheese cubes into the mix for a chili that is guaranteed to taste delicious. You just need to make sure that you prepare plenty of rice too. You don’t want to run out of servings for your guests. Another big benefit is that even small helpings of rice are incredibly filling for all your guests. 


If you are preparing dinner for around six guests, then you could think about lasagne. Lasagne is wonderfully filling and you can add lots of sides to ensure that it does satisfy your guests. While lasagne can be quite a tricky option for those who aren’t experienced at cooking - particularly if you are making the cheese sauce yourself - there are plenty of recipes and guides that you can find online. You can even follow a Youtube video that will be able to walk you through each and every step. 


Of course, if you don’t feel like cooking or you simply don’t have the time, then you might want to consider preparing a buffet instead. A cold buffet is going to be fantastic because you can add a lot of variety here. From sandwiches to mini quiches and sausage rolls or even cold pizza, you’ll find plenty of great choices. It’s also fantastic because if you visit the superstore, you can usually find buffet selections that you can buy together. You can add hot foods to the mix as well if you are worried that not all your guests are going to appreciate the chilled choices. 

As you can see, there are lots of great choices to consider if you need to prepare food that is going to be suitable for a large number of guests. When you explore these choices yourself, you’ll be able to guarantee that your party, celebration, or get-together is a massive success and that it won’t break your budget. 


4 Shortcuts To help You Burn More Fat

Weight loss is always a long journey and people always say that there are no shortcuts, but that isn’t actually true. It’s true that there is no easy way to lose weight and you always need to put some hard work in. However, there are some simple ways that you can speed up your weight loss and reach your goals a lot faster. These are some of the best shortcuts to help you burn more fat. 

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Start Strength Training 

If you are trying to shed weight, you are probably focusing on cardio activity and you might not think that strength training will do much for you. You’re not trying to build muscle, so why would you bother lifting weights? The thing is, strength training helps to speed up your metabolism, which makes it a lot easier to burn fat. You also convert muscle to fat when you lift weights, so it helps you tone up and burn more fat at the same time. Strength training is always an important part of your workout routine because you can lose muscle mass if you do a lot of cardio so lifting weights will help to maintain your muscle. 

Try Fat Burning Supplements 

A lot of people claim that fat burning supplements don’t work but that isn’t the case. There are a lot of fat burning supplements that won’t do anything for you but there are still some that will help you to speed up weight loss. Check out this review of the Best Fat Burning Supplements for Women to find products that actually work. However, it’s important to remember that they’re not a substitute for exercise and diet, they just help to speed the process along. The reason that a lot of people say that fat burning supplements don’t work is that they take them without doing anything else and expect results. But as long as you keep up with your exercise routine, they can help you to burn more fat in a shorter space of time. 

Eat More Protein 

Any diet that cuts back on calories will help you to lose weight, but a high protein, low-carb diet like the keto diet is the most effective way to burn fat and maintain your muscle mass at the same time. Eating high protein foods is obviously important but if you are working out a lot, you should try using some protein shakes or bars as well. You’ll find that you have a lot more energy and it’s also better for your recovery if you eat plenty of protein. If you often get sore muscles after working out, that’s a sign that you need more protein in your diet. 

Take More Rest Days 

People often think that working out more often means that they will burn more fat, but if you push yourself too hard, the opposite will happen. When you are overworked, you won’t be able to push yourself as hard so you won’t actually burn as much fat. But if you take more rest days, your workouts will be far more effective and you’ll burn fat faster. 

Although there is no easy way to lose weight, these simple changes to your routine will act as shortcuts and help you burn fat faster. 


Find The Energy And Motivation You Need For The Days Challenges

 Are you struggling to find the motivation or energy that you need to get through some of the most difficult days of the week? If so, then you might want to consider some of the best ways to build up your levels of energy and give yourself the new found power you need. Here are some of the options that you can explore. 

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Use Supplements

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding supplements. People often aren’t sure what they are made out of and whether they are actually a healthy choice. The good news is that supplements can provide a huge benefit and offer your body the energy that you need. It’s a great choice if you do find that you quite often feel deep levels of fatigue at some point throughout the day. 

Get A New Bed

If you are struggling to stay energised throughout the day, this is usually going to be a problem with your sleep schedule. Nine times out of ten it’s going to be directly connected to your sleep environment. That’s why you might want to consider investing in a new bed. The right new bed is going to provide you with the fantastic night of sleep that you certainly crave. It will help ensure that you feel well-rested when your alarm does go offer at some point through the night. 

Keep Something Meaningful Close To You

Sometimes, we might need a spiritual boost. If that’s the case, then you should think about whether there is something that you can keep close to you that provides you with a sense of spiritual power. Cremation urn necklaces for ashes will help you keep a part of a loved one close to you who you lost and perhaps was your light in this world. This might help some people feel connected to someone who helped them feel confident and completely at peace with the world. It’s a unique idea but one that is also quite popular. 


Finally, you might want to think about adding a workout routine to your day. The right workout can provide you with the lost energy you need. The simple reason for this is that a workout releases endorphins which fuel and drives your brain as well as your body. It can help ensure that you can tackle fresh goals in your life and push yourself in new directions. The right workout should leave you to feel motivated and ready to go rather than flat out tired. If you feel exhausted after working out you might be doing a little too much. 

We hope this helps you understand some of the best ways to find the motivation and energy that you need to get through the day. As you can see, there are lots of ways to approach this problem and it’s important to find or follow the right steps for you. If you do this, you could find that you are far more productive and confident in your life. This could lead to exciting new opportunities. 


Top 10 Registry Must Haves

I can't believe our sweet girl is already beyond three months old! She is growing so fast and it has been so fun to watch her grow and develop. With a baby, comes a lot of stuff. When registering for our daughter, I spoke with new moms, read message boards, and looked at checklists. We probably registered for a hundred things that people insisted we had to have. However, I realized these last three months, that babies don't need much. As long as their basic needs are met, they really don't need all these gadgets and fancy things. I can't believe how many expensive items I have read about people insisting a baby needs, when really they just need a clean diaper, milk, and a good swaddle. Don't waste your money on bottle warmers, breathing monitors, and fancy bassinets. These are the top ten items your little one needs...or that you need for your own sanity!

Hatch Rest Sound Machine, Night Light, & Time to Rise: We use the Hatch as a sound machine and night light, but will use it as our daughter ages as a night light and time to rise. The Hatch has a variety of different noises and colors, with our Addy preferring the orange light and the laundry machine sounds! My favorite part of Hatch is that I can control it via an app on my phone and set a timer to it. I am able to get the Hatch set up before we take baby in to bed and set it to go off 15-20 minutes after she falls asleep.

Unicherry Baby Scale: We originally got the scale because COVID had us unsure if well baby visits would be happening. But we were so grateful to have it when our daughter was born premature and we had to actively make sure she was gaining weight. We use this scale once a week to check our daughter's progress and are so glad we have this! We checked it's accuracy with our pediatrician's scale and found them to be aligned. 

Boba Wrap Baby Carrier: For awhile this carrier was the only way that I could get our baby to nap. I'd have to put her in it and just sit down for her to sleep at all during the day. While we have broken that habit, it is extremely helpful to have when I have stuff I need to get done around the house and she just wants to be held by mama. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and a great purchase for the price.

Oogie Bear: I knew there would be many new joys to parenting, but one that I did not expect was the joy I would get when digging boogers out of my daughter's nose! The Oogie Bear works so much better than bulb syringes, it's easy to clean, and can help with removing wet or dry snot from your child's nose. It is made from rubber so it doesn't hurt baby's nose at all and it has a bear head on it to be sure that it doesn't go too far into baby's nose.

Fisher Price Bouncer: This is another area where you really don't need anything fancy. I had registered for the $200 Baby Bjorn Bouncer where you have to bounce it yourself with your foot. Thankfully we didn't get it because this $20 Fisher Price bouncer is one of the best things we have for our baby. It vibrates and has a removable toy bar that baby enjoys batting at. We put her in it after every feed for about 15 minutes to ensure that she doesn't spit up. We also put her in it while we are eating dinner. I have heard of Mom's using it while they shower, but with both of us home working remotely right now, this is not a concern of ours. 

Love to Dream Swaddle or as we like to call it, the arms up swaddle. While our daughter has transitioned herself out of swaddles (thank God she did that on her own, I have heard it is awful!) this was a great swaddle for us for two months. She preferred sleeping with her arms up by her face, so this gave her the capability to do that, while also being swaddled. The sleep sack design makes it super easy to put baby in and it taught our baby to self sooth. They also make transitional and independent sleep swaddles, but because baby has transitioned herself out of swaddling, we haven't tried those.

Electric Nail File: While our daughter was in the NICU they recommended to us that we file her nails instead of clipping them because of how thin her skin was. We started out using standard nail files, but it was taking so long to be able to get her nails filed and it wasn't getting a good file either. I looked up recommendations online and saw suggestions for electric nail files. Now I am giving the same suggestion because this was a game changer! It removes any fear of cutting baby's skin and gets the filing done quickly. It has different heads for different ages and has different speeds to best fit your needs. 

Boon Grass Drying Racks: These drying racks are helpful in getting bottles, bottle parts, and pump arts dried quickly. The racks don't take up a lot of space and have a tray underneath for the water to drain to. There are accessory add ons available for allowing more space for drying items, but we do not feel a need to have those. We have three racks and love them. 

Fisher Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym: This play gym is perfect to keep baby entertained for hours and can last them for a couple years. Our baby currently loves this play gym. She hits at the animals, stares at herself in the mirror, kicks the piano, and has so much fun with this interactive mat. As baby ages you can move the toy bar and piano to better engage your child. The songs, while be it annoying after hearing everyday for months, are cute songs. There are three stages to the piano and songs based on child's development. It helps with sensory development, gross motor skills, and early academics. Tummy time can also be done on the mat. 

Pacifier Wipes: Our daughter can not function properly unless she is sucking on her pacifier. Because of this, we are often cleaning her pacifier. However, we do not always have access to a sink or clean water, so we have pacifier wipes! These wipes contain natural ingredients and get the pacifier clean in an instant. They can also be used on toys. We have them in our diaper bags, as well as our diaper caddys. Because of convivence we often use them at home even when we do have access to a sink or clean water. There are many different brands out there, but we prefer Dr. Talbot's because it is all natural. 


Self-Care Products That Make The Perfect Gift

 When you are looking for gifts to buy for someone close to you in your life, there are a lot of types that you might want to look into. One type that is generally going to be a good way to go is to get self-care products. These are appreciated by almost everyone, and most people are going to want to make use of them in some way or another at different times. In this post, we are going to look at some of the self-care products that you might want to consider getting for the people close to you.

Credit - CCO Licence

Weighted Blanket

If you know someone who has a lot of trouble with anxiety, then this is for them. Weighted blankets are currently all the rage, and with good reason. After all, they are known for easing stress and anxiety, and ensuring that the user has a much better night’s sleep in general. Generally, they are around 10% of the user’s body weight, which is a perfect amount for it to do its thing without crushing the individual underneath it. If you know someone who tends to stress a lot or who doesn’t sleep well, this is one to consider.

Beard Kit

Perhaps you know someone who always has a beard, but who might not be taking proper care of it as they should. If so, then you have a perfect opportunity for getting them a great present they will absolutely love, in the form of a beard kit. If you take a glance at Beardgains.com, you will see that there are actually many kinds of beard kits you can buy, so depending on the person you can either get them oils and tinctures, a beard balm kit, or even a beard growth kit. In any case, they are going to love these beautiful beard care products.

Mindfulness Book

Many people practice mindfulness these days, and with good reason. After all, practicing mindfulness regularly enables many positive changes in someone’s life, and that is true no matter whether or not they have any specific mental issues. If you want to encourage someone close to you to get into mindfulness, or to develop their practice further, why not get them a mindfulness book? There are many out there to choose from, so make sure you get one that has good reviews.

Self-Care Subscription Clubs

Not many people are aware of this, but there are actually self-care subscription clubs out there, and buying one of these for a friend could be an ideal way to show them that you care, while enabling their own self-care. Good examples of these are clubs like FabFitFun, which sends out a different self-care package every month. Get your friend or partner this subscription, and you are going to be helping them to care and love themselves, all year round. That’s the kind of gift everyone is going to really appreciate, no matter who it’s coming from.

Styling Yourself To Make You More Confident


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Sometimes, what you need to make yourself feel more confident is to style yourself in a way that brings out your personality. It is often the case that people hide behind clothes because they think that if you can’t see their body, then everything is going to be okay. Everything will be okay anyway because no matter what you wear, you look beautiful. But, if you need some advice on how to style yourself so that you feel more confident, that’s what you’ll find below. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

Clothes That Fit Well

The first thing that we think you should look at is clothes that fit well. There are different styles of clothes and some will suit your body far better than others. It depends what kind of figure you have as to what these clothes are, but we’re sure you can find them. You don’t want to wear clothes that are two sizes too small because all this will achieve is making it look like you don’t know how to dress yourself. In the same token then, you don’t want to wear clothes that are far too big because they will completely drown you out.

It’s important that you find clothes that are the right size so they don’t hang off you, but they also don’t squeeze the life out of you. There are professionals that can help you figure out the best size for you to wear, so speak to one of these people if you’re having trouble.

Awesome Accessories

Another thing that you should consider is accessories. We think that one of the biggest things people miss out when they are styling themselves is accessories because they think they aren’t important. The truth is that the right accessory can be a massive help to any outfit. Even if it is something simple like a 10K gold rope chain, it can complete the look. Or, you can go for something a little more out there and add all different types to the outfit. Bags, scarves, gloves, jewelry, hats, and so many more will take your outfit from a 6 to a 10.

Think About Colors

The last thing that you should think about is colors. There are colors that will suit you more than others, but this doesn’t mean you can’t wear what you want. However, if you want to feel more confident, then we suggest you stick with the colors that flatter you. It will depend on your skin tone, the color of your eyes, the color of your hair, and a whole other list of factors. Don’t be afraid to try new things, but if you want to know about how to work out what colors look best on you, we highly recommend speaking to a professional.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and now see some of the things that you can do to style yourself so that you have more confidence. Take this advice, and we’re sure that you will feel great in no time.


Fun Fall Things To Keep The Family Sane

We all need a little help keeping on top of things as of late, especially those of us who are stuck inside for one reason as another. As such, it’s important to find ways to enjoy the company of the family with us, first and foremost. As the weather’s starting to change, so too are our options. Here are five ways you can keep the family entertained as we get deeper into fall.

Credit - Pixabay License

Get moving

Given that many of us have to spend a lot more time at home lately, we should all be aware of the risks that can come with living an overly sedentary lifestyle. The single best way to ensure those risks, such as obesity and musculoskeletal injury, don’t happen to us is to stay active. Even if you don’t have a lot of space in the home, yoga can be a great way to ensure you get the movement that your body needs to stay limber and flexible.

Marathon some movies

The seasons are changing, but there’s one day your kids might especially look forward to. There are a lot of age-appropriate scary movies that could be perfect for getting some buildup in the lead-up to Halloween. You can even make yourself a special homemade candy popcorn recipe to make the movie marathon nights feel really special.

Enjoy some seasonal treats

You don’t need to put on some Halloween movies to give yourself an excuse to whip up some tasty treats, either. Baking is one of the most accessible ways to make delicious foods for you and the family and you can get the kids involved with these pumpkin cream cheese muffins. Not only can it help them learn the basics of a skill they’re likely to rely on later, but it’s a great way to get creative and even a little messy.

Craft some fall decor

Head out into the garden if you have one or any nearby park or woodland and you will be able to see the season change around you, with leaves changing colors dramatically before they fall away from the trees. It can be a very inspiring sight and you can encourage your children to take advantage of this inspiration with a wide range of fall leaf crafts, which can include painting with leaves, making decor pieces with them, and more.

Watch nature change

Just because we’re all practicing social distancing doesn’t mean that we have to stay indoors. You and your kids could get out into the wilderness away from the four walls around you, and enjoy camping in the fall. If you don’t have a campground close to your home, you can even enjoy doing it in your own backyard. The opportunity to sit under the stars, make smores, and get away from technology is worth it.

You don’t need a lot of money or a ton of space to have a fun fall. Hopefully, with the ideas above, you can keep everyone in a good mood when that boredom really starts to set in.


Hobbies That Will Enrich Your Life


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How many hobbies do you have? If you don’t really have many at all, it may be time to change that because the research is in and it says that hobbies can vastly improve the quality of your life by giving you enjoyment, a sense of purpose, and something to focus on when times are tough. Not only that, but they can also ignite your creativity and help to keep mental illness at bay.

Wondering what you could take up as your next hobby? Here are some of the most life-enriching options to think about adding to your daily schedule:


At first glance, meditation may seem like a bit of a boring hobby, but anyone who’s kept it up for any length of time will tell you that it can be totally transformative. Why? Because the more present you are, the more time you take out from your daily concerns to just be, the healthier, happier, and more able to deal with whatever life throws at you, you are. Basically, meditation helps you you live the rest of your life more effectively and it can do so in as little as 10 minutes per day.


Numerous studies have shown that people who cook their own food at home are healthier and live longer than those who eat out a lot. So, it makes sense that taking up cooking can enrich your life. As well as being good for your health, learning to cook can be fun, creative, and challenging in equal measures. Start with something simple like this how to make spicy mayo recipe here, and then build up your skills until you can make anything from your own burgers to lobster Thermidor or whatever fancy food you love. Chances are you’ll have a ball in the kitchen.

Grow things

Growing something, whether it’s a whole garden or a single houseplant is a great hobby. It gives you responsibility and something to nurture. It can also help to reduce stress levels and boost good mood, oh and plants and flowers are pretty beautiful to look at and smell too. Then, there’s the fact that if you garden at a moderate intensity, it will count towards your weekly exercise goals too.


Packing the family up and heading out for a long hike is a great way to bond with each other. It’s also a great way to get some exercise and fresh air. Studies have shown that being in nature can reduce cortisol levels, boost mood and increase general wellbeing, which is why this is such a life-enhancing hobby to get involved in, and it’s pretty much free!


Reading a good book is a way to transport yourself from your worries. It will also improve your brain power, boost your empathy levels, and teach you more about the world and human nature than the average non-reader may ever know. Books have never been more available or affordable, so why not get involved in a good book today?

Have a hobby, improve your life!