Enjoy Life is allergy friendly. Their products are free from wheat/gluten, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish. These are the eight most common allergies so it makes their products extremely consumer friendly. Another plus about the company is that their products are GMO free, casein free, and contain no potato, sesame, and sulfites. Their foods are delicious and natural, which is what we should all be striving for with what we put into our bodies.

They offer a wide range of items including cookies, baking mixes, seed and fruit mixes, and more. They recently came out with ProBurst Bites that I am excited to try. These bites are high in protein and seem like they would be something great to keep in my desk at work for an afternoon pick me up.

Enjoy Life’s website has many different recipes available for all sorts of events. I am especially excited to try the Mint Crunch Cookie Bark they have listed under recipes.

Enjoy Life products can be found via the store locator on their website but if you are in the Los Angeles are they can often be found in Sprouts, Rite Aid, and Ralphs.

FTC Disclosure: Enjoy Life sent me products complimentary in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own. 


Spring time is here which means spring cleaning! While the actual cleaning part is fairly routine, here are three things to think about before you begin!

1. Don't just donate to Goodwill, who will make a profit on your goods. Find a local charity that could really put good use to your stuff. If you are in the Ventura County area, my favorite is James Storehouse. They provide goods and resources to foster children and the families fostering them. They are always in need of good clothing, beds, and other home goods.

2. Deep clean the deep clean. The dirtiest places are the places we expect to be clean...the dishwasher, the sink, and the laundry machine. After cleaning the rest of the house, be sure to hit these secret spots.

3. Instead of using chemicals to clean, use lemon essential oil. It's all natural and leaves your home smelling citrusy fresh. Fill a spray bottle with water and 15-20 drops of lemon essential oil. It will disinfect, remove grease, and kill bacteria.



Confidence is the most powerful accessory someone can wear. Here are 4 tips for building yours up-
  1. Take control of your thoughts. If someone else is putting you down, don't let their negativity effect the way you think of yourself. Think yourself into a happier, confident state of mind.
  2. Fake it until you make it. If you're not confident in yourself, pretend that you are. With time you'll eventually believe it and believe in yourself.
  3. Have an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for all the greatness you have in your life. It'll help you believe that your life is amazing, even if you don't believe it at first.
  4. Look deep within yourself. What is causing you to lack confidence? Figure it out and then make the changes necessary to feel better about yourself. 


First off, congratulations to Jessica G., the winner of the Miltons giveaway! Second off....

A new season is here! Let's check in on what I wanted to do in winter and hope to do in spring.

Winter Bucket List
  1. Have a movie marathon.
  2. Visit the snow.
  3. Travel.
  4. Read lots and lots.
  5. Look at Christmas lights. 
  6. Have a game night.
  7. Volunteer.
  8. Complete Couch to 5k. 
Spring Bucket List
  1. Go to a concert.
  2. Go to a baseball game.
  3. Read 5 books.
  4. Play tennis.
  5. Try a new hike.
  6. Visit a Farmer's Market.
  7. Go to the beach.
  8. Get more involved at church.
What do you want to accomplish this season?



Spring break is a fun time to go out with friends and let your hair down, but it can also be full of dangerous situations. Here are 4 tips to keep spring break safe.

1. Don't share your location on social media. It may seem natural to tag you and your girls out at a bar by the beach so everyone back home can see what fun you are having, but this makes you an easy target for sexual predators.

2. Have a code word. Designate a word for you and your friends to use when you are feeling uncomfortable in a situation that won't draw more attention to you. Have a previously designated plan for when someone uses the word such as where to meet or what to do next.

3. Do not leave your drink unattended. I know you have heard this a million times, but this is a big one. If you set your drink down, just go get another one, do not pick it up. Even when you're just standing around sipping your drink, keep a hand over it while you hold it to prevent anyone from quickly slipping something into it.

4. Do a full 360 scan when entering your hotel room. Be cautious about letting people know where you are staying and what room you are in. If someone is walking past the hallway while you are about to enter your hotel room, keep walking so that they do not know what room you are in.


While sometimes crossing books off my 2017 Pop Sugar Reading Challenge is for leisure, other times I learn a lot. In the most recent book I have crossed off my list (a book with career advice) I learned a lot about how to chase my dreams and stay true to my fight. I also learned that Megyn Kelly is a BOSS.

She tackles the difficulties of balancing a career and family with grace and humility. She is a force to be reckoned with. Whether she's being attacked by Donald Trump or chasing three young children around New York, she is authentic and inspirational. There is more to Kelly than meets the eye. While watching her on TV I have known nothing about her past and how she got her spot in the anchor's seat on The Kelly File. Knowing the tragedy she experienced of losing her father while she was in high school, her life as a lawyer, and chasing her passion of journalism, Kelly lives out the motto- Settle For More.

In her memoir "Settle For More" Megyn Kelly is transparent and heroic. I admire her so much more beyond the television screen now. I recommend this to anyone on both sides of the ballot, but especially young women who are just entering college and the work force.

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This month’s spotlight is not on a blogger, but on a YouTube channel! Tia and Talia’s Tasty Treats is a cooking channel featuring two young sisters in Southern California. The girls create delicious, healthy treats in a cooking show on their channel.

The girls originally saw a YouTube channel of two sisters in Australia making sugary treats on their show and felt inspired. However, due to their mom’s past health issues and Talia’s need to be gluten and dairy free, they put a healthy spin on their show. The girls create healthy treats on their channel, such as chocolate avocado pudding and dairy free game day nachos (The girls’ favorites!)

Outside of cooking, the girls attend a Spanish immersion elementary school. They enjoy jumping on the trampoline, skiing, playing with friends, dressing up, and staying active with tennis, swimming, and gymnastics.

Check out the girls’ latest show



Milton’s Craft Bakers offers delicious gluten free options. I stumbled upon them at the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo I attended in San Diego last month and I am excited to have an opportunity to review them. I recently sampled the Gluten Free Baked Crackers and Chips. These snacks are so delicious that they are disappearing quickly in my household and classroom!

The crackers are available in four flavors: crispy sea salt, cheddar cheese, everything, and multi-grain. They are low calorie and a great alternative to many other baked and fried crackers. They are non-GMO, have no high fructose corn syrup and no trans fats. I enjoy them most as an afternoon snack with some hummus when I am craving something salty.

The chips are made with a blend of corn, brown rice, chickpeas, lentils, and spinach. That means they count as a vegetable right!? ;) There are five flavors: Himalayan Salt, Nacho Cheddar, Green Chili Salsa, Red Chili Salsa, and Sea Salt. These are also great with hummus and make a delicious addition to a salad or snack.

Milton’s Craft Bakers Gluten Free Crackers and Gluten Free Chips are available at Sprouts, Albertson’s, Vons, Ralph’s, Costco, and Stater Bros. 

Milton’s has been kind enough to host a giveaway! The winner will be sent some goodies from Milton's! It is open today and will closes March 23rd. I will announce the winner in a blog post on March 24th! Milton’s will send the winner some of the crackers to enjoy on their own!


I am always looking for fun ways to celebrate the holidays with my high school students. They're beyond the fun elementary school stuff, but I know deep down they steal enjoy the little goodies in the classroom during holidays. One of my favorite holidays to decorate for at school is St. Patrick's Day because it is simple, but fun. Although I will be gone on St. Patrick's Day for a field trip, I am showering my kiddos with these delicious treats this week!

-Popped popcorn
-Green chocolate candy
-Green and white sprinkles
-Broken pretzel pieces
-Mint chocolate M&M's

How To:
1. Pour chocolate candy melts into microwave safe dish and heat in the microwaves, stirring every 30 seconds, until melted
2. Line baking sheet with parchment paper.
3. Place popcorn into bowl and pour melted chocolate over top.
4. Stir chocolate into popcorn to coat.
5. Add pretzel pieces and mint M&M's.
6. Spread popcorn onto baking sheet evenly.
7. Top with sprinkles.
8. Let set for 30 minutes then break apart and store in an airtight container.

Please note that I do not use measurements because you can include as much or as little as you want depending on your likes and the size batch you would like to make.



On the 17th you better be wearing green or you are going to be getting pinched! As someone who doesn't wear much green, here is a subtle way to put it into your outfit.

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Now that The Bachelor is coming to an end, I have formed my opinions on the whole cast. I found it difficult this season to really get to know the girls because of the Corinne show, but from what I do know about them, here is where I would put them on a 1-30 scale. 

30. Jasmine G: Jasmine's bizarre aggressiveness towards Nick prior to get eliminated moved her from the middle of the crew to my least favorite. She also had Neil Lane with her in the limo showing Nick rings the first moment they met, which was too forward.

29. Corinne: This was Corinne's season and everyone else just lived in it. I knew I didn't like her when I found out she had a nanny, and she confirmed it when she got naked in the first episode. The one redeeming quality about Corinne, putting her at 29 instead of 30, is that she is true to herself.

28. Taylor: Constantly throwing your degree in someone's face is not an attractive quality, no matter how intelligent you are. I find it ironic that a mental health counselor would even be on the most mentally decapitating television show America has to offer. 

27. Jaimi: ABC is really changing their vanilla ways with an LGBT contestant and a black Bachelorette. However, it's 2017 and I really don't think people care what gender, sexuality, or race anyone is, but more about the kind of person they are. Which I couldn't find out about Jaimi because they made all her scenes about her sexuality. 

26. Dominique: Home girl was trying so hard to get her name out there, but went home week three. 

25. Jasmine B: This girl left week one before I could form an opinion about her. I just threw her name in an open spot. 

24. Lauren: This girl left week one before I could form an opinion about her. I just threw her name in an open spot. 

23. Michelle: This girl left week one before I could form an opinion about her. I just threw her name in an open spot. 

22. Olivia: This girl left week one before I could form an opinion about her. I just threw her name in an open spot. 

21. Susannah: This girl left week one before I could form an opinion about her. I just threw her name in an open spot. 

20. Angela: This girl left week one before I could form an opinion about her. I just threw her name in an open spot. 

19. Briana: This girl left week one before I could form an opinion about her. I just threw her name in an open spot. 

18. Brittany: This girl had the same name as Jordan Rogers (from last season's ex) and that was about the only thing I learned about her before she went home week 3. 

17. Elizabeth: This girl left week two before I could form an opinion about her. I just threw her name in an open spot. 

16. Hailey: She was sent home in week two, but I really enjoyed her dry sense of humor. Plus she was friends with knuckle head Daniel from last season. 

15. Ida Marie: Although eliminated week 1, I felt like I could really like Ida Marie if she had made it through a couple more episodes. I put her on the early line of the "who are you" section of the line up because I did like her. 

14. Lacey: I loved Lacey's riding in on a camel instead of exiting the limo. However, this girl broke up with Jackson freakin' Harris to come on the show! Sooooo not worth it for getting sent home week two. 

13. Josephine: I was super freaked out by her opening package in episode one, but she seemed fairly normal in the season. 

12. Danielle L.: This young entrepreneur is beautiful and sweet. She didn't get a ton of air time, even with a one on one date and winning a group date, but I imagine she will be in paradise. 

11. Danielle M.: She reminded me of Whitney from Chris Soules' season and is apparently a friend of Wells from JoJo's season. I think she could have been a great match for Nick if she hadn't been incredibly overshadowed by the Corinne show. 

10. Christen: I liked Christen up until she outed Liz. Let other people do them girl!

9. Astrid: Astrid was practically jumping Nick's bones the moment she got out of the limo. I appreciate her straight forward approach with him and thought she was fun to watch interacting with the others.

8. Whitney: I spent a majority of the season wondering who Whitney was whenever she appeared in an ITM. I wish she had been featured more because she seemed like she would be sweet.

7. Alexis: Alexis won me over when she showed up dressed like a shark and insisted she was a dolphin. She was hilarious and I really hope to see her on paradise.

6. Raven: It was so apparent to me that Raven was cast for Luke. I think that she is a sweet girl but a terrible fit for Nick. I really expected to see her as the next Bachelorette, but maybe she will be in Paradise.

5. Liz: In case you hadn't heard yet, she was Jade Roper's maid of honor and there after having already had a hook up with Nick nine months earlier at the wedding. I felt like Liz had a really fun personality and would have made for a great cast member had Nick kept her around longer.

4. Rachel: The new Bachelorette is adorable and has a bright future ahead of her. She is one of the few women who I believe is truly on the show for love and not to put her name out there. I can't imagine her walking away from her career if she wasn't here for the right reasons.

3. Kristina: Kristina's story put tears in my eyes and I would have loved to see her as The Bachelorette. I have a special place in my heart for adoption and I am glad that her story was aired.

2. Vanessa: Special education teachers always win me over. She is a hard worker and loves her career, but I'm afraid she will lose it all moving to LA with Nick.

1. Sarah: She stole my heart when she ran in instead of riding in the limo and reminded me a ton of Amanda Stanton, who she happens to be good friends with. 


Spinato's is a game changer in the gluten free world. I have struggled the past couple years to find a good gluten free pizza. A lot of the gluten free pizza crusts I have tried often taste like cardboard. However, Spinato's pizza is not just the best gluten free pizza I have ever eaten, but the best pizza in general I have ever had.

I had the pleasure of sampling it the past two year's at the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo in San Diego the past two years, which was fresh made at the expo. Because the Spinato's Pizzeria is only located in Arizona and I am in California, I did not think I'd be able to get it again until next year's expo. However, Spinato's also is sold in retail stores!

Along with pizza, Spinato's offers sauces and dressings. I will hands down nominate this as the best gluten free pizza I have ever tried. If you are interested in trying it, they have a locator on their website so you can find it in a store near you!



St. Patrick's Day is next week which means lots of green themed parties are approaching. This playlist is Irish themed for your fun times!

Beautiful Day by U2
Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison
Breathless by The Corrs
Cannonball by Damien Rice
The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script
Something Good Can Work by Two Door Cinema Club
Devil's Dance Floor by Flogging Molly
Rose Tattoo by Drop Kick Murphys
One Call Away by Marie Digby
Dance Floor Anthem by Good Charlotte
Light My Fire by Jim Morrison



I spend a lot of time on the internet, whether it be blogging, doing school work, or just browsing around. I waste a lot of time surfing the web and in my quest to kill time or create the perfect blog post, I have found some great websites. Three sites I am really hooked on lately are:
  1. Reality Steve: I enjoy Reality Steve's spoilers and having insight on The Bachelor franchise from the likes of a 40 (ish?) year old man. He has a podcast he puts out on Thursdays that I really enjoy listen to and often saved for when I was making constant drives between the Central Coast and Southern California each week. Now that I'll be commuting on the 405 each day, I am sure I will fill that time with RS podcasts. He often has a special guest, some of whom who are members of Bachelor Nation, which makes the listening experience that much more fun. (New blog goal: Be a guest on one of his podcasts.)
  2. Tone It Up: Karena & Katrina are the best trainers. They have taken the fitness world by a storm and make me feel motivated and confident. They run challenges throughout the year with their nutritional plan, but their workout plan is free. I love their blog posts, workout videos, and recipes.
  3. Sazan: I learned about Sazan in a recent Wine Wednesday with the Tone It Up Girls. She is a lifestyle blogger and has incredible fashion sense. Her Instagram feed is #onfleek (or whatever the kids say these days!) and her blog features bits about style, beauty, relationships, and more. 


I recently saw this Beauty Blogger Tag on ELLEANOR WEARS and decided to take my turn in answering the questions. 

  1. Do you have any fashion or beauty icons? Who? I'd say my fashion icon is Reese Witherspoon. She is very chic, yet simple. She always has gorgeous baubles and timeless looks. 
  2. Beauty pet peeve? Blue eye shadow. Just no. Bye.
  3. Would you rather wear no makeup for the rest of your life or makeup everyday (but you can take it off when going to bed) Makeup everyday! That's an easy one! 
  4. Do you have any tips or tricks makeup/cosmetic wise? Less is more.
  5. Kim K or Kendall Jenner makeup? Kendall Jenner.
  6. Do you only buy cruelty-free makeup and if so why? No. I buy whatever works. I know I should get better about looking at the ingredients though. 
  7. Share a photo of what you consider to be your worst moment beauty-wise. I'll pass 😉
  8. Skincare or Makeup? Skincare all the way!
I tag Finding Laney Lui, Mint & Gold, and Brandi Locks to do the Beauty Blogger Tag! XO


This week's planner spread is from Glam Planner on Etsy. It was pre-ordered in early January and is called the Girl Boss kit. I got lost in the moment of creating and forgot to take a photo before the pen. So now you get to see my meals for the week, workouts, blog posts, shows I watch, and all sorts of other stuff. This spread makes me ready to run the week with perfect lipstick and a hot cup of coffee!



I'm trailing on my goal to read a book per week this year, but I have been diving into some amazing books none the less. Currently I am reading Grace Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy by Emily Ley. I saw this book at Target over the holidays and picked it up because of the title. (My theme for 2017 is GRACE.) In three parts, Ley goes through finding grace within yourself, grace with other people, and grace in your calling. This book gives me a reminder that sometimes I need to step back and accept the fact that not everything can be perfect or the way I imagine it to be. Scripture, suggestions, and personal anecdotes are sprinkled through the beautifully written pages of her book. I recommend this read to any woman who is trying to juggle the balance of life, work, friends, family, and more without anything going on the back burner.

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At the Gluten Free Allergen Free Expo in San Diego last month I was exposed to several new companies with delicious gluten free products!

One of these companies was Brazi Bites! Brazi Bites are gluten free Brazilian cheese bread. Along with being gluten free, they are also free of preservatives, trans fats, and sugar. As someone who is always looking for a great little snack for a tailgate or school event, these are perfect without making me feel too guilty. 

There are 4 flavors of Brazi Bites: Cheddar & Parmesan, Garlic Asiago, Zesty Pepper Jack, and 3 Cheese Pizza. These can be eaten alone as a roll, but they also can be used in other recipes that can be found on the Brazi Bites website. Some of these creative ideas are Brazi Bites Bourbon Meatball Sliders, Brazi Bites Pigs in a Blanket, and Brazi Bites Jalapeno Poppers.

Stores they’re featured in Costco, Ralph's and Sprouts in the LA Area. They can also be purchased online. Visit the Brazi Bites website to find them in a store near you!



This month I am focusing on JOY. 

Things are really looking up in my life and I just want to relish in the happy moments. Every day is filled with so much greatness that I want to really dive into it and be grateful for the little things. Some ways I can have more joy is by meditating on the word and bible verses that bring joy to my heart. Another thing I want to do is spend more time outside. I really love hiking, going for walks, and soaking up the sunshine. I want to spend more time this month doing that.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 5:13