Three years ago today I met my sweet boyfriend. As time passes in a relationship it begins to get hard to be creative with date nights and gift giving.

One way to combine both of those is by giving dates in a box.

Get 12 manila envelopes. Label them 1-12. Fill these envelopes with items for pre planned date nights.

Here are some ideas for potential envelopes:

1.) Picnic -- list of local parks, two brown lunch bags, plastic ware

2.) Game night -- dessert, winner prize

3.) Brunch and a yard sale

4.) Chopped -- 2 $10 bills, list of 4 ingredients

5.) Putt Putt

6.) Ice Cream Crazy -- sundae toppings

7.) Santa Monica Pier (great date night for people local to Los Angeles; there are often Groupons for the rides at the pier)

8.) Mall Scavenger Hunt

9.) Fort and a movie -- Red Box coupon code, popcorn

10.) Cowboy Date Night -- We have a local line dancing bar, it could be a fun date night!

11.) Cosmic Bowling -- glowsticks

12.) Dinner out -- restaurant gift card

Leave comments below with your idea for date in a box!


I was born with beautiful white blonde hair...well I got it around age three and was bald the few years before that. The older I have gotten the darker it has gotten. Because of this, I have colored my hair since high school. It's been bleach blonde, dark brown, auburn, and every "natural" color in between. With all the artificial coloring I have done, my hair has become damaged and over processed over the past few years.

The past month I have been taking Neocell Biotin Bursts and my hair has been stronger than ever. I have been taking biotin pills for two years now, but not in the dosage (10,000 MCG) that these bursts provide. Biotin promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails. Biotin also promotes energy and weight loss, lowers cholesterol, and regulates blood cells.

photo courtesy of Neocell

The Biotin Bursts taste just like a Starburst candy, unlike the regular chalky biotin I had been taking. They include 25mg of Acai for a natural, sweet taste and to provide antioxidants to add to the nourishment of skin.

Since taking these my hair is more soft and strong and my nails are stronger and growing fast. I highly recommend Neocell Biotin Bursts for anyone who needs an extra boost in their hair, nails, and skin.

They can be purchased at a variety of stores including Sprouts, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Plum Market, and Whole Foods.


Spring is finally here! I had a productive winter and am gearing up for a great spring. As the seasons change, so do my goal.

My winter bucket list included:

Bake sugar cookies.
Have a Christmas movie marathon.
Go ice skating.
Watch a play or musical.
See snow.
Make homemade peppermint bark.
Read three books.
Participate in Vlogcember. (I did half of this)

My spring bucket list consists of:

Go to a baseball game.
Ride bikes.
Pick berries at the farm.
Play tennis.
Enjoy an outdoor concert.
Go rollerblading.
Visit the botanical garden.
Make peep s'mores.
Go to a flea market.

What's on your to-do list for the next few months?



I couldn't find my tripod. Excuse the poor quality mirror pic. 

This is my favorite outfit I wore this month!

Pink clue where it's from, besides my mom's closet....and now she knows I have it :p
Jeans are Levi's that I bought at Kohl's 3 yearss ago
Louis Vuitton purse
Alex & Ani bracelets
Steve Madden sandals



As technology changes, so does every other aspect of life. One way technology has drastically changed our lives is with fitness. Twenty years ago when women wanted to get fit, they would eat right and work out. However, women now have so many new doors to the health community via technology.

From mobile apps to wearable fitness trackers, technology has had a major impact on our health.

Everyday I use two fitness apps - My Fitness Pal and Blogilates. My Fitness Pal is a free calorie counter that also includes the macronutrients of the foods. I like using this because I can scan the bar code of what I eat, or type in the meal, and all the information appears on my phone. It is a fast, easy way to track my caloric intake and outtake. Blogilates is a YouTube channel created by Cassey Ho. It is a daily workout that I participate in. Blogilates has an app that I use to keep track of my workout checklist and have on the go access to Cassey's videos.

Technology has not only transformed the way we look at working out and eating right, but has also impacted health care plans. Various health insurance providers, such as Oscar Health Insurance, with their NY and NJ Health Insurance, use technology to track appointments, prescriptions, and lab work. They even go as far as providing Misfit Flash Wearables, similar to a Fit Bit, to track a policy holder's daily steps. For each day they reach their goal, they receive a dollar, up to $240 a year.

As technology continues to develop, the rest of our lives will follow it. Do you use any applications or wearables to keep your health in check? If so, tell me what they are!


Last week, after falling madly in love with a new skincare line, I realized I have not done a skincare routine post since August! After giving my new routine time to make sure my skin loves it just as much as I do, I have decided I need to share it. This routine is full of products that are free of chemicals and preservatives.

First I use Odacite Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser. I use two pumps and apply to my face and neck by massaging in a circular motion. I then rinse my skin with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean washcloth.

I follow that with Odacite Beautiful Day Moisturizer with MSM and DMAE. It includes jojoba oil, virgin coconut oil, and fresh organic aloe. These ingredients lock in moisture, slow aging, and heal skin.

Before applying this moisturize I had three pumps of Odactie BI + C Pure Elements Serum. It has black cumin and cajeput in it to free skin of blemishes and prevent spread of acne causing bacterias.

It is a very simple 2.5 step process that takes just a few minutes in the morning. I do the same routine at night, but swap this moisturizer with Odacite's Night Time Antioxidants Repair Serum.

For those interested in trying my skincare routine, visit Odacite for a 15% off coupon.


My March giveaway has closed a winner has been chosen! With over 50 entries on various social media platforms, I am excited to announce Diriet Avesta as the winner! Please send me an e-mail so I can get your prize sent to you this week!

Thank you to all who entered!

What would you like to see as a giveaway in April?


  1. I am slowly becoming an Eagles fan.
  2. I used to watch Father of the Bride every day before kindergarten.
  3. I don't like the texture of peanut butter.
  4. I love jelly beans.
  5. I cried when I woke up after getting my wisdom teeth out.
  6. I was a competitive tap dancer.
  7. I regret going Team Android.
  8. I was on the Mock Trial team in high school.
  9. I hate people who don't take no for an answer.
  10. I prefer white wine to red.
  11. I am pretty sure I am allergic to contacts.
  12. My favorite vacation spot is Sunriver, Oregon.
  13. I swam with stingrays when I was eight years old.
  14. My favorite subject in high school was english.
  15. I am obsessed with graphic tees lately, but refusing to buy them because I don't want to spend money.
  16. My favorite of all the Teen Mom girls is Chelsea Houska.
  17. I do not like pancakes.
  18. My favorite animals are owls and giraffes.
  19. I have extremely sensitive skin
  20. I love the sound of thunder.


Some people follow astrology very closely, while others disregard it completely. I, however, am somewhere in the middle. I am a Libra, but I don't let that define my life. I occasionally check my horoscope, but I don't live by it. I think it is fun and often just coincidental. Many times there are personality traits attached to zodiac signs. The majority of the traits to describe Libras fit me, but a few do not.

Libras are all about balance and fear anything that throws off their balance. They believe that whatever is meant to be will be. They are fair minded and like to be busy. When facing anxiety or are overwhelmed, they often walk away without explanation and can be passive aggressive. Libras are great with kids. If someone makes a Libra a promise, they better stick to it, otherwise all hell will break lose. They are often positive, determined, and enjoy wine tasting. 


Of all the descriptive words for Libras, I found two that do not fit me. Libras often weigh pros and cons. However, I like to just jump into things without much thought. (It backfires 90% of the time.) Libras also like to be surrounded by others, while I prefer to be alone or at home with one or two people.

As I said, by no means do I live by astrology. However, I do enjoy it from time to time. I think it is a pure coincidence that some of the character traits of a Libra relate to me.

What sign are you? Does it properly define you?


Christ is risen!
Easter is quickly approaching and brunches, church services, and easter egg hunts are being planned. Here is a perfect outfit for Easter Sunday.

What are your Easter plans?



As I have shared before, I am currently on Round 2 of Sophie Uliano's Gorgeous for Good 30-Day LIVE IT. I am seeking a healthy lifestyle that doesn't die out after a few weeks and some results. I am seeking that lasts forever, regardless of how much work I have to put in. While it hasn't been easy and I haven't slipped up, I am feeling better. I am honored to be able to go through this program with other bloggers, with the help of Sophie Uliano and her team. 

Today's blog post was written by Sophie Uliano herself, to share more with you all about her program. 

Medical science now allows us to live long and potentially healthy lives, and yet what’s the point if we aren’t taking responsibility for our personal health? We need to get with the program girls! If we are lucky enough to live into our 90’s, surely we want to feel and look as amazing as we possibly can for the duration? Although modern-day life has a lot of great things going for it, it also has a lot of huge potholes – so one of the intents of my Gorgeous For Good 30-day program, is to help you steer clear of these pesky black holes so that you can get the most out of the miraculous life that you’ve been given. 

My program is a “skin-to-soul” program: I start with the most superficial (your makeup, hair and nails) – the fun stuff if you like, I then move through skincare, nutrition, fitness, and wind up with Spirit. My approach to my own life is entirely holistic because I know that what I do in one area, directly affects every other area of my life. 

The Gorgeous For Good program is truly the easier, softer way. When we think of embarking on a cleanse or a diet, we brace ourselves for what we know will be a horrific period where we’ll likely have to subsist on juice, rice cakes and carrot sticks – ugh! We white-knuckle it through this process hoping that at the end we will have purged our systems sufficiently to be able to go back to … well – whatever our personal addictions might be. But, this is way too hard on your mind, your body and your poor spirit. And this is why I carefully created a program, which is not only doable, but which gets easier as the weeks go by.

I’m not going to lie – when you give up foods and behaviors that are addictive, such as refined sugar and mindlessly eating in front of a screen, you will go through a period of withdrawal where you might not feel great, but with a buddy cheering you on through the challenging moments, you will suddenly find yourself sailing! This is the joy of sticking with my 30-day program. Some of you will feel a huge difference a week in, and for others, it may take 21 days – but the key is not to give up.

The Gorgeous For Good program is not a quick fix but rather a 30-day journey of beautiful lifestyle changes, which you can integrate into the rest of your life.

A woman emailed me the other day. She’d seen me on a TV segment and wanted to attempt the program, which I was trying out on two of my co-hosts. She explained that she was obese, and that all her immediate family had died of chronic diseases related to an unhealthy lifestyle. She explained the many roadblocks that were in the way of her being able to really do my program. I carefully deconstructed each perceived obstacle, and gave her a few pointers. Despite having a husband who thought eating healthy was “for crazy people” and who insisted that their meager grocery budget included meat, despite the fact that she lived in bitterly cold temperatures 7 months a year so couldn’t easily get out to exercise, she successfully completed the program, and can now show her family that there is a different way – an easier, softer way.

Making the few simple, but important lifestyle changes that I suggest in the Gorgeous For Good program will allow you to become the gorgeous woman you are supposed to be, and I don’t know about you, but when I feel GOOD in my body, my soul, and my spirit, I always want to pass it on.


Here's where the magic happens....sometimes. 
Here's where the magic is SUPPOSED to happen, but usually it just happens on the couch in front of the TV or on my bed while watching Netflix.

I surround myself with motivational quotes, on the wall and on my cork board, to help keep myself going. I also have two different blog calendars. The paper wall calendar is filled out a couple days before a new month, as a blue print for what will be written during the month. However, things ALWAYS change. Because of this, I also keep a white board calendar so I can easily shift and rearrange as the days go on. I also jot down ideas for the next month or products I receive and might review. On my cork board I also have my March goals and pictures of my boyfriend and grandparents. I change the left side of the wall each holiday, usually with Dollar Tree rinky dinks. I got the flowers from Trader Joe's, my favorite place to get flowers! They are cheap and fresh. 

So much blog magic has happened at this desk that last night I received an email saying I was no longer an affiliate of Blogger. I was going to be solely on my own. Because of this, you may notice I have a new URL or that you were redirected on your way here! This is something I have been hoping would happen for six months now! 

Because of this, I want to treat those who made it happen!



I do the same thing every morning. (Unless I ignore my alarm clock and am running seriously late.) I like to have a routine and stick to it. If I get put into new situations without any warning, I do not work well. Starting my morning with a particular routine gets the day off to the right foot and helps me get things done. A routine is extremely important for every one because it provides structure and builds good habits.

My weekday and weekend morning routines are obviously different, but here is a typical morning if I am not working.

  • Alarm goes off.
  • I drink warm water with cayenne and lemon in it. While doing this, I check social media.
  • I wash my face and brush my teeth.
  • I create a to do list for the day.
  • I read The Bible and do any work I need to for bible study.
  • I get dressed.
  • I spend time focused on my blog, whether it is posting, sending e-mails, or going through social media.
  • I eat breakfast, usually a green juice or oatmeal.
Do you follow a routine? What is the most important part of your routine?


I am currently taking part in a Beth Moore bible study called Believing God. It has been a huge help in my growth in my relationship with Christ, even just over the past couple weeks. I am seeking God more, trusting God more, and feeling more confident in my faith. 

A common theme in our study, especially amongst this group of women, is spiritual warfare. I had never heard of this prior to the study, yet I was going through it daily. Spiritual warfare is taking a stand in your faith against supernatural evil forces, like Satan. We are to put our armor on and fight the enemy. 

"Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil." Ephesians 6:10-11

Archangel Michael (in Jude 9) did not use his powers to rebuke Satan, but instead used God to fight. "The Lord rebuke you!" (Revelations 12:7-8)

So how do we get through spiritual warfare? It's not easy, but all things are possible with Christ. 

Rely on the power of God, instead of relying on yourself and others. 

Rebuke in Jesus' name. We say in Jesus' name at the end of a prayer for a reason. I had never thought about this until I started honing in on how to fight the enemy.

Put on your armor. Be ready to fight. It is not an easy task to attack Satan back, but we can wage through the warfare with the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, and our trust and faith.

A couple weeks ago, my bible study prayer over my finances. It is something I constantly struggle with and have been working hard to get right, as I have shared here many times before. I finally felt on track and was sticking to my budget when one day I went into my online banking and noticed every penny I had was transferred out of my account. I called the bank in a total panic. I was stressed out, overwhelmed, and disappointed. Over the course of 24 hours, I accepted what had happened and was actually seeing it as a blessing. I had no option to stick true to my budget because I had no money to spend! A couple days later at bible study, I told my group about what happened. We intensely prayed over the situation and I felt the strongest sense of trust in the Lord I have ever felt. It was just money. Who cares? I have a roof over my head, gas in my car, and groceries in the fridge. I have a handful of amazing people who could help me out if I needed cash quick. However, there was no need for that. The next morning after bible study I checked to see if there was any progress with the bank. All my money was there. I fell to my knees in tears and thanked God.

I had put my armor on and fought the enemy back. I could have given in. I could have been angry, I could have sworn at this person, I could have let anxiety take over. But that would have allowed Satan to win. Instead I put on my armor, put my faith in God, and attacked.

Will you put on your armor this week? Or will you let the enemy win the war?


Happy weekend y'all!
Here are some of things I currently have my eye on!



Blonde hair is difficult to maintain. It is damaging to your hair and quick to show roots. However, Dessange Paris sent me their new California Blonde Collection and I already know it will make a big difference in my hair care. It moisturizes and protects color treated blonde hair with passion flower extract. The Illuminating Shampoo cleanses, nourishes, and produces shine. The Illuminating Conditioner moisturizes and smooths hair. The Brass Color Correcting Creme uses linseed oil and blue pigments to neutralize brassiness.

This product has made my hair more smooth and soft, while helping with the brassiness of my color. The ingredients are not awful, but they're also not completely ideal.

FTC Disclosure: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes only.


I have talked before about healthy living expert Sophie Uliano's new book Gorgeous for Good which will be hitting bookstore shelves on April 7th. This book offers information and guidelines on getting gorgeous from the inside out. It also includes a 30 day program to transform your lifestyle. I have tried this program once before, but am back on it. Today is day 3 and I already feel great. I am more confident and ready to make this a permanent change now than I was a couple weeks ago.

However, this book and process is not just about what we put into our bodies, but also what we put on it. I have already shared with you that I have been trying to wear less makeup. Makeup and other cosmetics have scary ingredients that many do not realize. I often use various cosmetic databases, to check how healthy the products I use are. But in Gorgeous for Good, Uliano gives specifics on what to look for when reading ingredients.

Examples of what to avoid:

  • DEA
  • DMPM
  • heavy metals
  • isopropyl alcohol (I have seen this in SO many products. I did not know how drying it was. My hair and skin are already so dry. The last thing I need is it to be even worse!)
  • parabens (duh!)
  • PVP/VA
  • copolymer
  • siloxanes
  • SLSs
  • talc (I have talked about this before. It is terrible for those with acne prone skin, like me, and it happens to be in all MAC makeup products.)
A common theme? If it is an initial, avoid it! 

Also, the less ingredients, the better.

With all that negative in products, what is good to find in a product?
  • green/white tea
  • aloe vera
  • coconut oil
  • shea or cocoa butter
  • rosehip seed
Sophie suggests that you do not be fooled by the front of the label. I know this first hand! I figured Organix shampoo and conditioner must be organic....WRONG! It is one of the worst products one can use!

Be aware of what is going in and on your body! Check back next Wednesday to read more about my journey with Sophie's Gorgeous for Good program!


I was at the grocery store recently picking up a couple things for dinner. I figured, alright, I have six things, I will express lane this bad boy and get out of here quick. WRONG. The person two people ahead of me had about 30 items in his basket, in the 15 items or less lane, THEN proceeded to pay exact change. I was peeved.

I started thinking about my pet peeves (this clearly being one of them) and then was curious what drives others nuts. According a study done last month by WDSU, some of the most common pet peeves are:

  1. Fast food drive thru communication systems
  2. Loud cell phone talkers in public
  3. Overuse of the word like
  4. Grammar (your/you're) (their/there/they're) (to/two/too)
  5. Telemarketers
Some of my other pet peeves:
  1. When people don't give you the courtesy wave. For example, you are driving through the Target parking lot and stop the car to let someone cross the street. It is polite to give a courtesy wave to the driver as you cross. People who don't peeve me.
  2. People who don't respect time. If you say you will be somewhere at 3pm, please be there at 2:58, instead of 3:16. My time is valuable, as is yours. Along with that, if you are running late, please let me know prior to 3 minutes before we are supposed to meet.
  3. No offense, but.....People who start sentences like this do not realize that saying this does not stop anything that follows from being offensive. Starting a sentence like this is not a free pass to be rude!
What is your pet peeve?


Oh you do marathons? So do I...of Netflix shows! My most recent obsession is Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, an original Netflix series, that was released on Friday. I have already watched half the first season...let's just say it has been a lazy 24 hours.

This show is hilarious. It is about a woman who escapes an underground doomsday cult and starts life over in New York City. However, she is stuck in 1990 when it comes to fashion, slang, culture, and more. The sitcom documents her transition from underground cult to modern day lifestyle. It is hilarious.

The show was originally created to air on primetime NBC, but it (wrongfully) did not get picked up and the full first season has been put on Netflix. The second season has already picked up and I sadly have to wait until March 2016 for the next set of episodes.

It stars Ellie Kemper, Titus Burgess, Carol Kane, and Jane Krakowski. It is written by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock. There are many star studded cameos throughout the season, including Jon Hamm, Tina Fey, Matt Lauer, Nick Kroll, and so many more.

This is a great show for those who like Trophy Wife and Don't Trust The B- in Apt. 23.

Have you watched Unbreakfable Kimmy Schmidt yet? What do you think?


The #DearMe campaign has been floating around YouTube this week, with YouTubers writing letters to their former selves. What would 22 year old Cate say to 13 year old Cate? Here goes...


Be strong. Be you. When you learn not to care what anyone else thinks, that's when you'll learn who you really are. It's no one else's life. You call the shots. Those mean kids in middle and high school mean nothing now. Don't bully because you were bullied. Be kind. Stay true to your wants, needs, and passions. Work harder in school. Don't lose trust in God. His plan is so far greater than yours. Spend more time with your grandparents. Don't worry about impressing boys. Focus on your health. Follow your would NOT believe what an independent, strong willed, motivated bad as you are in the future. But most importantly, just listen to your heart, it will get you to where you are today. Even though it may not always feel like it, you are blessed beyond all belief.


Spring is just a couple weeks away. It's time to update our wardrobes for the new season, even if the temperatures across the nation are below zero. Here are my top 10 trends for spring 2015.

10.) Yellow...We've seen the yellow trend the past couple years, but canary yellow was every where at the Golden Globes, setting the tone for spring. Wearing yellow washes me out, but I love the look on others. 

9.) Wide Leg Pants

8.) Red...Marsala, an earthy wine red, is the official color of 2015.

7.) Nautical

6.) Destroyed Denim...I have always loved destroyed denim, but always hated the concept of paying more for less. A DIY may be in my future :p

5.) Fringe...I've been rocking fringe booties and handbags for's safe to say I set this trend. Ha!

4.) Overalls

3.) Blanket Coats

2.) Little White Dress

1.) 70's 

What is your favorite spring trend?

Also, my friend Julie, whose hair services I have talked about before, has moved salons! Please check her out. Here is her information...



I am not a financial guru. I am the farthest thing from it. People who know me are probably laughing at the fact that I am giving any sort of financial advice right now. However, I have found a program that has for the most part been working for me and I want to share it with all of you.

About a year ago I took Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at my church. I felt like it was an informative class, but nothing I needed at the moment. At only 21 years old, I didn't see a point in talking about life insurance, retirement plans, and my unborn children's college fund. Boy was I wrong. The earlier you start, the more financially secure you will become!

Now that I am living on my own and have bills to pay, I wish I had started the Dave Ramsey program last year when I first learned about it! He has 7 baby steps that he urges people to follow, along with setting a strict budget, and using the envelope system--CASH ONLY!

Here are the 7 baby steps (in a simple way):

1.) Get $1,000 to start an emergency fund. Start with $500 if you make less than $25,000 per year. Do whatever you need to do to get here. Make it happen fast. Sell things you don't use, pick up an extra part-time job, cancel your cable...whatever needs to happen to get this emergency fund quick. An emergency WILL happen. You'll get a flat tire, your daughter will get sick, etc. But make sure you can cover these costs instead of adding them to your credit card.

2.) Pay off all debt using the debt snowball. This means pay off the smallest debt you have first. For example: if you owe $15,500 in student loans, $5,000 in credit card #1 debt, and $3,000 in credit card #2 debt, start with credit card #2. The excitement to pay off one debt will increase your motivation for the rest. ***This is where my personal beliefs disagree with Dave's...I would prefer to pay off the debt with the highest interest rate. Do what feels right for you, but get going on paying off those debts! Any extra money you have at the end of the month or unplanned income you have should go to an unpaid balance.

3.) Get to three to six months of expenses in savings. Look at your monthly budget. However much money you spend in one month, multiply by either three or six, whatever you feel appropriate, and save that. For example, if your monthly expenses are $3,000, get $9,000-$18,000 in savings.

4.) Invest 15% of household income into Roth IRAs and pretax retirement. Once you have a good amount in savings, it is good to look at the future. No one wants to work into their 70's, so by planning ahead early, and setting money aside, you will be able to retire in peace.

5.) Start funding college for your children. College is expensive. I am very blessed to have had help from my parents when attending college. While I still had to take out a good amount of loans, I am beyond grateful to have had parents support my education. I want to be able to do the same for my kids.

6.) Pay off home early. After you get everything else under way, start throwing any excess money towards your house payment. Personally, I do not believe I will ever own a home. With the intent to marry someone whose job could have us moving every couple years, it does not make sense for us to ever purchase a home.

7.) Build wealth and give! Help others out. The thing I admire most about my parents is that they take care of others. They have been very wise with their finances throughout their marriage, and are now able to help out others. They sponsor FIVE children through God Cares School, helping pay for their education, school supplies, clothing, and more.


Fit Snack is a monthly subscription box filled with 7-10 full size snack items to sample. It is $15/month, plus shipping and handling. These snacks promote a healthy lifestyle and are often GMO and gluten free, as well as low in sugar and high in protein. Each Fit Snack box that is sold is a meal donated through Feeding America. The back of the card showing what was inside the box had a full body workout on it.

This is the best subscription box I have ever received. I will 100% be signing up for this. I give it an A+.

In this box:

Compete Energy Bites: These six chocolate flavored energy bites are delicious. Just one provides a quick burst of energy.

Simply 7 Snacks: These quinoa and lentil chips were so addicting. They are GMO and gluten free, and taste just like potato chips, but much healthier.

Level Life: This low-carb protein bar was a great mid-day boost to raise my blood sugar and tide me over between breakfast and lunch.

Oven Baked Organics: This company creates organic whole grain products. This box included their pancake mix, which I have yet to make. I am not a big fan of pancakes, but will have to try these one morning since it has been awhile since I last ate them. 

Lenny & Larry's: I have eaten The Complete Cookie before and was so happy to receive another! It is a vegan, egg-free, and dairy-free treat, to give you something sweet without the guilt. 

Sunbutter: The texture of peanut butter weirds me out, so I have yet to touch this because it is similar. This sunflower spread is made in a peanut and tree nut free facility. It is high in fiber, vitamin E, zinc, iron, and potassium.

Nogii Protein Powder: I gave this to my brother to try and he loved it. It is made of whey and quinoa, giving 20 grams of protein powder per serving.

Fit Snack Raw Almond & Pumpkin Mix: This snack mix is full of health fats and a great, easy thing to throw in your bag and nibble on throughout the day.

Fit Snack Veggie Chips: These chips were delicious. I love eating veggie and fruit chips, so this was the first thing I ate when I opened my box.

I highly encourage you to check out Fit Snack, you will NOT be disappointed!


This weekend I attended the Smart Girl World Mission I'm Possible Workshop at the Courtyard Marriot in Sherman Oaks.

Smart Girl World is a blog and YouTube channel that focuses on helping young women become more confident, goal oriented, and successful. It was started by Dominica Valentina, who wanted a platform for young girls to learn to believe in themselves. Dominica is a certified life coach, and also has her own jewelry line.

At the workshop we talked about a variety of things, such as finding our passion, living healthy lifestyles, and being confident in what we want. I enjoyed being able to share and expand my visions, not only for this blog, but for other aspects of my life, with like minded women. I was also able to connect with some great business owners, and score an internship, just by being open about life with another woman.

One of my favorite things discussed at Mission I'm Possible was attracting wants instead of don't wants. It is all about positive thinking. When you are focusing on what you don't want in life, it is attracting those bad vibes. But if you put all your thoughts into what you DO want, that's what you will achieve. Affirm yourself with what you want. Remind yourself daily, through self speak, journaling, or a vision board. But whatever it is you want, you have to be confident in the belief that you can achieve it.


Recently I ordered food from Plated, a food delivery service that offers meals free of antibiotics and hormones. It is fresh, seasonal, and hand packed. The recipes sound delicious and unique. Some examples of their meals on their menu are beef gyritos, seared ginger soy tempeh, and mojo style fish. I had a coupon that would allow me 6 plates for $24, instead of the normal $72. Because of the great price, I had to try it...what a mistake.

Here's a timeline of my Plated fiasco:

Monday evening: I ordered food to be delivered Wednesday.

Wednesday evening: I had not received my food yet and their website said I should call if it is not received by 8pm. I called, was on hold for 15 minutes, and then was sent to a voicemail that said their office closes at 5pm.

Thursday morning: I tried contacting Plated customer service and was pushed around by the three people I spoke with.

Thursday evening: I spoke with a customer service representative who at the time I felt did a great job. He credited me for my food and said he would reimburse me the $24 to my bank account.

Friday night LATE: The food was delivered after sitting in a warehouse for two days. Skeptical of putting this food into my body, I threw it in the trash.

Saturday morning: My second order, from the first credit, was delivered. The food was great and the recipes were easy to follow.

However, I was never reimbursed as I was told by Plated customer service on Thursday evening. Also the meals are not worth the $72. I only tried this because of the $24 deal I received.

I was extremely disappointed in the lack of customer service I received from Plated. This company lacks integrity and's no wonder they're handing out meals.


I can not believe it has been a year since I began The Happiness Project. I have learned, grown, and strengthened myself so much in the past year. I am sad to see this project coming to an end. It has been a major part of my life and blog for the past twelve years.

I have learned who I am, how to let things go, and to enjoy the growing process. I have done various things to boost my energy, strengthen my relationships with family, friends, and my boyfriend. I have learned ways to save money, be more mindful, and have a positive attitude.

In order to carry The Happiness Project with me beyond the past twelve months, I will still create goals, choose happiness, and maintain a balance in my life.

My goal for March is to focus on my health, including working out, eating well, and also being spiritually and mentally healthy.

What are your goals this month?