As I have shared before, I am currently on Round 2 of Sophie Uliano's Gorgeous for Good 30-Day LIVE IT. I am seeking a healthy lifestyle that doesn't die out after a few weeks and some results. I am seeking that lasts forever, regardless of how much work I have to put in. While it hasn't been easy and I haven't slipped up, I am feeling better. I am honored to be able to go through this program with other bloggers, with the help of Sophie Uliano and her team. 

Today's blog post was written by Sophie Uliano herself, to share more with you all about her program. 

Medical science now allows us to live long and potentially healthy lives, and yet what’s the point if we aren’t taking responsibility for our personal health? We need to get with the program girls! If we are lucky enough to live into our 90’s, surely we want to feel and look as amazing as we possibly can for the duration? Although modern-day life has a lot of great things going for it, it also has a lot of huge potholes – so one of the intents of my Gorgeous For Good 30-day program, is to help you steer clear of these pesky black holes so that you can get the most out of the miraculous life that you’ve been given. 

My program is a “skin-to-soul” program: I start with the most superficial (your makeup, hair and nails) – the fun stuff if you like, I then move through skincare, nutrition, fitness, and wind up with Spirit. My approach to my own life is entirely holistic because I know that what I do in one area, directly affects every other area of my life. 

The Gorgeous For Good program is truly the easier, softer way. When we think of embarking on a cleanse or a diet, we brace ourselves for what we know will be a horrific period where we’ll likely have to subsist on juice, rice cakes and carrot sticks – ugh! We white-knuckle it through this process hoping that at the end we will have purged our systems sufficiently to be able to go back to … well – whatever our personal addictions might be. But, this is way too hard on your mind, your body and your poor spirit. And this is why I carefully created a program, which is not only doable, but which gets easier as the weeks go by.

I’m not going to lie – when you give up foods and behaviors that are addictive, such as refined sugar and mindlessly eating in front of a screen, you will go through a period of withdrawal where you might not feel great, but with a buddy cheering you on through the challenging moments, you will suddenly find yourself sailing! This is the joy of sticking with my 30-day program. Some of you will feel a huge difference a week in, and for others, it may take 21 days – but the key is not to give up.

The Gorgeous For Good program is not a quick fix but rather a 30-day journey of beautiful lifestyle changes, which you can integrate into the rest of your life.

A woman emailed me the other day. She’d seen me on a TV segment and wanted to attempt the program, which I was trying out on two of my co-hosts. She explained that she was obese, and that all her immediate family had died of chronic diseases related to an unhealthy lifestyle. She explained the many roadblocks that were in the way of her being able to really do my program. I carefully deconstructed each perceived obstacle, and gave her a few pointers. Despite having a husband who thought eating healthy was “for crazy people” and who insisted that their meager grocery budget included meat, despite the fact that she lived in bitterly cold temperatures 7 months a year so couldn’t easily get out to exercise, she successfully completed the program, and can now show her family that there is a different way – an easier, softer way.

Making the few simple, but important lifestyle changes that I suggest in the Gorgeous For Good program will allow you to become the gorgeous woman you are supposed to be, and I don’t know about you, but when I feel GOOD in my body, my soul, and my spirit, I always want to pass it on.

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