Do It Yourself Mental Health: DIY Tricks You Can Do At Home

Maintaining a high level of mental health has never been as important as right now. A pandemic and subsequent lockdown means long stretches stuck in the house. And, if you like to get out and socialize, the enforced house arrest can feel like hell. For those who already suffer from mental health issues, it’s essential to keep tabs on any negative emotions.

Of course, it’s not as if you will have help. Sure, Zoom video calling makes it less tough, and some professional therapists will conduct sessions online, yet the options aren’t comprehensive. You may find that you’re alone with only your brain for comfort, and that can be tricky. If you don't take action while you’re locked down, your wellbeing could be in jeopardy when the world is back to normal.

Thankfully, you can rely on DIY mental health methods. The following come with no guarantees, yet they may give you the boost you need to survive self-isolation.


The simplest and most effective thing you can do when life starts to get challenging is to meditate. What’s incredible about this tool is that you can do it from anywhere in the world. All you need is a quiet space and plenty of focus. Don’t worry if you don’t have the latter because you’ll build staying power the more you practice.

There’s no reason to fret about understanding the “dynamics” of meditation at all. Yes, most people do it one way, but if your methodology is a little different, it’s not an issue as long as it works. At first, try and channel your thoughts towards a single goal for a minute or two. Then, the more you get used to the feeling of weightlessness, the longer you’ll be able to meditate.

Meditation allows you to eliminate thoughts and emotions that lead to stress and anxiety. Therefore, meditating once a day should act as a factory reset for your mind and body.

Go Outside (If You Can)

Depending on the rules, you may not be allowed outside at all. Certain countries have only relaxed their state of emergencies, and even then it applies to kids and pregnant women. So, going outside every day may not be an option. However, if it is, you should take the opportunity to leave the house and relieve the tension.

A PNAS study found that spending ninety minute outside of the house can lower brain activity. Now, this doesn’t sound like a good thing, but it’s essentially a form of meditation. You use walking (or any form of exercise) to forget about the problems that appear as if they are insurmountable. They seem that way because you’re surrounded by and have nowhere to go.

Of course, leaving the confines of your property instantly opens up the brain to a new, healthier environment.

Repair Stuff That Makes You Self-Conscious

It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t change anything about your body if you think the step is too great. After all, it’s not as if you can get your old features back once they’re gone. Still, you don’t need to revolutionize the way you look to make you feel better about yourself when you stare into a mirror.

Think about your smile for a moment - does it impact the way you act when you’re in public? Lots of men and women will try not to smile as smiling shows oral flaws and imperfections. With Invisalign treatment, though, you can straighten out your peggies in no time without invasive procedures. Plus, the treatment is proven to work, so the odds of boosting your smile are high.

Dentistry classes as a medical need, which means you can visit your dentist. Alternatively, they may schedule a remote call.

Review Relationships

Mostly, your relationships will help you to get through tricky periods in life. Without a strong core of people who support you no matter what, maintaining your mental health is hard. That said, not every relationship will be healthy. Some are toxic and people don’t realize it until it’s too late.

One of the resources you have in abundance is time, and you should use it to reflect. Analyzing whether a friendship, partnership or romantic relationship is helpful will allow you to cut the cord if necessary. The key is to watch out for the telltale signs, such as a lack of compromise and constant judgment. Inc has more if you’re interested.

Purging people from your life is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly. Yet, it could be the correct one if those people only bring negativity.



Finding new activities to keep yourself entertained and worry free during stay at home orders can be difficult. I'm not sure about you, but I know that I am completely burnt out on TV...a statement I never thought I would be making. Lucky for us I don't have little ones to keep occupied (yet...twelve weeks to go til babies arrival!) but I am sure it is even more difficult to find things to do with little ones at home.

A great way to have fun together, whether with your littles at home or via video call with family and friends afar, is with Gramma in a Box. Gramma in a Box is a monthly subscription service that sends homemade cookies, frosting, and other decorative treats directly to your doorstep. It provides hours of fun and happy bellies decorating the cookies and other sweet treats each month. Most month's boxes follow a theme, such as St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, or Super Bowl.

Gramma Terry (the box creator!) sends notes along with the adorably packed box to guide you through every step of the way. She gives directions on how to complete the delicious activities, as well as little hacks to help you along the way. All edible items you will need are included in each box, so you do not have to worry about heading to the grocery store during these chaotic times.

Each month there is a sneak preview for the upcoming box on Facebook for those interested. I am someone who does not like to wait, so I headed over to Gramma Terry's Facebook page to see what was in store for May. I can't wait for the cookies ahead, and am overly excited about the frosting colors and marshmallows also coming in the box.

Gramma in a Box is a steal at only $20 per box. But right now, she is offering a special discount! Your first box is only $10 if you sign up using the auto debit option. Be sure to sign up ASAP to secure your spot for the May box.


Perfect Ways to Cheer Yourself Up When You're Stuck at Home

Being stuck at home is no fun, but sometimes it's just something that happens. Whether there's a pandemic happening or it's just raining really hard, you don't always get to go out and about as you please. When you're not able to go out, you can get pretty bored at home, and it can be lonely too. Although you could spend all day being miserable, the other option is to find some way to cheer yourself up. There are lots of things that you can do to feel better and enjoy your time at home instead of just being bored.

Get a Treat Delivered

It might not always work, but sometimes all you need to cheer yourself up is to indulge in a favorite treat. If you can't leave your home, you can get something delivered instead, and you won't have to go anywhere. You can order your favorite coffee from Satellite Coffee or get yourself a pizza from your usual takeout place. There's also another option if you have ingredients for cooking or baking at home. Making something yourself gives you something to do, and you get a delicious treat at the end of it. It can be surprisingly easy to whip up a cake.

Explore Some New Media

If you have a long list of new music to listen to, Netflix shows to catch up on, or podcasts that you've fallen behind on, now is the time to start working through them. You have plenty of time, and you're not going anywhere, so why not take advantage of being at home? If you're scrolling through lists that you've made, but you're not sure you feel like watching or listening to any of it, just pick something at random. There's always the option of going back to some old favorites too.

Call Someone

When you're stuck at home, it can get pretty lonely. Even if you're home with family or roommates, you can still miss your friends or family members who don't live with you. If you're feeling lonely or just bored, calling someone on the phone or through video chat lets you get in touch with them and chat to your heart's content. If calls aren't your favorite form of communication, there are plenty of other ways to communicate with people. You can text or message, use social media, or even talk to people through forums and other sites.

Pick Up a Dropped Hobby

Everyone has hobbies that they decided to try out one day and then dropped when life got too busy. Maybe you have a candle-making kit hidden somewhere in your house, or you have a guitar that you never learned to play. If you have nowhere to go and nothing to do, it could be the perfect time to pick this hobby back up and see what you can do. Maybe you'll learn something new or make something you can be proud of, or you'll just have fun messing around.

There's no need to be miserable while stuck at home. If you're bored, there are plenty of things for you to do.


Post-Coronavirus: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting us all. While we now live in a world where self-isolation and social distancing have become the new norm – something that would have seemed impossible only a few months ago –, it’s essential to look after your mental health. Indeed, isolation, while it is necessary, can dramatically affect your emotions and self-perception. 
You can’t ignore your mental health any longer. Feeling blue or anxious are, unfortunately, emotions that can develop when you feel stuck indoors. Take the time to understand how you feel and to recognize your mental health issues. Now is also an excellent time to cut out negative influences, especially from sources that can accentuate your anxieties. Besides, if you find yourself needing a mental health boost, start planning for your first post-pandemic outing. Keeping your mind on a bright future can help you to go through the stress of self-isolation with a positive mindset. 

Picture your perfect gathering party 
Celebrations will be in order when the world is safe again. While we don’t know when this will happen, you can still plan a bucket list of everything you want to have for your big post-pandemic party. Party decorations are a no-brainer. Balloons, garlands, and drinks need to be on your list. You can even think of the perfect hashtag for your party, along with the party booth, such as the Booth Boy Photo Booth hire . You can be sure that throwing a party that brings everyone together will be a fantastic idea. Neighbors, friends, and families are craving for physical interactions right now. And when the time comes, everybody will need the perfect reunion party. So, the sooner you start planning, the easier it will be for everyone! 

Plan your future holiday with your family 
It can be odd to consider spending time with your family, especially if you’re already self-isolating with them. However, a relaxing holiday where everyone can go out in the sun and explore their surroundings as they please will help to put the stress of the pandemic behind you. What are the best family holiday destinations around? The fantastic Jungle Hotel The Datai Langkawi in Malaysia is a gem that combines rainforest landscapes and ponds, and delicious cuisine. Perfect for recharging your batteries while discovering the surrounding wildlife. 

Go all out for a special meal 
Your favorite restaurant is probably shut down. While some still offer takeaway meals, it’s not quite the same experience. As such, why not compile a list of all your favorite places to eat? You can pay them a visit when the situation is safe again. It will also be the perfect opportunity to go big and book a special dinner at a fancy Michelin-starred restaurant. 

Prepare your first day out
You and your loved ones will meet again in the future. It’s never too early to plan a day out with your best friends. When you’re busy planning, time passes more quickly. Why not have a chat about what you will love to do together? Something as simple as going for a cafĂ© in town or spending an afternoon at the shopping mall will feel great. 

Time has stopped for now. But People will go outside again. And when they do, you want to be ready to make the most out of it. Planning for a bright future is a great way of keeping depression at bay. 


Planning A Wedding During The Covid-19 Outbreak

A lot of people across the world have had to cancel weddings in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. This has impacted some more than others, though anyone who has had to change the date of their event will be unhappy with the results. Of course, though, while the outbreak might make it difficult to hold the wedding itself, there is still plenty of work which can be done to start organising the whole thing. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the best ways to plan your wedding when you’re stuck at home.

Using The Web

It will be very difficult to find wedding stores, venues, and other places which are open at the moment. This limits your search for the things you’re able to find online, though this will usually be a huge amount of the planning you have to do. Making invitations, for example, will be much easier than you expect with the help of the web. Of course, though, it may be worth ordering samples of things like this, as this will give you a better idea of what things look like than looking at the images they come with.

Choose The Right Venue and Activities

Even once government restrictions are lifted, there will still be a long time where people want to protect themselves from viruses and other diseases. Choosing the right venue will make people feel a lot more comfortable about your wedding, and this can have a huge impact on the response you get from invites. Venues like offer wide open spaces along with large indoor areas, giving people the chance to socially distance themselves without making it feel like they have to work to do it. This is something people are going to have to keep in mind for a long time, and could be very helpful in preventing future outbreaks.

Use Your New Time

While most people want to get married sooner rather than later, it makes sense to take advantage of the extra time you have to plan your big day. You will have more time to save money, options will be freeing up everywhere, and you can put loads more time into things like planning food and entertainment. This could turn your wedding from something ordinary into a truly unique event. Of course, though, you will have to work hard to achieve this sort of goal, and it will make it feel like a much longer process.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of planning a wedding during the Covid-19 outbreak. A lot of bad things are happening in the world right now, but having to cancel your wedding doesn’t have to be one of them. As long as you set the new date at a smart time, it should be easy to provide the perfect wedding, even if it is a little late.