I am currently taking part in a Beth Moore bible study called Believing God. It has been a huge help in my growth in my relationship with Christ, even just over the past couple weeks. I am seeking God more, trusting God more, and feeling more confident in my faith. 

A common theme in our study, especially amongst this group of women, is spiritual warfare. I had never heard of this prior to the study, yet I was going through it daily. Spiritual warfare is taking a stand in your faith against supernatural evil forces, like Satan. We are to put our armor on and fight the enemy. 

"Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil." Ephesians 6:10-11

Archangel Michael (in Jude 9) did not use his powers to rebuke Satan, but instead used God to fight. "The Lord rebuke you!" (Revelations 12:7-8)

So how do we get through spiritual warfare? It's not easy, but all things are possible with Christ. 

Rely on the power of God, instead of relying on yourself and others. 

Rebuke in Jesus' name. We say in Jesus' name at the end of a prayer for a reason. I had never thought about this until I started honing in on how to fight the enemy.

Put on your armor. Be ready to fight. It is not an easy task to attack Satan back, but we can wage through the warfare with the sword of the Spirit, the word of God, and our trust and faith.

A couple weeks ago, my bible study prayer over my finances. It is something I constantly struggle with and have been working hard to get right, as I have shared here many times before. I finally felt on track and was sticking to my budget when one day I went into my online banking and noticed every penny I had was transferred out of my account. I called the bank in a total panic. I was stressed out, overwhelmed, and disappointed. Over the course of 24 hours, I accepted what had happened and was actually seeing it as a blessing. I had no option to stick true to my budget because I had no money to spend! A couple days later at bible study, I told my group about what happened. We intensely prayed over the situation and I felt the strongest sense of trust in the Lord I have ever felt. It was just money. Who cares? I have a roof over my head, gas in my car, and groceries in the fridge. I have a handful of amazing people who could help me out if I needed cash quick. However, there was no need for that. The next morning after bible study I checked to see if there was any progress with the bank. All my money was there. I fell to my knees in tears and thanked God.

I had put my armor on and fought the enemy back. I could have given in. I could have been angry, I could have sworn at this person, I could have let anxiety take over. But that would have allowed Satan to win. Instead I put on my armor, put my faith in God, and attacked.

Will you put on your armor this week? Or will you let the enemy win the war?

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