I was at the grocery store recently picking up a couple things for dinner. I figured, alright, I have six things, I will express lane this bad boy and get out of here quick. WRONG. The person two people ahead of me had about 30 items in his basket, in the 15 items or less lane, THEN proceeded to pay exact change. I was peeved.

I started thinking about my pet peeves (this clearly being one of them) and then was curious what drives others nuts. According a study done last month by WDSU, some of the most common pet peeves are:

  1. Fast food drive thru communication systems
  2. Loud cell phone talkers in public
  3. Overuse of the word like
  4. Grammar (your/you're) (their/there/they're) (to/two/too)
  5. Telemarketers
Some of my other pet peeves:
  1. When people don't give you the courtesy wave. For example, you are driving through the Target parking lot and stop the car to let someone cross the street. It is polite to give a courtesy wave to the driver as you cross. People who don't peeve me.
  2. People who don't respect time. If you say you will be somewhere at 3pm, please be there at 2:58, instead of 3:16. My time is valuable, as is yours. Along with that, if you are running late, please let me know prior to 3 minutes before we are supposed to meet.
  3. No offense, but.....People who start sentences like this do not realize that saying this does not stop anything that follows from being offensive. Starting a sentence like this is not a free pass to be rude!
What is your pet peeve?

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