Now that summer is over and I am back to teaching, I am having to really plan ahead to be successful and stress free each day. One thing I do to stay ahead of the game is to make my lunch the night before. However, I have found when I am in a pinch, I love being able to grab a quick, healthy alternative that I can throw into the microwave on my lunch break. I learned about GoReadyMade, a meal delivery service, and they offered me a week of meals in exchange for a review. I couldn't pass up on the opportunity because I am always looking for services to make my life easier.

GoReadyMade makes fresh, delicious, ready-made meals that are delivered directly to your doorstep each week. The meals are healthy and individually packaged for your convenience. For 4 meals per week, GoReadyMade charges $49.99 with free shipping. However, there are a number of plans available for whatever size your need is!

When you first join, you can select which meals you'd like. Some of the meals include Smoky Chicken Fajitas, Beef Steak with Peppercorn Sauce, and Soy Glazed Chicken. My favorite of all the meals I tried was Orzo and Tomatoes with Mozzarella and Spinach. Meals come on ice so that you don't have to worry about their safety while in the shipping process.

GoReadyMade separates themselves from other meal subscription companies because the meals are already prepared. Just a note, be sure to read the directions on the packaging BEFORE planning on eating. Day 1 I assumed everything was microwavable. However, the steak I brought to work with me required pan-searing! Whoops!

To get $25 off your first order with GoReadyMade, use code JWKX5 at checkout!