This weekend I attended the Smart Girl World Mission I'm Possible Workshop at the Courtyard Marriot in Sherman Oaks.

Smart Girl World is a blog and YouTube channel that focuses on helping young women become more confident, goal oriented, and successful. It was started by Dominica Valentina, who wanted a platform for young girls to learn to believe in themselves. Dominica is a certified life coach, and also has her own jewelry line.

At the workshop we talked about a variety of things, such as finding our passion, living healthy lifestyles, and being confident in what we want. I enjoyed being able to share and expand my visions, not only for this blog, but for other aspects of my life, with like minded women. I was also able to connect with some great business owners, and score an internship, just by being open about life with another woman.

One of my favorite things discussed at Mission I'm Possible was attracting wants instead of don't wants. It is all about positive thinking. When you are focusing on what you don't want in life, it is attracting those bad vibes. But if you put all your thoughts into what you DO want, that's what you will achieve. Affirm yourself with what you want. Remind yourself daily, through self speak, journaling, or a vision board. But whatever it is you want, you have to be confident in the belief that you can achieve it.

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