Recently I ordered food from Plated, a food delivery service that offers meals free of antibiotics and hormones. It is fresh, seasonal, and hand packed. The recipes sound delicious and unique. Some examples of their meals on their menu are beef gyritos, seared ginger soy tempeh, and mojo style fish. I had a coupon that would allow me 6 plates for $24, instead of the normal $72. Because of the great price, I had to try it...what a mistake.

Here's a timeline of my Plated fiasco:

Monday evening: I ordered food to be delivered Wednesday.

Wednesday evening: I had not received my food yet and their website said I should call if it is not received by 8pm. I called, was on hold for 15 minutes, and then was sent to a voicemail that said their office closes at 5pm.

Thursday morning: I tried contacting Plated customer service and was pushed around by the three people I spoke with.

Thursday evening: I spoke with a customer service representative who at the time I felt did a great job. He credited me for my food and said he would reimburse me the $24 to my bank account.

Friday night LATE: The food was delivered after sitting in a warehouse for two days. Skeptical of putting this food into my body, I threw it in the trash.

Saturday morning: My second order, from the first credit, was delivered. The food was great and the recipes were easy to follow.

However, I was never reimbursed as I was told by Plated customer service on Thursday evening. Also the meals are not worth the $72. I only tried this because of the $24 deal I received.

I was extremely disappointed in the lack of customer service I received from Plated. This company lacks integrity and's no wonder they're handing out meals.

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