Colder weather often leads to dry skin. While the cracked lips and wind rashed skin is bothersome, it can be prevented and treated.

1. Find the right moisturizer. Just because one works for you in the summer does not mean it will work in the winter. Find one that is oil-based because it creates more protection and retains more moisture. However, be sure it is a non clogging oil such as primrose oil or avocado oil.

2. Use a humidifier. (This one is my favorite!) When we have the heater turned up high, it feels great, but dries out the skin. Use a humidifier to prevent the skin from drying out. For an extra benefit, add lemon essential oil to the humidifier for an antibacterial effect during flu season.

3. Turn down the water temperature. A hot shower or bath feels great on a cold night, but it breaks down the lipid barrier in the skin that retains moisture. Be sure to take a lukewarm rinse and apply lotion immediately after to lock in moisture.

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