I'm back this week with my questions regarding last night's episode of The Bachelor. As boring as this season is, I am still watching it. I am trying to switch up my Bachelor related posts (like last week) and get some previous Bachelor contestants on here. I am in talks with one so far and hope it works out. I am also happy to announce that my bestie and I took the plunge and are headed to Vegas in June for the Reality Steve Fan Appreciation Party. If you are a hardcore Bachelor franchise fan like me and enjoy his spoilers, be sure to check out his site for all the information.

1.) Is Taylor on this show as a form of research for her thesis paper or something?

2.) If her emotional intelligence is so high, why is she on The Bachelor?

3.) If her emotional intelligence is so high, why does she have to keep reminding us that her emotional intelligence is so high?

4.) How is Raven already in love with Nick?

5.) Between the nanny, dear diary entries, and tattling on Taylor for "basically calling her stupid," is Corinne a modern day Billy Madison?

6.) How do you make a voodoo doll specific to a person? I'm asking for a friend....

7.) What is with all the "To Be Continued..." this season? What happened to the good old fashioned layout of ending each episode with a rose ceremony?


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