I had to prep it the night before by letting my family know and posting my online Bible study for the following day. When I woke up in the morning my immediate thought was to check my phone. However, I resisted the urge. As the morning went on I needed to work out. However it was so windy out that I could not go outside because I knew I would end up with a sinus headache. I gave myself a pass to use my computer for BeachBody On Demand and did Country Heat. A couple hours later I checked my phone and had several text messages. I guess I have done this to myself by constantly being on my phone and responding so quickly to peoples messages that I feel obligated to respond instead of ignoring them. Later in the afternoon, I went with my parents to the mall. This was the week of Christmas and extremely overwhelming for me. I realized how difficult it was to split up from them at the mall without having my cell phone. When I got home, I realized I rely on television and cell phone games to detach from the chaos of life. I spent a lot of my free time during the day working on a puzzle.

While I did not survive the day 100% technology free, it made me realize that I am in need of an occasional break from being at other people's beck and call, scrolling through Instagram, and upping my lives in Candy Crush, and I encourage you to do the same.

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