I have never been so unexcited for a season of The Bachelor. I feel like Nick has had his fair share of chances to find love via Chris Harrison and I don't think his history of crashing and burning will change much this time around. However, just because I am not excited for the season, doesn't mean I won't be watching the train wreck.

In it's premiere night we were promised by Chris Harrison that this would be "a season unlike anything you've ever seen before." Doesn't he always say that? While it was a super basic episode, there were a couple funny things that went on.

1. Whitney Bischoff tweeted "Why is Chris giving advice?" Wow girl. For someone who is now "happily" engaged to another man, the shade is real.

2. Speaking of Chris giving advice, when him, Ben, and Sean are giving advice to Nick, they're seen at a bar in Westlake Village called Bogie's. Little does The Bachelor disclose that this is locally known as a cougar and swingers bar. I had a friend in college be offered a hefty amount of cash from an older woman at this bar to go home together. Maybe next season stick to man dates at Chick-Fil-A.

3. Alexis stepped out of the limo in a left shark costume. But she claimed she was a dolphin and ran around the house making dolphin noises. She was persistent on being classified as a dolphin. Poor thing.

4. Nick has already slept with one of the contestants. Liz was Jade Roper's maid of honor in her recent nuptials to Tanner Tolbert. That night she "danced on over to Nick" and then danced on up to his hotel room. When Liz stepped out of the limo, Nick gave her a look that said he should probably know her name, but can't remember from where.

5. Corinne has a nanny. Yes. She's 27. And she has her own nanny. I get having a personal assistant, especially since she is supposedly running a multimillion dollar company, but what does a nanny do for a grown adult? Peel the skin off her apple slices?

As far as the rest of this season, I will not be making predictions because I have already read on Reality Steve who wins. However, the girls I like are Christen, Liz, Sarah, Vanessa, and Rachel. I'll see you next week for another rose ceremony.


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