Personal Planner Review & Discount Code

With the holidays quickly approach, it means gift giving and a brand new year. For organizational freaks like me, it also means purchasing a brand new planner. Each year I go store to store struggling to find the perfect planner. I can never find anything that perfectly fits my needs. I always have so many crazy things going on that I need a planner that can fit it all, yet is still compact enough to fit in my purse. Cue Personal Planner.

This year I won’t have to spend hours and days looking for a planner to keep 2015 organized. I was able to visit and customize a planner to fit my every need. The options are endless. The cover can be whichever colors you choose, or better yet, a photo of your choice. You can design the days to fit your life. For me, this includes the daily to-do as well as workouts, meal plans, and goals for the week. It also has blank pages in the bank for doodling or note taking, as well as sudoku puzzles. All of these I chose to add. Other options include daily weather report, exam schedules, graphs, music sheets, maps, and coloring pages.

For those of you interested in purchasing a Personal Planner, which I HIGHLY recommend, visit Use the coupon code D-UPFE-UUHC to get 15% before November 23rd. If you order, be sure to let me know what you think of it! This is the perfect gift for friends, family, and yourself!

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