Happiness Project Update

Another month! The year is almost over and the final two months are often a whirlwind for many. Holidays, traveling, ends of semesters, family visits, and many memories tapped into. November for me is a month of gratitude. Each post will include three things I am grateful for and I encourage you to share your gratitude with others. Today I am thankful for my Heavenly Father, my brother, Chris, and my sister-in-law, Sara. These three people have gotten me through a very difficult and emotional couple of months.

Following along with Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project, October I focused on my attitude. I tried to laugh more, be polite, and be positive. As I put my focus on having an attitude of gratitude, I found myself more drawn to praying for guidance. God gave me a beautiful life...what isn't there to be positive about!?

This month my focus in The Happiness Project is on self control. This includes being the bigger person, thinking before I speak, sticking to my budget (a very difficult task for me that will be touched on a bit in tomorrow's book club,) not overindulging in sweets, (Albertson's cookies got me bad!) praying daily, and trying to appropriately resolve conflicts. Self control is my biggest struggle amongst the fruits of the spirit. This is not a task I will be able to get through without help from my Lord.

Which fruit of the spirit do you need to work on?

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