5 TV Characters I'd Date

Off I go to a taping of Home & Family with my mom, so Makeup Monday is going live Tuesday, and a random Tuesday post is going up on Monday. I hope y'all don't mind the switch up!

While rewatching the Gilmore Girls series for the fourth time, I started thinking about what a gem Luke Danes is and how if he was a real life person, I would be smitten. This love for Luke Danes turned into dreaming about what other fictional characters I would date...

1.) Nathan Scott (One Tree Hill): He's a baddy on the surface, but a genuinely good guy. His love for Haley, even after she kissed Chris Keller, is unreal. Regardless of what Nate goes through, he always came out on top.

2.) Seth Cohen (The OC): The cutest dork of all time and his undying love for Summer...gah! Chrismukkah anyone!?

3.) Luke Danes (Gilmore Girls): Backwards hat, flannel, and sarcasm please!

4.) Kevin MacArthur (The League): Kevin & Jenny = Relationship Goals! I've already got the Jenny thing down...

5.) Adam Demamp (Workaholics): I didn't say it had to be more than one date! He's adorable and charming. A night out with him would be full of belly laughs and absurdity.

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