The Cookie Department Review

It’s Workout Wednesday! Today I’m telling you all about a healthy cookie company called The Cookie Department. For those of you who know me on a personal level, you know that I might as well be the Cookie Monster. I can eat a bag of Albertson’s Fresh-Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies in one sitting if given the chance. And there are 24 cookies in the bag. I love them. Now I can enjoy my love for cookies without the guilt. They taste like they’re homemade and feature ingredients that benefit your health.

There are six different flavors:
1.) Awaken Baked- (Espresso Cookie) contains organic coffee & sea salt. I’m not usually a fan of espresso flavor, but this tasted good and had a perfect amount of caffeine to get my day going.
2.)Tough Cookie- (Protein Cookie) contains peanut butter, protein, & sea salt. Designed for a post-workout meal, gives extra strength for the day. A healthy cookie? OKAY.
3.) Great Full- (Sweet Potato Cookie) contains sweet potato, cranberry, and oatmeal. Vegan. High in antioxidants. Holiday type of cookie.
4.) Chocolate Chip Nookie- (Maca Cookie) contains maca, chocolate chips, and sea salt. Believed to increase vitality.
5.) Cherry Bomb- (Probiotic Cookie) contains cherries, chocolate, and ganeden BC30. Gluten-free....the way to be! A little too rich for me.
6.) Snap Back- (Ginger Detox Cookie) contains ginger, cayenne, and black strap molasses. AKA the hangover cookie. This thing is delicious. When I finished I wanted another one. I didn’t take it hungover, so I can’t verify the truth behind that. However, the natural detoxifying ingredients sound like they’ll work.

I love The Cookie Department, but these cookies can be high in calories. They trick you with a serving being only half a cookie. For those of you interested in trying these, visit your local Whole Foods, Abes Market, or check out!

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