Makeup Monday: Updated Skincare Routine & Giveaway #7 (CLOSED)

As I'm sure many of you know from reading my blog, I've struggled with acne since high school. I feel like I've tried everything under the sun and nothing helps. It's caused me a lot of anxiety and depression, especially in recent months. 

Last week at work, a woman came in and told me she had something for my face that helped her and she felt would help me. I was really taken aback. I didn't know who this woman was or why she would bring up my face. It made me feel more insecure knowing that my 18 pounds of makeup I wear daily wasn't hiding my skin problem and that it was clearly noticeable to others. It made me self conscious thinking that the only thing people notice about me is my terrible skin. Then I realized, she understands my struggle and she just wants to help me feel better about myself.

I've started a new skin care routine this week and have already seen drastic results. I know my skin isn't going to become perfect over night, but there are actions I can take to make it the best it can possibly be for me at this time. 

Here is my routine:

-Clinique Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam
-Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion
-Melaleuca (made by a friend, can be bought though)
-Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector
-Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20

That being said.....
giveaway #7 is a Clinique Acne Solutions Clear Skin System Starter Kit!!
It includes the cleansing foam, clarifying lotion, and all over clearing treatment. ($36 value)
 To enter:
1.) Follow my blog.
2.) Follow my Instagram: catedimmitt
3.) Comment below with a question you have for me. (I will be doing a post with 20 questions!)

Giveaway ends July 11 at 6pm PST.



  1. First of all I HAVE BEEN DYING TO BUY THESE!!!! DYING!!! because your skin looks so great I have to have these loll
    My question for you is : Do you feel like clinique is one of the better sets of acne solutions vs proactive?
    Another question (Just incase): What is your favorite brand of makeup to wear and why? and who is your favorite designer of purses?

  2. Hello! Thank you so much for the giveaway. For a person who has suffered with acne - but even worse, acne scarring. I could really use a great line of beauty skin care to help with that. I JUST started using Clinique's CC Cream and I am more than satisfied with the results! It would mean the world to try this skin line. So I thank you for the opportunity. So my question is, how did you learn a lot of what you know about makeup and skin care? Also, if you had to stick to only 1 brand (skincare & makeup) for the rest of your life, what would it be? And also a fun question is What product are you hoping to buy next? Anything in mind that you've seen?

    - Lauren (Gmail: LKCMSU1991. Instagram: Barcelauren)

  3. I suffer from acne & have tried clinique before but never this set! I am constantly looking for new products that will help my skin! How do you feel about this particular set? And what product or treatment has helped your skin the most in the past?

  4. I have had so much acne in the past that I have felt ashamed to leave my house. I felt as if everyone was staring at my acne every time I would be out with friends. My skin is also rather oily and dry. It is a weird combination. What would you recommend that I do to balance out my skin and create a glow? also, what products have helped you overcome your acne in the past? I have tried thousands of products with no luck and I would really love your opinion.