This week was a whirlwind of life. I finally hit my original goal weight and have officially lost 20 pounds since January 1. It's been difficult, but being exposed to Diet Bet has changed the way I look at my eating, exercise, and mental health. The people in the bets I'm currently a part of are so supportive and I couldn't have reached this goal without the extra push and motivation from kind strangers. I worked more than full time this week and spent a lot of time with my grandma. Overall it was a productive week, which naturally means there was NO relaxation. 
Check out some of the highlights of my week in the vlog below:

This week's challenge is for you to be the best possible version of yourself. What this means varies person by person. For me this week, it will mean sticking to my meal plans, exercise plan, not complaining, and helping my mom out with whatever will bring her stress level down. It also will mean that I will stick to my guns, follow my heart, and give myself ME time.

Now it's GIVEAWAY time!

Last week's winners:

Michael's Gift Card: Megan Thompson
Clinique Kit: Chantelle Phillips
Chai Fizzie Powder: Emma Hopp

Please send me a DM on Twitter @kickbackwithcat with your mailing address.



  1. I am going to be my best self this week by focusing on every person I meet's positive qualities, and complimenting them on them. A personal question I have for you is what is your biggest personal goal for the rest of this year?

  2. I am going to be the best person I can be by being more productive with my family and by focusing on my goals! My question is how do you find happiness?

  3. I am going to send encouraging words to someone everyday and make sure everyone smiles ! Personal question for you is how do you overcome insecurities?

  4. I'm going to be my best self by enjoying the simple things in long walks on the beach, and a glass of scotch. My question for you is would you like to live in Southern California forever, and if not, why would you ever want to leave such a heavenly place?

  5. I'm going to be my best self this week by putting others first. a question I have is are you dating anyone

  6. I am going to be my best self by not bringing others down but only building them up. I will not judge someone because I feel 'superior' to them when in fact I have no idea where they have been. My question to you is: How did you lose 20 pounds in 7 months??