Transformation Tuesday: Diet Bet (CLOSED)

I first heard about Diet Bet back in April, when Shay Carl was doing a Shay Loss challenge directed at his followers. Participants have to lose 4% of their body weight in 4 weeks. That sounded like a lot and that was way too much work for a fatty like me. I got back on the Diet Bet website in June and saw that you didn’t have to be invited, you could join a random group. As a total tight wad, I decided I would join. I wanted my $20 buy in back (and then some) so I knew it would keep me committed. I joined and I won. But it wasn’t always that easy.

Growing up I was always very skinny. In high school I was thirty pounds lighter than I currently am and looking back at pictures I find myself appearing disturbingly unhealthy then. I would eat an apple for lunch and then whatever my family was having for dinner. When I did eat a lot, it was absolute junk, such as a whole bag of potato chips or a box of mac n cheese at 11 o clock at night. I thought this was okay since I appeared skinny. After quitting the track and cheer team, I put on weight, but still looked very skinny.

I started college at 118 pounds. I finished my sophomore year out at a solid 147 pounds. I had partied too hard, stopped working out, and eaten the greasy, readily available dorm food. I hated the person I looked at in the mirror, but I dealt with my lack of confidence by eating more and drinking more.

After finally deciding I needed help, I stopped drinking and started focusing on my own happiness. I lost 7 pounds within a month. I soon got off track and gained the weight back. In the 2 years since then I’ve gained the weight, lost the weight, gained the weight, and lost it again. This time I’ve lost the weight, but refuse to put it back on. That’s something I never did previously when losing the weight.

I also accepted the fact that the scale name isn’t that important. I’m not the 118 I was when I went away to college. And I never will be if I want to be healthy. When I started college I looked like I hadn’t hit puberty yet. I had an A cup. Seemingly overnight while away at school, my boobs grew along with my belly, thighs, and cheeks. I assumed it was all fat, but after losing the weight, I realize I was just a late bloomer. I can’t weigh 118 again simply because I carry other weight (healthily) in new places.

The financial commitment of the Diet Bet was what got me from quitting, but it is my own personal strength that has kept me going. I refuse to have to put my fat jeans on again. Some days I have an extra cookie. Some days I indulge in too much television and skip my run. And that’s okay! Losing weight isn’t about the number on the scale, it’s about your level of happiness and confidence.

I encourage everyone to decide how they can become their happiest and healthiest. If you need an extra boost, joining Diet Bet is a great way to do it. The people involved become great friends and amazing supporters in a short 4 week period. When you are having a rough day, they push you. They’ve been the ones to get me on the treadmill after so many long tiring days. But I couldn’t have done it if I didn’t truly want it and wasn’t ready for it.

That being said, would y’all be interested in doing a “Kick Back With Cate” family diet bet? It would consist of 4 weeks of us all pushing and supporting each other to become the best versions of ourselves. The buy in would be $20 and if you lose 4% of your body weight you get all your money back, plus you split the money of those who didn’t with everyone who did. I would do personal giveaways for all involved in the Diet Bet. Comment below if you are interested!



  1. Ahhhh I've been wanting to try this. My biggest internal struggle is knowing I shouldn't do something and doing it anyway

  2. My biggest internal struggle is having the confidence to wear shorts when I workout or dealing with people who are mean

  3. My biggest internal struggle is the constant conflict of what i want more: stuff my face with junk food or look like a super model? It's really challenging.

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  5. My biggest internal struggle is knowing that I have been in better shape and can do it easily but actually getting out there and doing it. I do much better when I have a gym buddy or someone pushing me...maybe I should get in on this challenge :)

  6. My biggest internal struggle is food. I love eating whatever I fee like eating and its tough because most of the time its incredibly unhealthy. Its very hard for me to eat healthy but I also want to look good and be happy with my body.

  7. My biggest internal struggle is working out. I know I need to but I get lazy