#throwbacktag (CLOSED)

I love doing tag posts & videos, so in honor of #throwbackthursday, I'm doing the Throwback Tag! I tag each and everyone of you to follow suit and do the throwback tag on your own blogs and YouTube channels. Here we go....
1.) What year were you born?
2.) Do you have any pictures of yourself when you were younger? If so, post them here.
3.) What TV Shows did you watch growing up?
7th Heaven, Full House, Lizzie McGuire
4.) What did you want to be when you grew up and do you still want to be that?
A teacher & a mommy....teacher I'm not so sure about, but being a mom is still my number 1 dream job.
5.)Show a video of yourself when you were younger.
Y'all will have to wait until next weeks life video for that :)
6.)What were your favorite toys to play with?
Polly pockets & American Girl dolls
7.)What's the most embarrassing thing you can remember doing?
I can't remember...which I guess is good.
8.)Read something that you wrote when you were in Kindergarten.
One time I was really mad was when....."I thot my brother Ryan stell my 50 cent."
9.)Three songs you loved to listen to as a child.
Aaron's Party (Come Get It) by Aaron Carter, Love Shack by the B-52s, and Bye, Bye, Bye by NSYNC
10.) What was one funny thing you dressed up as for Halloween?
11.) Tell a funny story of something you remember happening as a child.
When I was two years old I climbed into the (unlit) fireplace to rescue a Happy Meal Power Rangers watch.
12.) Are there any special things you've kept from when you were a child?
Try everything. I've inherited my mother's hoarding ability.
13.) What was something weird you used to do as a child?
I started making To-Do Lists in kindergarten...I haven't quite stopped.
14.)What's the scariest thing that happened to you when you were younger?
My best friend Jenna and I witnessed a ghost once when we were younger and having a sleepover. We were probably four or five and I know for a fact we both saw the ghost outside the window.
15.)How is the world now different from what it was like when you were a child?
There is a lot more technology. I think kids are maturing a lot faster which scares me a lot, especially for my future children and there generation. A lot more access to information and things now at a much faster rate.


  1. How did you handle the biggest lose in your life thus far? What do you look for in a man?

  2. How do you fight junk food cravings? What are you reading right now since you finished fault in our stars?

  3. Two questions to answer is: do you judge people based on first appearance ? Would you ever dye your hair red?