Dream Board & Giveaway #2 (CLOSED)

I first heard about dream boards from my old roommate Emily. Her sister had created one in college, cutting photos from magazines and putting them all on a board, of things she dreamed to have in her life. She put actresses she admired, material items she wanted, and a certain amount of money.

The idea behind the dream board is that by creating this board and visualizing these objects you desire everyday helps the dream become a reality. Clearly it worked because Emily's sister is now on a hit primetime sitcom, guest co-hosts morning talk shows, and has hosted awards shows.

I've had my own success with dream boards, although not as extravagant. I once created a dream board with a Michael Kors watch on it. The next day....it was gifted to me. After graduating college and being unsure of what I wanted in the coming weeks, months, and years, I started cutting out photos in magazines. This time I included quotes, not just photographs.

Tacky & Simple, but trust me it works!

Today's giveaway is....


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