Today is a day our nation honors the life of Martin Luther King Jr. Our country has come a long way since he fought with honor, grace, and dignity to have a country free of racial discrimination. While I believe that the United States still has a long way to go before race is not a factor with any aspect of life, it is unfathomable to think how the generations before us lived. People of different cultures were unable to share meals, bathrooms, and water fountains, but because of one man's fight, we are able to mold our worlds into one. 

However, Martin Luther King Jr.'s fight went beyond racial freedom. He fought for a nation with kind hearts, peaceful leaders, and unity. 

Here is what some of our readers are doing for others:

"I am aware that each person is going through their own battles that we have no clue about."

"I volunteer my time to serve those less fortunate in my community."

"I give back to others without them knowing. Something small, but meaningful."

"We make dinner and clean the house every other week for a family whose mom has cancer."

"I like to turn peoples' days into brighter ones. Whether it's a simple compliment on their outfit or offering to buy their drink at Starbucks." 

What are you doing to spread Dr. King's dream?


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