Juice Beauty The Organic Solution Green Peel Sensitive Review

I received a jar of Juice Beauty The Organic Solution Green Peel Sensitive in the winter Fab Fit Fun box. 

The first time I tried it I thought my face was being torched off, but I haven't had that the feeling since. I have been using it twice a week for two weeks and am in love with the results. This is especially great for my dull, flaky winter skin. It isn't greasy and has helped improve my skin texture and discoloration. 

The only thing that bothered me is that it is not an actual peel. The product has to be washed off the face instead of peeled off. I think Juice Beauty should market it as a mask instead of a peel, although it does have the same results of doing a peel.

While using peel                                                                     After using peel

A chemical peel at a dermatologist office usually costs about $100. However, this jar costs $39. I would highly recommend it to people suffering from dry, flaky skin or people with texture they are unhappy with.

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