A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Your First Blog

 A Step by Step Guide to Setting Up Your First Blog

A blog can be very handy. You might want to create a blog for your company to establish yourself as an authority in your sector or connect more with your clientele. You could want to start a personal blog to discuss a topic that is important to you, or even to promote so that you can earn a solid passive income. Whatever your motivation, if you want to create a blog, you'll need to know how – here's a step-by-step tutorial to get you started.


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Pick A Name 

Your blog will need a memorable name in order for others who want to read it to remember it. It should be a name that defines what the blog is about so that others can decide whether or not it is appropriate for them.


If you already have a company website, you can skip this step; the blog will appear under the original name of the website, provided you use the same website to host it.


Register The Blog 

Once you've decided on a name for your blog, you'll need to register it and host it. You can do this in various ways, including selecting a particular blogging service, such as WordPress or Blogger, and following their 'wizard' to assist you with putting all the parts of your blog online together. You can also purchase your URL from one of the numerous web companies that sell it and obtain your hosting somewhere else, searching for a good WordPress host to help you.


Your decision will be influenced chiefly by what else you want to do with the site. Blogging systems can be relatively restricted, but WordPress has evolved much over the years, and you could manage a whole eCommerce website on this platform if that is what you want to do.


Customize The Blog

Once you've settled on a hosting plan and purchased or signed up for everything you need, you'll need to modify the blog to make it uniquely yours. The simplest method is to use one of the several free templates accessible online. You could be fortunate enough to discover one that is a perfect fit for your topic and how you want your site to appear. Otherwise, you'll have to tinker with the template until it meets your vision.


If you don't find any themes you like, contact a web designer to create one for you. The benefit is that it will be completely unique and precisely what you desire.


Write The Blog

The next step must be to create your first blog. Your niche can be about whatever you like, and since you'll have decided on it ahead of time (due to the requirement to select a name and template design), you should have some ideas for what to write about. If not, browse online for things that interest you and put your own spin on them.


In order for your blog to get recognized, you will need to post regularly, which can be time demanding, particularly if you already have a full-time job. As a result, when you do have time to write, try to write more than one blog. That way, even if you don't have time to write, you'll always have at least one to publish.


Hate Being In The Kitchen? Here's How To Find New Love For It

 Being in the kitchen can get boring after a while, can’t it? After all there’s only so much cooking you can do before you run out of enthusiasm for taste and flavor, and even just the thought of standing over the stove again in there can make your feet hurt. 

But the kitchen is such a lovely room in the home, especially if you’ve just had it renovated! It’s where you feed your family, and you’ve had a lot of laughs in there over the years, and cooking can be such a hearty and beneficial activity for the whole family. And because of this, we’ve listed some ideas below to help you find new love for getting back in there! 

Pexels Image - CC0 Licence

Host Some Dinner Parties

Dinner parties are always a lot of fun! So, to encourage a new love for your kitchen, why not host a few more in there? If you’ve got a kitchen island and some bar stools, or room to move the dining table in, this is a great way to make cooking your hobby again. 

Invite the guests over early so they can take part in the cooking, and you can stand around with glasses in your hands whilst having a laugh! Put some music on, dance around, and make sure there’s a lit candle or two on display as well. 

Try Out Some New Recipes

New recipes can be exciting, and trying out dishes you’ve never been quite comfortable cooking in the past is a great way to boost your love of being in the kitchen. Think of it all as a big experiment - who cares about the outcome, you’re having fun! 

So cook up a storm with new recipes like swedish meatballs with frozen meatballs - all you need to do is dig out your freezer a little and see what’s left in there. Use up the food you have, make something new, and see if you manage to catch a bit more cooking fever whilst you’re at it. 

Get Others to Pitch in!

Maybe your hatred of the cooking comes from all the cleaning up you have to do? Don’t worry, we can do something about this as well - just get someone else to do it! Of course it’s not always as simple as that, but if you’ve got kids and they don’t really do much, you can always get them to start taking up chores to help around the house. 

It’s good practice for them, if nothing else. So make sure they’re loading the dishwasher, or washing up after you’ve cooked up a storm. Show them how to get on, and then sit down and relax - you’ve earned this! If you need to entice them to get involved, make sure there’s some music on as they go or turn it into a game. 

Being in the kitchen doesn’t have to be boring and tiring. Have a bit more fun in there and you’ll soon love cooking for the family again.