I love coffee. Plain and simple. I enjoy it for the taste, the warm and fuzzy feeling it gives me, and the  way it gives me confidence and energy to accomplish the tasks of my day. However, I often get tired around 2 or 3pm and having a cup of coffee around that time means I will have difficulty falling asleep that night.

Viter Energy Caffeinated Mints are helpful in giving me my afternoon boost while not making me jittery or have a crash. These mints leave your breath feeling fresh, while also giving you full control over your energy level. Two mints has the same amount of caffeine as a small cup of coffee and also includes Vitamin B and Folate.

These mints come in five different flavors: spearmint, wintergreen, cinnamon, chocolate mint, and peppermint. My favorite is cinnamon, with wintergreen in a close second. The spearmint was strong for me, but certainly left my breath feeling cleaner than it's felt since going to the dentist last month!

If you are looking for a way to give yourself an energy boost that is under your full control, doesn't give you a crash, and doesn't keep you up at night, I highly recommend checking out Viter Energy.

Warning: Do not exceed 5 servings of Viter Energy per hour or 10 servings of Viter Energy per day. A serving is one mint. Do not take if you are pregnant, nursing, under 18 years of age, or sensitive to caffeine. Be sure to check with a doctor before using if you have any concerns about consumption.

FTC Disclosure: Viter Energy sent me these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are true and my own.



Summer is historically everyone’s favorite time of school, warm days at the pool, staying out late with friends. However, based on studies from Psychology Today, 1% of Americans dread the summer, just like me. Summer has always been a rough time for me and it helps knowing I am not alone!

Reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder is a disorder that occurs for affected individuals during the summer due to modulation in melatonin production. It can be triggered by the increase in sunlight exposure or the shift in schedule and sleep patterns. This modulation in melatonin production can lead to a risk of depression and anxiety.

As someone who thrives with structure and routine, summer can be difficult! I feel uneasy knowing my days aren’t scheduled out with places to be and work to do. However, with the help of my amazing coach from Blush Online, last summer I was able to finally knock my disdain for summer, at least just slightly!

Here are some tips I learned that made last summer run smoothly and actually have me excited for this summer!

  1. Anticipate it’s arrival and come up with an action plan before it is too late. People who struggle in the summer typically have this problem each year. Being self aware and trying to get to the root of why you have a hard time in summer will help you to turn it around. For example, summer is hard for me because I thrive on schedules and routine. However, during the summer as a student and now as a teacher, my summer is very open. I try to fill my summer with a part time job, a class, or a lot of activities to handle this.
  2. Stick to a schedule and routine. I create a schedule each week and further each day. I have things I need to complete and set goals, even if basic things. For example, even for days I have nothing going on, I will schedule things outside of the house, even if it is a thirty minute walk around the block or going to the grocery store. By having a routine for each day, I am able to keep the consistency and comfort I have during the rest of the year, allowing me to rewire my dislike for summer.
  3. Don’t be afraid to say no, but still spend time with others. If going to the beach or a pool party isn’t your thing, say no! Don’t feel like you have to join in just because it is a common expectation to attend those things during summer. If going to an air conditioned movie is more your jam, try to set that up with a friend instead. Even though the typical summer social events may not be best for you, it is still vital to surround yourself with supportive friends so that you don’t fall further into a depression.
  4. Exercise. Exercise releases endorphins. Haven’t you watched Legally Blonde? I truly believe exercise is what kept me going last summer. I would schedule a workout almost everyday during the week. On  hot days when I did not want to be outside, I would go to an indoor spin class or walk on the treadmill at the gym. This is another good opportunity to stick to a routine and schedule. Exercise increases your energy, creative flow, helps you sleep better, and typically makes people happier.

I hope these tips help you this summer in the event that you have a case of the summertime blues! If you are doing anything exciting this summer, please leave a comment below!