Michael Sam is gay....so what?

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated

In February 2014, University of Missouri defensive end, Michael Sam, told press that he was gay. When he was drafted by the St. Louis Rams in May's NFL Draft, Sam became the first openly gay player in the National Football League. Some say that Sam is making history, but I say so what?

By giving so much press on the fact that there is a gay athlete, it makes being gay seem further like a taboo. The media focuses so much on people coming out, but if it wasn't such a big deal, maybe more people would do it. The day after Michael Sam came out, the world was still spinning. He woke up the next day and kept living the same way he had been his whole life, just a little more freely. If being gay wasn't such a stigma in today's society, Sam never would have had to make the decision to come out of the closet. It could've been a casual thing known throughout his whole life. I date guys, so does he. WHO THE HELL CARES? We should recognize Sam for all his hard work on and off the field. Few people know him as the 2013 Cotton Bowl MVP, but many know him for being gay. Is that where our focus should be? I'm not known for being straight, so why should we allow his sexual preference to define him?

Don't get me wrong, I think that Sam did a brave thing in today's society, but I wish our society wasn't in a state that it is such a major news breaking event when an athlete comes out. I pray that other athletes, musicians, and public figures follow in Sam's footsteps. Fight the stigma. There is nothing shameful about being gay. And I'm saying that as a straight, Christian, woman. Let's make gay normal. If a guy likes a girl, if a guy likes a guy, if a girl likes a girl, WHO CARES. Is it harming you because Michael Sam is gay? No. So let him and others not have to worry about coming out. Embrace everyone with open arms regardless of who they love.

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