Living Life Through A Lens

"Who knew this could lead to a dream I never knew I had? I can't believe I ever could want something so bad....When life's worth living, it's worth recording."

The past six months on the blog have opened so many doors for me and I can already tell so many more opportunities are waiting to unravel before my eyes this year. I started this blog six months ago as an outlet to vent my thoughts on post grad life. I didn't imagine it would turn into a career for me. I never even dreamed of blogging as a career and turning it into an opportunity to write a book, but here I am taking it for what it is day by day, wondering when I'm going to wake up from this dream.

Here's a look at the best moments of the past year of my life.

In the past year I've become certified to substitute teach, gone to tons of concerts (my favorite being Eric Church & Kenny Chesney), fed a giraffe, turned 21, hosted Inside CLU Sports, attended my last #LuBall game as a student, watched my big brother graduate college, learned the definition of love through a miracle baby, received my diploma, caught up with childhood friends, become dedicated to my health, became an aunt, and graduated college! WHAT A YEAR!

Here's to the next year & so many more dreams I didn't even know I had.


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