NLA For Her: Shred For Her Review

NLA For Her Shred for Her All Natural Ultra Concentrated Thermogenic Fat Burner

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Before taking Shred For Her, I was against thermogenics. I thought they were unnatural and unhealthy for your body. After hearing Carlie Stylez' review on the product and taking to a friend who is a personal trainer and works in a vitamin shop, I decided to give them a fair try. The reason I decided to try this specific product was because it was natural. It contains green tea, raspberry ketones, caffeine, citrus aurantium extract, and ursolic acid. It elevates energy, increases fat loss, and supports appetite control. 

The green tea extract is a natural antioxidant that contributes to weight loss, lowers cholesterol, decreases inflammation, helps prevent oxidation, and slows the aging of cells. The raspberry ketones break up fat cells and regulates metabolism. The caffeine lifts mood, energy level, and if taken before workout, it increases the workout. (I found that I can NOT drink any caffeine during the day on days I take Shred For Her. It makes me a hot, jittery mess.) The citrus aurantium extract increases resting heart rate and generates body heat. The ursolic acid reduces fat storage, increases energy reserve in muscles and contributes to lean muscle mass. 

The product works if you do too. It's not a magic weight loss pill. It can help you lose the extra couple pounds you can't seem to shake if you're willing to eat healthy and put in time at the gym. It amplifies my energy, helping me grind a little harder at the gym, and increases my sweat. I find it best to take it for 2 days, then skip 1 day. My body gets used to pills and medications fast, and I like to keep my body in shock. I take a pill in the morning when I first wake up and then take one a few hours later in the day. It took me a couple days to figure out the latest I could take the second pill without being up all night due to caffeine and energy increase. 

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Happy Workouts :)

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