Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest

Hi I'm Cate and I'm addicted to Pinterest.....HI CATE.

Today you'll get a look inside my Pinterest boards & my FAVORITE pin on each board. Go follow me on Pinterest and you'll see where I get all my creative blunder.

Board 1. Dream Wedding.
I've always wanted a purple wedding and this post has every purple touch possible!

Board 2. Home Is Where The Heart Is.
This is up next on my craft list. Perfect for the Dimmitt household.

Board 3. Outfit Ideas.
Cute workout for the summer and 100% my style.

Board 4. Cooking With Cate. (Things on this board get deleted after I make them, just so you know.)
Crispy Chicken & Creamy Italian Sauce with Bowtie Pasta

Board 5. Baby B! This board is full of cute baby stuff for my future nugget whose name I already have in the back of my head, hence the B.
No explanation necessary.

Board 6. Craftermath.
Cute gift idea for housewarming or Mother's Day.

Board 7. Team America.
Cute mantle display for Memorial Day or the 4th of July.

I've got a million more boards filled with recipes & workouts, so go check them out. Happy Wednesday. Love & hugs. XOX


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