July Favorites!

July was an eventful month! I saw Dierks Bentley play at the Greek in LA, I celebrated my Mom's 60th with my whole family in Denver, I managed to giveaway gifts to all you awesome people for 25 straight days, and I won my first Diet Bet! However, I'm glad this month is over. Work was rough the past couple weeks and I have a fantastic feeling about August....mainly because I get to go to BeautyCon! Woopwoop! Here are my favorites for this month.

beauty product: Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation...y'all have heard me rant and rave about the greatness of all things Clinique. I should be the face of Clinique by this point. I can't stress enough how amazing they are. To have my 60 year old mom use their products and only their products since she started wearing makeup in her late 20s shows what a great company they are.

tv show: Cedar Cove...my parents and I got hooked on the Hallmark channel show on Netflix. We're just about done with season 1 and will have to play catch up on the currently airing season 2. It's a wholesome family friendly television shows--something you don't see much of these days.

book: The Fault In Our Stars....check out my July 15th post...tears included.

song: You Should See Her When She's On by Chris Young....can't believe I got to see this guy live and he didn't even play my favorite song! :(

time: Dierks Bentley concert

purchase: Minnetonkas...the one year old I watch started a fashion trend. I followed. Can't wait to rock those bad boys all winter long (If LA even sees a winter this year!)

Here's to an awesome August!
What are your plans for this month?

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