Happiness Project & Giveaway #1 (CLOSED)

As part of quest for happiness, this past month I was trying to strengthen my relationship with my family.

I never thought it would be possible, but it was. I have never had a tight bond with my blood, but this month we all became closer. I think that moving my grandmother into assisted living has given me a new found appreciation for my mother. I've also been able to spend more time with my loved ones through this process.

Throughout June I lightened up, I sang at the top of my lungs, and I acknowledged other people's feelings. I talked so people would listen, and listened so people would talk. I wrote things down, I kept my mouth shut, and I asked for help when it was needed. I focused on the happy times and I identified small problems before they became big blow outs.

During July, my goal is to strengthen my friendships. Lately, I've fallen apart from friends as we've all gone our separate paths in life. I've struggled with who my true friends are and I want to devote more time to being a great friend and finding great friends. Stay throughout the month to see how it goes.

One of my favorite ways to catch up with friends is by grabbing coffee. In honor of this, my first "25 Days of Christmas in July" is a $10 Starbucks gift card!!



  1. I love going shopping with friends! Following you on twitter as @krose914 and following your blog! :)

    1. Thanks Kellie! Be sure to check back in on Sunday to see who wins :)