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The guys on this season of The Bachelorette haven't impressed me. Every season I'm able to pick the winner (or at least runner up) on the first night. This season, my streak is still intact because Josh M. is still around. I have a gut feeling he's going all the way. If he doesn't, I call dibs. The guys this season are so vanilla and make for B O R I N G tv.

Here's my order of my favorites, of all 25 this season, ranking from least to most snoozeworthy.

25. Nick V
This guy is a certifiable nut job. He's manipulative, and thinks he's strategic. Andi has fallen for his charm and good looks, thinking that he's so in love with her, but I think he's got serial killer eyes. I have a feeling he'll be in the final two, let's just hope she doesn't get stalked and murdered by him if he isn't the one to get down on one knee. If I hear one more time how we wants to be alone with His outfits make me want to slap the douchebag out of him.

24. Andrew
He's racist and flirted with other females off camera. If he was there for Andi, he wouldn't have been picking up on the waitresses out at dinner. This isn't 1954, so referring to Marquel as "blackie" doesn't fly. He may have found it funny, but no one was laughing. BYE FELICIA.

23. Eric
I know I should rank him higher because he passed away while the show was still being filmed in a tragic accident and the season was dedicated to him, but Eric just rubbed me the wrong way. He rudely attacked Andi, accusing her of being fake. I'm glad she didn't waste a rose ceremony on him.

22. Jason
Who the hell is Jason?

21. Rudie
Rudie went home in the first episode, so I really know nothing about the guy. He has creepy eyes and seemed old. I would've sent him home week one too.

20. Patrick
Another guy who I know nothing about. I'm surprised he made it to the 5th episode, but was not surprised he went home. Handsome dude, but yawn.

19. Josh B.
This guy was WAY too devastated when he got sent home. It was the first week. Tears don't need to be shed over a woman you've known for three hours.

18. Bradley
Creepy opera singer. No other words.

17. Nick S.
Creepy killer eyes. I know nothing about the guy. I can see everything in these guys eyes though. Andi should have consulted me on night one.

16. Craig
Craig looks like a really annoying guy I had law class with in college. If I was Andi and any guy on the show drank the way Craig did, I'd send him packing before he was sober.

15. Carl
There's nothing I know about Carl except for that he's a firefighter, and that's enough for him to get a few points in my book. It was obvious in the first episode he would be the token boring guy to go home quick.

14. Steve
I don't remember who Steve is. Big impact he had on my heart.

13. Mike
Go away Bruce Jenner.

12. JJ
I'm sorry, but WHAT is a pantsapreneur?

11. Brett
He needs to come out of the closet. Andi was looking for love, not someone to do her nails and hair.

10. Cody
Cody meant well, he really did. He had a good heart, but he looks like he's pumped full of steroids. He got a tad creepy in the final episode as Andi was trying to send him home. She was crying and he STILL wouldn't stop talking.

9. Ron
I really liked Ron. He was handsome and kind, but every season has to have a guy who leaves because of "personal reasons." This season belonged to Ron. He left in the third season and I think he would've made it til at least episode 6 or 7.

8. Emil
Emily was so handsome! Those eyes, those muscles, mmmm. I never saw him going far, but I did expect him to last until the final 8 or so.

7. Marcus
I really don't have thoughts on Marcus. He's another one who flew under the radar this season, but his hometown strip tease creeped me out.

6. Brian
He's so sweet, handsome, and genuine. He seems a little immature though. The fact that he's afraid of pickles adds to his adorable factor. Overall I think Brian is a great guy, but Andi needs someone who is more take charge and has life figured out.

5. Marquel
What's not to love about the cookie monster? Marquel was a genuinely sweet guy who has a heart with a big capacity to love. He just didn't have the chemistry with Andi. He is what my friends would call a H.A.A.M. (Hot African American Male)

4. Dylan
Besides the fact that he looks like Lord Farquad from Shrek, Dylan is a good dude. He's had a rough life, but isn't letting it ruin his future. He has a good head on his shoulders, wants to start a family, be a great dad, and has a successful career.

3. Tasos
They didn't even give him a proper rose ceremony. What the heck! I thought Tasos was my kind of guy. He's charming, sweet, handsome, and fun. I'm not sure why Andi didn't want him, but if I ever move back to Denver, I call dibs.

2. Chris
I like me a cowboy! His secret admirer notes melted me heart, and I did not expect them to be from him. Watching his hometown date made me want to pack up all my stuff and move to Arlington, Iowa. However, Chris has DUI arrests on his record and that is something that would be a deal breaker and then some for me.

1. Josh M.
Josh is my dream man. He's beautiful, honest, family-oriented, sweet, charming, and the definition of perfect. His family bothered me a bit in the hometowns, but they grew on me once the conversation transferred from Aaron's pro day to Josh and Andi. I picked him in episode 1 to take the whole season, and I stand by this thought.

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  1. Well you already know Chris is my favorite...even though those DUI's break my heart...I liked Brian too even though I knew he wouldnt make it to the end

  2. JOSH M all the way is my favorite!! I love him!! He is such a great athletic baseball guy and iM hoping he will score the home run with andi !!

  3. My favorite was the high school basketball coach! I don't remember his name, but he was such a lil cutie! I also like marquel a bunch until he started crying about every little thing, and I was over it. ha

  4. Josh is defiantly my favorite! He is handsome, adorable and he seems like he would make such a great husband. I loved him from day one.