20 things you don't know about me & Giveaway #3 (CLOSED)

20 Things You Don't Know About Me

1.) My first crush was Lance Bass from NSYNC.
2.) I have a tattoo in the middle of my back. Most don't consider it a tattoo, but more like a permanent pen scratch because it's so small.
3.) I met Bradley Cooper once sitting next to him in traffic on the 405.
4.) My favorite president of all time is Ronald Reagan. His presidential library happens to be ten miles from my childhood home. I frequently went there on field trips in elementary school.
5.) I've colored my hair so many times that I no longer know what my natural  hair color is.
6.) I enjoy doing laundry.
7.) If I could go back in time, I would NOT major in communications. I love to write, but I don't need a college degree to chase that passion. If I could redo it I would've majored in geriatrics or sociology.
8.) My favorite Jamba Juice flavor is white gummy bear.
9.) My favorite Big Brother cast member of all time is Hayden Moss.
10.) My favorite food is mashed potatoes.
11.) My favorite TV mom is Lorelei Gilmore.
12.) I wish I could be an extreme couponer. I love the show, but I just don't have the time or patience.
13.) My favorite slurpee flavor is pina colada.
14.) My guilty pleasure is Laguna Beach reruns. I even owned a Team LC t-shirt in 7th grade. Thanks Hollister.
15.) I used to love red Gatorade until I threw it up once. Now I can't even look at the stuff.
16.) I'm a snuggler.
17.) I like to put cheetoes on my tuna sandwiches.
18.) I hate being called Katie. My high school bully found this out and it used it against me to add to the torment. Thanks a lot JD. (I had once posted his name here, but then decided not to give him the satisfaction of googling searching his name and him knowing all the hell he put me through in high school.)
19.) I love the feeling I get when I people at my work wait for me to finish with another customer just so they can say hello and see how I've been.
20.) I went to so many Michael's Craft Stores while planning my oldest brothers wedding that I couldn't set foot in one until a solid year after him and his wife said I Do.

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