Life and love can be really difficult. But it is important to keep a positive outlook and not to take anything too seriously. Sarah, blogger at Love Uncomplicated, does just that as she helps women grow in their relationships with a humorous, Biblical perspective.

Sarah began her blog when she was in the stir crazy moments of early motherhood. With a combination of her faith in Jesus Christ and her own personal experiences, Sarah helps readers tackle love and relationships. Her favorite post she has written focuses on clear communication in relationships through an anecdote about tacos.

In a world that focuses on "following your heart" Sarah's life advice to not follow what you want all the time provoked me to look deeper within myself. "Temptations, fears, impulses...they don't always tell you the truth. Having the power to say NO to your feelings is extremely powerful and freeing," said Sarah.

My two favorite things to ask other bloggers are what motivates them when they have writer's block and what advice they would give new bloggers. When faced with writer's block, Sarah has two great suggestions. "1. Filling up on life...taking a walk with my family, cooking something new, etc. 2. Writing really, really fast about anything." And her advice for new bloggers? "Please do not feel like you have to do #AllTheThings! There is a ton of information out there about the right way to blog, and a lot of it can be helpful, but YOU get to decide how you want to do this thing."

Outside of being a boss babe blogger, Sarah enjoys spending time in her Northwoods home with her hubby and kiddos reading books and eating pizza. (My kinda chick!) She also loves beach days on rare warm summer days and bubble baths.

For more of Sarah, visit her blog Love Uncomplicated, or follow her on the social media listed below:
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