I had heard of Stitch Fix, but did not like the fact that you could not wear the clothes. I have also used Rocks Box, which allows you to wear jewelry and then either purchase it or return it, for a monthly fee. While listening to the I Don't Get It podcast, I learned about Le Tote, which combines the two of these.

Le Tote is a subscription box that allows you to "borrow" clothing and accessories with the option to purchase. I love this because I can wear the items as frequently as I would like and then return them for another box. You can essentially get 4-5 boxes per month, paying $39.99/month, depending on how quickly you wear and return them.

My current Le Tote! 

Le Tote sends you measuring tape with your first box so that you are able to tell them your exact measurements for everything so that they only send you items that would perfectly fit your body.

There are several different options for ordering, but I do the 2 clothing items and one accessory item (per box) which costs $39.99/month. I am able to go on the Le Tote website and add things to my closet, which are likely to be added to my next box. I love this because if I have an event coming up (such as heading to Las Vegas!) I can put items in my closet that would be perfect for the event. It saves a lot of money in the long run when purchasing items for special events that you often will only wear once.

If you are interested in receiving one month free of Le Tote, comment below with your email address and I would be happy to email you a code to receive a month free. If you don't like it after your first free month, you can cancel it. However, I guarantee you will love it!

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