I have reached the point of the season of The Bachelorette where I lose interest. The getting to know you stage is over, but the true connections have not yet formed. While I can harp on how much Lee hates everyone and everyone hates Lee and I love Adam, it is better to just focus on someone from last season.

James Taylor was one of my favorites last season on The Bachelorette. He was the adorable country singer who formed fast friendships with the other guys. He appeared to be a stand up gentleman and after chatting with him, I can vouch for that.

Since appearing on The Bachelorette, James Taylor has been working on his own EP, which is coming out soon. He has also found love via Bumble and continues to strengthen his friendships with The Bachelorette guys.

Prior to going on The Bachelorette, James Taylor was working at a pest control company in Atlanta with some of his best friends. However, these guys were all married and James Taylor felt a bit left out. After some weird Bumble experiences, such as a girl kissing him, then going to the bathroom and never returning, one of his friends applied for him to go on the show. The casting department began calling James Taylor and the rest was history.

While James Taylor did not find love, he did find true friendship. One of his favorite connections he formed was with Wells. While the two are polar opposites, it is the late night hot tub tears that brought them together. The guys bonded over the fact that they were in the same situation, without phones or cable, and not much to turn to but each other.

While he may have played up his Bachelorette mentality upon leaving the show, he ultimately found a woman that brings out the best in him. The way he talked about his new girlfriend gave me hope that there are truly genuine men out there. He admires her no BS attitude and the way that they can talk about anything.

Ultimately, being on the show taught James Taylor a lot about life. While he is still the southern gentleman he was before, he now has unique, worldly experiences that most of us don’t get. Whether it was crying in a hot tub with Wells in Pennslyvania or playing games in an Argentina hotel room, James Taylor had the experience of a life time.

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