Hi sweet friends! Remember me? Cate?

I know I have fallen behind in my writing schedule. I used to post nearly everyday, but have been struggling to push content every 3-4 days now. I miss spending hours on this page and am sad that due to other things happening in my life, this dream of mine has had to be set aside.

So where have I been?
For starters, I am working a full time job at a high school for at-risk youth. Not only is the type of work I do tiring (although extremely fun and I love everyday) it is emotionally draining. Sometimes the stories I hear and the situations I deal with cause me to get in my car at 4:30pm each day and weep for the life these children have lived. However, this exposure has taught me a new level of gratitude and that the only person who can judge is God.

Secondly, I am going to school full time. Yes, working full time and school full time. I am working on my teaching credential in mild/moderate special education which includes a Masters, as well as finishing my Masters in Autism.

Add to all of that the regular entities of life--friendship, family, my small group at church, my life group at church, and moving in a couple weeks and before I know it I have let the product reviews, Bachelorette recaps, and outfit ideas slip away.

I have some exciting stuff lined up for the coming weeks...I promise. And while yes I intended to write most of today but spent most of today studying for my CSET and trying to get ahead in my courses, it will get done and it will be posted. I have an interview with a Bachelor Nation favorite coming, a review on a life changing book, and a BLOOMING giveaway. I will finish up June's editorial calendar, but in order to feel less guilt on myself, come July I will only be posting 3 days per week. Anything extra is a bonus.

So while today's potential blog post was "Must Have Travel Items" it all comes down to "Must Have Sanity." I'll see you all Tuesday with a Bachelor surprise.


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