Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit! July is here and is historically one of my favorite months every year. 

In June I was focusing on my health and I feel like I am finally getting back into my proper routines for working out, eating right, and practicing self care. I am doing a better job of planning and preparing meals and scheduling my workouts intentionally. 

My goal for July is to continue to strive for physical, spiritual, and mental rest. As I wrap up summer school and then vacation at the end of the month, I look forward to the opportunity to wind down, relax, and enjoy what each day brings.

As far as my favorite things in June...

Beauty Product -- Lush Oatifix Mask
Drink -- Starbucks Refreshers (in the can, not made fresh in store)
TV Show -- Big Brother 18
Thing I Did -- graduation for my students :)
Song -- Come & See Me by Party Next Door feat. Drake


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