The end of The Bachelorette is just around the corner. My opinions of the men have changed greatly since my first impression post. See where I stand with them now...

1             Luke—He is my kind of guy and I hope the rumors about him becoming the next Bachelor are true. I think Luke is a true class act, a gentleman, and someone who deserves the best. (+12) 

2             Chase—I was a fan of him from the beginning, but felt that he did not come out of the gate strong enough for JoJo. I had a feeling he was going home when he had his 2-on-1 with Derek, but am glad he finally opened up to JoJo so that I could watch him more this season. (+1) 

3             Christian—I am disappointed with how early in the season he left, but am hoping that he will be on Bachelor in Paradise this upcoming season. I think he is a sweet guy and I liked his story. (+13)

4             James Taylor—What a goober! So sweet, but I knew him and JoJo were not going to be a match. I was actually shocked he made it as far as he did. (+7)

5             Alex—I liked Alex up until the episode he got eliminated. His date with JoJo was uncomfortable. Alex had a serious Napoleon complex, but I felt like he was coming from a place of love in caring for JoJo and her wellbeing with the other guys. (-3) 

6             Wells—I thought he was really sweet, but just not the guy for JoJo. He did not get much screen time. I could see him being on Bachelor in Paradise. (stayed the same as pre-season)

7             Peter—He was really cute, but his time got cut short.

8             Derek—I felt like he was a bozo. Meant well, but kind of lame. (-4) 

9             Nick B—The St. Nick thing was funny! He was really sweet and I wish he had stuck around longer. (-4) 

10           Jordan—He had me fooled in episode one. I ranked him #1 and I can’t believe I gave him that much credit. I believe Jordan is on this show for the fame. I really want to know what happened with his brother. (-9) 

11           Robby- I think he has totally lied to JoJo about his past relationship. Plus having heard about how he has been trying to pay previous Bachelor stars to promote him on Instagram leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. (-1)

12 - 23          Ali, Nick S, Will, Grant, Jake, Coley, James F, Sal, Vinny, Jonathan, James S, Brandon—I can’t really put these guys in order because I did not really have opinions of them.

24           Evan—His job though. His need for a shirt though. LOLOLOLOL though. (+2)

25           Daniel—Chad’s side kick. Must go one before Chad. THE CANADIAN! (-1) 

26           Chad—This needs no explanation. I am afraid of THE CHAD (-11)

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