Sticking to a blogging schedule has never been easy for me. I try to plan my posts ahead of time, but often fall short of my personal expectations. I usually pre-plan all my posts a couple weeks ahead of a new month, but when the time comes to write them, sometimes I do not feel the motivation I previously felt.

Some things I do to create a blog schedule:

1.)    Sit down and think about any holidays, themes, or specific posts that need to be done in that month. For example, in August and September I often focus a lot of posts around Back to School.

2.)   I follow this up with posts I do nearly monthly, such as Outside the Huddle, Look for Less, and any reviews I have.

3.)    I then think about posts that I want to write or have missed in previous monthly schedules that I have been wanting to do and schedule those in.

4.)   When the time comes to write my posts, I try to get them all done for the week in one sitting. I go through the schedule for the week and rank them 1-7 in how badly or important I want to write them.

I am still trying to work this all out and perfect it, but life happens and I struggle. I am hoping to get more set into a schedule with my new school year and the football season beginning because life is about to get REAL CRAY CRAY!

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