What keeps you up at night? For me, I struggle to turn my brain off. However, developing a proper night time routine has helped me get my sleep schedule back on track. Some things I do to help wind down--

1.) Make a to do list for the next day. This will allow you to clear your brain of everything that needs to get done.

2.) Shut down. No cell phones, electronics, or bright lights prior to bed time. Instead of watching YouTube prior to falling asleep, I have been listening to books on audio.

3.) Drink tea. Sleepy time tea is helpful in winding you down. The chamomile and lemongrass are calming, reduce anxiety, and help fight illness.

4.) When all else fails, take ZzzQuil. This nighttime sleep aid has diphenhydramine which produces sleepiness. It is non-habit forming and not used for flu or cold.

FTC Disclosure: ZzzQuil was sent to me courtesy of Inflluenster in exchange for review. All opinions listed are honest and my own. I have not been financially compensated for this post.


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