I really miss the DVR at my old house. However, I feel like not having it has reduced my television watching (not that I ever had time before) to a few core shows that I love. Here are 4 shows that made that cut that I can't get enough of right now.

The Voice – This is always a favorite of mine. However, I think this is likely my final season watching as Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys are joining as coaches and I am not a fan of Miley at all. I do not think I could handle her crazy for a whole season of the show. This season I think Christina Aguilera is the coach to beat. The curse of the women coaches is over. I think Allison Porter will be the one to take her all the way.

Dancing With The Stars – This season has the best cast of all time, hands down. There hasn’t been anyone who is awful and so many of the lower scoring dancers in the first night are improving more each week. My favorite this season is Von Miller, with Antonio Brown as a very close second. I am impressed by Nyle Dimarco and his strong ability to perform even though he can’t hear the music.

Teen Mom 2 – Whenever I think it can’t get any worse (or better…you decide) each year, it does. I always love following Chelsea’s storylines and have enjoyed seeing her and Cole’s love story play out. Leah is the biggest train wreck I have seen. I did not think someone could surpass Janelle, but she certainly has. I cannot believe her daughters brought their cat with them to choir practice and then she left the cat in the car! What kind of breed of human does that?

Nashville – I almost gave up on the show last season but I am glad I stuck it out. The cliffhangers always leave me staring at the TV for 10 minute following it ending, but it just keeps getting good. I am glad that Hayden Panettiere is back from her leave and think Juliette has become my favorite character in the show.

What are you watching a lot lately?

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