What a fun weekend! I don’t remember the last weekend I had where well into Monday afternoon I was still reminiscing on the good times. When I first started blogging most Monday posts would be a weekend wrap up and I felt like today was a great time to revisit it.

Friday after I work I went home and got ready for my friend’s Bachelorette party. Five of us went out to Hollywood and the night began at Saddle Ranch. Saddle Ranch is a famous restaurant that used to have it’s own reality TV show. It has a bull in the center of the floor that leads to several good laughs for onlookers throughout the night. We had a drink and dinner, then left to go to The Comedy Store, a few doors down.

The Comedy Store, started by the late Mitzi Shore, is home to many great comedians. We saw a multitude of acts, my favorites being Pauly Shore, Jim Jeffries, and Marc Maron. I was most excited to see Erik Griffin, who plays Montez on Workaholics, but was let down by his performance. The theme of the night seemed to be the presidential election, which by the 3rd comedian lost it’s funny. Overall the night was full of laughs and what made it even better was the bride and her friends that I was with.

When I got home that night I did not feel great and did not sleep because I was up all night sick. Turns out the rest of our group got sick too! Because no one drank much, we know it was not related to that (like you’d think at a Bachelorette party) but think it was something we ate or the drinks at The Comedy Store. 

I had to be up early Saturday morning for the Autism Speaks Walk at The Rose Bowl. I was disappointed that I was not feeling great for this event, but still went to drop off some money I had raised for Autism Speaks and to walk. The moment I finished the walk I headed home. It was so beautiful to see the outreach of the community for individuals with Autism and their families. Autism Speaks is one of my favorite organizations and they provide funding for research and resources for individuals on the spectrum.

That afternoon I attended my friend’s bridal shower. It was the most beautiful shower I have ever attended. The decorations were adorable, the games were fun, and the company was great. The food was simple, but delicious. The shower had a tea party theme and I did not want it to end. I enjoyed celebrating my sweet friend and meeting her family that I have heard a lot about. I already looked forward to her wedding, but after this weekend I can’t wait to reunite with her friends and family.

After the shower I hopped in the car and drove three hours north to Paso Robles to visit my boyfriend....on little to no sleep. 

Saturday morning we headed to campus so he could break down film and I could work on homework. I love that we are able to motivate each other and work towards our future goals together. After, we headed over to the Cal Poly baseball game with other football coaches and their families. I always love spending time with these people. The weather was beautiful, the beer was free, and it was a great afternoon.

Afterwards we headed down to Pismo Beach to grab a bite to eat and do some shopping. 

Today I have been productive with homework, blogging, errands, and more. Most of the day has been spent reflecting on the awesome weekend. I have the week off for spring break and look forward to a week to just tackle my homework. There are three weeks left in the semester and this morning I enrolled in my summer and fall courses. I am loving my program but can’t wait to finish up and further pursue my career!

How was your weekend? What is your week looking like?

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